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Explaining her

The start of the new year couldn’t have been better. After discussing it with his parents what would be better for the kids, even though he didn’t win the bidding as on the house they liked so much, they moved in with him. That way his parents would have more time for themselves and he could be taking care of his kids.

With Lizbeth around everything was much easier and he couldn’t deny that he loved feeling like a family.

The creepy car kept around for another while, but then one day it vanished and never showed up at their condo anymore. Lizbeth didn’t get any other eerie text, message or note. Being an isolated event helped them to relax, and after some time they stopped thinking about it.

Springtime had never seemed so bright for him, well, nothing in life really did after Beth died. But waking up every day to the most beautiful sight was everything he needed at that moment.

Watching Lizbeth slowly breathing with her expression so relaxed made him feel a peace he never thought possible. She was like warm rays of the sun caressing his skin while lying on the freshly cut green grass. She was so refreshing, so lively, he couldn’t imagine his world without her smile in it. He was so fucking in love with that woman that it even hurt.

“Hey!” Ryan’s voice snapped him back into reality.


“Nothing, you were daydreaming!” He laughed. “Thinking about that sweet ass you have at home?” He wondered as he undressed.

“Could you please not call her that?” He arched an eyebrow, holding a grin. He didn’t like other men looking at her but at the same time, he felt some kind of primal possessive pride. Whenever a man ogled her or talked about how wonderful she was in every way, he felt huge because she was all his --and she had proved it inside the bedroom countless times.

“Are you gonna punch me or what?”


Ryan laughed. “Good answer. Now, get back to the real world and take a fucking shower. You stink!”

Sawyer laughed. “Okay.” He was right. While they were at the station, and after checking their trucks and the material they usually used when they were on duty, they had been doing some special and killing training. Then, they were out for a couple of hours helping some people out of a car after an accident. Sawyer didn’t remember when was the last time he sweated like that. He definitely stank.

He opened his locker and took his phone out, huffing when he saw five missed calls from Maggie and a few messages. What the fuck does this woman want now? It’s barely eight in the morning!

He opened the messages, smiling at the one Lizbeth had sent him to wish him a good day. Reading her every day sweet words always warmed his heart. He wrote her back with a sweet yet kinky text. That sure will make her laugh.

Then, he checked the ones from Maggie, feeling somewhat annoyed. He didn’t have her number saved on his phone, but he hadn’t changed his in years. After trying to meet with him a few months before -after meeting at that bar- and being rejected, she stopped, but she had started texting him a couple of weeks before.

Maggie: Sawyer, I’d like to talk to you. 21:02

Maggie: It’s important. 21:19

Maggie: Please, can you meet me for a coffee tomorrow? 22:04

Maggie: Sawyer, please, I really need to talk to you 22:11

“What’s wrong, Sawyer?” Ryan’s voice asked.

Sawyer raised his head, only to find his naked friend walking towards him. He rolled his eyes and chuckled, then sighed. “It’s my ex.”

“Ouch! Ex’s are no good,” he stated as he grabbed a towel from his locker. “What does she want?” he asked as he dried his short hair with the towel he was supposed to be wearing around his waist.

“She says she needs to talk to me, that it’s important.” Sawyer left the cell phone in the locker and began to undress. “She’s been texting me for a few days, but I honestly don’t have anything to talk with her.” He took off his bowers and put them inside a bag he used for dirty clothes.

“Did you fuck her or something in the last few weeks? Because if so, fucking run away!”

“Of course I haven’t! I’m not that kind of man.” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“I was just messing with you!” Relax, okay?” Ryan rolled his eyes. Sawyer usually didn’t care about his sarcastic personality and blunt remarks, he actually liked it, that was what made Ryan who he was. But he was in a bad mood and didn’t need anyone to piss him off even more. “Look, you know that I hate my ex more than anything in this world, but if she’s being so persistent maybe it is something important…”

“I know… But things are going so good with Liz and the kids I’m afraid she’s coming back to mess my fucking life again. She was always so… Complicated.”

“I feel you…”

“Ugh! I don’t know.” He ruffled his hair feeling completely powerless. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said as he patted his shoulder, walking away towards the showers.

Sawyer opened the water tap and waited for a little until tepid water began to come out of it. He stepped in and felt the exhaustion leaving his sore muscles as he stretched his neck to the sides, slightly cracking it. He lathered his body with the soap they kept at the station, his mind drifting away.

Why is Maggie being so persistent? And what the fuck does she want? It’s been almost three years since we broke up.

Resting the palms of his hands on the tiled wall in front of him, he let the water clear the soap off of him.

He sighed and closed the tap to rub the towel over his torso before wrapping it around his waist as he made a decision. I’ll talk to Liz about this, if she’s okay with it I’ll meet with Maggie.

He reached his locker, opened it again, and got his clean and fresh clothing from it. When he was dressed he grabbed his keys, phone and wallet from it and put each one of them in a pocket of his jeans.

He crossed the parking lot and, as soon as he got in his car, his phone vibrated. Praying in his mind that it was anyone but Maggie, he twisted his body in the weirdest way to get his phone out of his back pocket. His mood lightened when he saw it was Lizbeth. “Hey, Kitten.” He smiled.

“Hey, Babe…” she purred, making him arch an eyebrow.

“Don’t you have class right now?”

“I don’t, not until nine.”

“God, I’m never going to learn your schedule.” He chuckled, feeling a bit ashamed.

“Don’t worry about that… So you’re sad because you won’t get to have a decent breakfast without me?”

“Yeah,” he proudly noted as she quoted his text.

“You’re something else!” She laughed at his blunt declaration. “I may let you eat me tonight though.”

“Is that so?” He asked, moving in his seat as his cock reacted to her insinuations and the sensual tone of voice she was using. She was definitely alone in the office.

“Yeah. In fact, I might use your face as a throne.”

“I’d love that… Feeling your wet cunt dripping on my face as I devour you it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I could die there and still be the happiest man on earth.”

She burst out laughing. “God, I’m so turned on right now...” she whispered.

“Are you going to touch yourself thinking about me? Just like you did that night when I slept at your house?”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you keep talking about that!” She laughed and he easily pictured her cheeks turning pink. He remembered that day like it was yesterday.

It was the first time he saw her so broken. He had never seen her cry like she did that night, and he couldn’t help but comfort her. He had already made his mind and he wanted to be there for her in the worst moments, otherwise, he wouldn’t deserve the good ones.

He still remembered the way she smelled that day and the fake smile she put on through the time they spent at her house just talking as he gently caressed her arms and back. She didn’t want him to worry about her and she fought so hard to put that mask on, but he saw right through her. She was sad to a point where it hurt him seeing her like that.

They didn’t do anything indecent and just had a casual chat. At that moment, he was just thinking about supporting her, but the way the skin of her collarbone shone with the light of the street coming through the windows was so beautiful it made it really hard for him to think straight and focus on their conversation.

She was weak that night, he could have taken advantage of her but he thought that if there was going to be a night with her, he wanted it to be memorable.

However, he stayed the night. It was the first time he felt the warmth and softness of her skin against his after so much time, and it made it really hard for him to control his urges.

Then, the next morning when he woke up, she was gone. The water running inside the bathroom told him she was taking a shower. So he got up and was about to knock on the door to ask her if she wanted anything special for breakfast, and that’s when he heard her moans as she got off.

Obviously, his cock immediately reacted to that lurid and sensual sound he had missed so much and didn’t even know until that moment. But he still wanted to be the nice guy for her, her friend, so he kind of ran away and went to the kitchen to prepare coffee, acting as if he didn’t hear anything.

Since then, he had been bringing it up from time to time to tease her. “Yes! And I’ll keep talking about it for some a looong time!” He laughed. “You deserve it for making it so hard for me all that time!” He cleared his throat and teased her a bit more. “Kitten, that fucking turned me on so much… In fact, what about you please yourself in front of me next time?”

“You’d like that?”

He didn’t expect that answer, she sounded serious. He had never asked her because he enjoyed being the one doing her, but at the moment the idea didn’t seem so crazy. “I’d love it.”

“Fine. Only if you let me suck you while I’m at it.”

“Fuck! You’re gonna kill me!” He laughed, feeling the bulge in his pants suffocating.

“Are you going to touch yourself thinking about me when you get home?”

“You bet!” He exclaimed as he picked a piece of paper from the glove box. Why do I keep so much shit in here?

“Good.” Her voice sounded somewhat raspy.

“I love you so damn much, Liz!” He whispered, feeling his heart fluttering in his chest. Their relationship had turned out to be much more than he had ever dreamed. Even after months he sometimes questioned himself because he didn’t understand how he could be so lucky to have such an amazing, strong, sweet, and sexy woman, all in one, by his side.

“I love you too.” He could sense her smile at the other end of the phone. “So, what are you going to do today?” she asked.

“I’ll probably sleep most of the day, I’m so exhausted… “

“Sorry to hear that… Maybe I could take care of you tonight. And I’m not talking about sex,” she pointed out before he could say a word. “I mean, lighting some candles, rubbing that massage oil you have on your back…”

“Hm… That sounds amazing, even more if you do it after I fuck you senseless.”

“Sawyer! I’m serious!” she protested. “You’ve been working so much lately and you barely sleep four hours every day… I’m worried you might pass out one day or something.”

“God, I like it when you’re so bossy.” He laughed. He loved that she cared so much about him. He was a man, but he also liked being pampered from time to time. “I’ll let you do whatever you want. I’m all yours, you know that.”


His phone vibrated against his ear. He looked at it and it was Maggie again. He heaved a sigh and ran a hand through his hair. Why was she writing to him so early?

“What is it?” Lizbeth asked him. He hesitated for a few seconds, not wanting to ruin the mood. “Sawyer?”

He huffed. “Maggie’s been trying to contact me for a few days…”

“Maggie? Your ex?” She didn’t sound angry nor surprised. He hated it a bit when she put on that mask, not being able to read her made him nervous.

“Yeah… He wants to meet me. Says it’s something important and she needs to talk to me.”

“Do it.”

“What?” He frowned. A bunch of mixed feelings assaulted him.

“She might need help with something, Sawyer.”

“But are you okay with it? Because if not, I’m telling her we can’t meet.”

She softly laughed. “Even if she hurt you, you wouldn’t be able to look to the other side… That’s one of the things that made me fall in love with you. You’re kind and caring no matter what other people do.”

“But, Liz… I don’t want this to affect us in any way.”

“It won’t. I promise.” She paused. “I honestly don’t like her being around again, but I couldn’t live with myself if she actually needed you and you didn’t help her because of how I feel. I’m a grown woman, I’ll deal with it. Besides… I trust you.”

Her words made his heart skip a beat. He wouldn’t have been able to deal with something like that the way she did. He loved that she could be so mature and supportive. “I love you.”

“I know,” she giggled. “I gotta go. See you tonight?”

“Of course, Babe. Have a good day.”

“You too.”

He hung up and stared at the screen of his phone, thinking about what Lizbeth just told him about meeting Maggie. He opened her last message and decided to answer for the first time.

Maggie: Hey…

Sawyer: Good morning, Maggie

Maggie: How r u?

Sawyer: I’m fine. You no so well, I guess? What’s going on?

Maggie: Something happened and… I need your help.

Sawyer: Don’t you have a fiancé?

Maggie: That’s the problem

Sawyer: OK. Meet me at the Thinking Cup cafe. Let’s say… In fifteen minutes?

Maggie: Sure!

He didn’t feel very comfortable about meeting her, but Lizbeth was right. If she actually needed help and he ignored her he would feel guilty afterwards. He took a deep breath and turned the engine of his SUV.

As he opened the door of the cafeteria, the warm smell of coffee instantly hit his nose. He loved that place, it was cozy with wooden walls and furniture, but it was also kind of modern, with concrete flooring and black and exposed installations, giving the space an industrial air.

He scanned the place, looking for Maggie. She texted him five minutes before to let him know she was already there. Then, the skinny frame of the blonde moved in the background as she stood up and waved her hand at him.

“Hey, S...” she greeted him as he approached her. She walked around the table and hugged him. He slightly patted her back, feeling a bit awkward.

“Good morning, Maggie,” he drily said.

“I already ordered a cappuccino, but let me get the waiter so you can get something for yourself.”

“Thanks.” He sat down in the chair in front of her while she called the waiter.

“Good morning! The man said as he reached them. “What would you like to drink?” He asked.

“A black coffee.”

“With some cream, sugar, or anything?”

“No thank you, just a dark and strong coffee, please.” Tiredness was starting to take over him. He rubbed his hand over his eyes and then pressed his temples before looking at Maggie.

“Are you okay, Sawyer?” she asked with her sweet voice, placing a hand over his.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. Worked the night shift.”

“Oh! We could have met at any other moment then…” She bit her bottom lip.

“It’s fine. This is actually the best moment for me to do anything since I’m alone.”

“How so?”

He hesitated for a moment and sighed before letting it all out. “Beth died and I adopted her kids.”

“Oh, my God! Sawyer, I had no idea!” She put a hand on her mouth. “I’m so sorry…”

“Well, it’s fine now… It’s been almost three years.”

“What?” He raised an eyebrow not understanding why she was so shocked. “You mean it happened more or less when we broke up?”

“A couple of months later, yeah.”

She nervously chuckled. “I feel so guilty right now…”

“There’s no use for that, it all happened a long time ago and it’s not like you could see the future…”

“I know, but still…” She nervously fidgeted with a paper napkin, which made him realize something was definitely off with her. She hadn’t changed much, her caramel blond hair shining bright under the morning light and her big round eyes as charming as always. However, she looked a bit worn off, as if she hadn’t been sleeping much for a while.

Sawyer took a deep breath. Being in front of the woman he once loved with all his heart, talking as if nothing had happened between them was making him feel really uneasy. Their relationship was challenging at times and it didn’t end the best way, so he didn’t understand what he was doing there. “What did you want to talk about?”

She was about to say something but the waiter interrupted them. “Here is your cappuccino, and here is your black coffee. If you need anything else just let me know.”

“Sure.” Sawyer nodded. “So?” he asked as he looked at Maggie again, sipping from his coffee. It was so bitter he couldn’t help it but scrunch his nose a little.

“Well…” She looked down as she added some sugar to her cup. “I need a place to stay.”

“What?” He coughed when he almost choked. She couldn’t actually be asking him for a place to stay. “What do you mean you need a place to stay?”

“My fiancé… Well, my ex. Shoot, I don’t know where we stand right now!”

“Maggie, stop being so incoherent and tell me what’s going on.”

“I need to get out of his house, but I need somewhere to stay until I find an apartment or something.”

“Don’t you have anyone else to ask for this?” Sawyer asked, feeling annoyed.

“All my friends live in different states. And it’s not like I can ask my coworkers, who I barely know, for a room…”

Sawyer huffed. “Anyway, why do you need to get out of his house?”

“He’s been acting so weird lately… He scares me.”

“What do you mean?” He started to get worried, Maggie had never been so elusive about anything. She was blunt and pretty straightforward.

“It’s not like we were crazy in love, but he was really sweet at the beginning… I got pregnant and he asked me to marry him, but then I lost the baby.” A tear ran down her face but she wiped it away really fast. “I knew he was still in love with his ex, but he said that he’d still marry me anyway because he didn’t want me to go through all alone.”

“That’s kind of nice of him.I don’t see any problem there”, Sawyer noted.

“The problem is that… A couple of weeks ago he came home drunk and hit me...”

“He did what?” Sawyer snapped.

“He hasn’t touched me since then, don’t worry... But I’m still scared... That’s why I called you...” Her eyes watered and her bottom started to tremble, but she tucked it between her teeth to stop it.

Guilt bashed all over Sawyer as his heart tightened in his chest. He stopped trusting her the moment she cheated on him, but no one in their right mind would make up something like that for no reason. Maggie could be in danger, and there was no way he could let her deal with that alone.

Fuck my life!

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