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Failing her

“Daddy!” Sophia ran towards Sawyer.

“Hey, Baby girl!” he said as he picked her up, raising high in the air. The little girl giggled.

“Hi!” Adam grinned as he grabbed Lizbeth’s hand. She squatted down and pointed at her cheek as she puffed it. He shyly smiled and then kissed her cheek.

“Thank you!” She lightly squeezed his hand.

“Okay, now I’m jealous!” Sawyer told him. He loved that Adam was so fond of Lizbeth. Nothing could make him happier, but he still had the feeling that there was a barrier between the two of them, and that hurt him a little.

“Why?” Adam giggled when he tickled him while he still had Sophia in his other arm.

“Because I never get kisses!” he responded as if it was so obvious.

“But we’re both guys!” Adam laughed.


“You just kiss in the cheek your girlfriends!” Adam stated, making Sawyer laugh. His friend Eric had told him that and there was no way he could change his mind about it now.

“Fair enough. Do I get a hug at least?”

“Yeah,” he said as he approached him and circled his arms around Sawyer’s waist. He patted and rubbed his back with affection as he looked at him. He loved the boy so much he couldn’t put it into words.

“Thanks, Buddy!” He sweetly smiled at his kid. They still had a long way to walk but they were closer now and he enjoyed every second he spent with him.

“How was your day?” Lizbeth asked the kids as she took Adam’s backpack.

“The trip to the zoo was so cool!” he happily confessed.

“Is that so?” Sawyer asked, carrying Sophia in his shoulders.

“I want to go to the zoo!” Sophia exclaimed.

“You wanna go?” Sawyer chuckled.

“Yeah! I want to see the lions!” she said while putting her little hands into claws and imitating the lion roar, making both adults laugh.

“Is that your favorite animal?” Lizbeth asked her.


“And yours, Adam?” She looked to the kid that was walking hand in hand with her.

“I liked the lions, and the rhinos, and the giraffes, but my favorite of them all were the elephants! They’re huge and they have those big ears! They’re so funny!” He mimicked the movement of the elephant ears with his hands.

“Indeed!” Lizbeth told him.

They reached the car and they were about to open it when Eric came running towards them. “Adam!”

“Hi!” The kid turned to him with a huge smile on his face. After resolving the problems they had months before, they had turned the best friends.

“Eric! How do I have to tell you not run in the parking lot?— Oh! Hi, guys!” Emma smiled at them.

“Hey, Em! How are you?” Lizbeth asked her as she opened the door of the car to let Adam’s backpack inside.

“Hi!” Sawyer said when he was done putting Sophia on her seat belt. Adam and Eric engrossed in their own conversation about some superheroes trading cards.

“I’m doing great, thank you!” She smiled, her cheeks slightly flushing. She looked so different from the first time they met her, more lively, happier.

Lizbeth had told him that she confessed to her a few months before that she was seeing a man and, apparently, he was making her life much easier. Losing her husband and being a single mom working crazy schedules at the hospital sure had to be tough.

“Hey, Em—” The blond man walking after her stopped in his tracks. “Liz?” His eyes opened wide and Lizbeth burst out laughing.

“Do you know her?” Emma asked him. Sawyer looked completely lost too. Who the fuck is this man?

“Yeah, we worked together for a while,” he told Emma.

“I thought you worked at the University.” She looked at Lizbeth with a questioning expression on her face.

“Yes, but I worked on a case as an FBI consultant for a while and I met him then. Hello, Mike!” She smiled at him. “This is my boyfriend, Sawyer.”

“Nice to meet you, man!” Mike shook Sawyer’s hand. “You’ve got yourself a tough nut to crack,” he joked.

Sawyer chuckled. He could be just a coworker but he knew what he was talking about. Lizbeth was the sweetest woman on earth, but also had a temper. “You bet.”

“So… Is this the man you told me about?” Lizbeth wiggled her eyebrows humorously, making Emma blush.

“Yeah…” She put her hands on both of her cheeks as she blushed.

“So you’ve been talking about me?” Mike teased her as he hugged her from behind and kissed her.

“Dude, that’s gross!” Eric spat, scrunching his nose up.

“But she’s my girlfriend. Can’t I hug her?”

“Not in front of kids!” Eric responded, making the adults laugh out loud. He was some smarty-pants.

“Okay, okay… So, how have you been?” Mike asked Lizbeth as he intertwined his fingers with Emma’s.

“Really good. Busy as you can see…” She pointed to the kids, smiling. “You?”

“Yeah.” The blonde laughed. “Doing great as well.”

“Glad to hear that!” Lizbeth nodded.

“Oh! We have to get going or we’ll be late for Eric’s appointment!”

“I don’t wanna go!” he protested.

“Buddy, I came today because you promised you’d go to see the dentist, and then we could play some video games,” Mike told him.

“Fine… Bye, Adam!” He ran again.

“Bye, Eric!” Adam shouted as he jumped inside the car.

“God! This kid is gonna kill me one day!” Emma rolled her eyes.

“Call me for a coffee?” Lizbeth told her.

“That’d be great!” she said as she walked away hand in hand with Mike.

“See you guys!” She waved her hand.

“Bye!” Mike shouted too. Sawyer waved his hand and went to help Adam with his seatbelt.

“I never thought he liked kids.” Lizbeth chuckled as she got into the car.

“What do you mean?” Sawyer asked as he sat on the driver’s seat.

“Well, he had some fame. If you know what I mean.”

“Womanizer?” Sawyer asked, arching an eyebrow humorously.

“Kind of.” She shrugged.

“Did you two…”

“We went out on a date once, but nothing really happened.”

“When was that?”

“A little after I moved into the building.”

“I see.” He put on a smug smile on his face. He knew the effect he had on her even back then and that made him feel somewhat proud.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing!” he lied.

“What is it?” she insisted, lightly pushing him.

“You rejected him, huh?” He leaned towards her.

“Yeah, so?”

“You were already thinking about me...” he whispered before nibbling at her ear.

“So cocky!” She told him, trying to act nonchalant. However, he knew she would probably be already wet between her legs.

“Yeah, but you love it,” he noted. Lizbeth laughed, shaking her head in disbelief.

Days kept crossing on the calendar and after finally getting some time off, Lizbeth and Emma had arranged a double date a week after they met at the kids’ school.

Adam, Eric, and Sophia would stay all together at Sawyer’s parents’ so they didn’t have to worry about sleeping schedules for one day. And that way, his parents could also enjoy the joy kids brought a house. It had been a while since they slept over and they were more excited than the kids themselves.

Sawyer wasn’t really keen on the whole double date thing, he would have preferred having her for himself, but he accepted it because she promised him some dirty game inside the bedroom after dinner.

He put on some black suit pants and a light blue shirt with no tie. Classy and casual at the same time. He sprayed himself with some cologne and combed his hair back. When he walked into the room, his mouth fell to the ground. Lizbeth looked stunning.

She was wearing a knee-high polka dot summer dress with brown wedge sandals. The outfit was simple but it looked beautiful in that woman. It highlighted her curves in a wonderful way —making her breasts look even bigger— and that, together with her hair styled in a ponytail with a quiff, made her look like one of those gorgeous women in the 50s advertisements. “You’re beautiful, Kitten,” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind, leaving a soft kiss on the back of her neck.

“Thank you!” She sweetly smiled at him. “You look great too, Babe…” she purred, plunging her eyes into his through their reflection on the mirror where she was checking herself, a playful gleam on them.

The way she vocalized those words and how she was staring at him made him think of those moments when she begged him to fuck her. He arched an eyebrow, but she didn’t say anything and just kept looking at him.

He caressed his lips to her neck and left a trail of soft kisses until he reached the back of her ear. His hands slowly cruised down her curves, hiking up her skirt when he reached the hem of it. Then, he gave her ass a light squeeze and moved his hands to the front, digging his fingers in the flesh of her hips as he pressed his crotch against her. “If you’re not going to let me fuck you, stop me now,” he commanded with a husky voice into her ear.

“Do it.”

“Really?” he asked, surprised. They had to meet the other couple in less than an hour. “We should get going in fifteen minutes, twenty at most.”

“Just do it,” she pleaded in a hoarse voice.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but okay,” he said as he pulled her panties to her knees.

She leaned her torso forward, perking up her ass a little. He rolled her dress up and let her rosy flesh completely exposed to him. Running a finger along her opening, only to feel her already soaking wet. “Fuck!” he growled as he kneeled behind her.

“Ahhh…” she moaned when he pressed his tongue flat to her sex. It wasn’t the first time he ate her like that, but he never got tired of the sight. He opened his mouth and slightly sucked her folds, only to end up teasing her clit with his tongue.

“You’ve been quite horny lately, Babe…” he breathed against her.

“One gets used to the good things easily…” Her voice quivered at the end when he penetrated her with two fingers, watching as her flowered opening sucked him in every time.

Sawyer unbuckled his belt with one hand as he kept pounding into her with the other, drinking her juices as they started dripping down. He unzipped his trousers and stood up again behind her, freeing his cock from the suffocating underwear and pointing it to her entrance.

When the tip touched her burning cunt, he couldn’t hold the groan in. He loved it when she was so turned on, asking for sex in the most unexpected moments. She could be the most collected person one minute and the wildest the next one.

He grabbed her hips and pushed himself inside of her, feeling her walls stretching around him. “Sawyer…” she mumbled.

He slid in with a painfully slow pace, wanting to feel every inch of her clenching around him. When he was almost fully inside of her, he rocked his pelvis forward in a swift movement, thrusting hard into her.

“Oh, God...” she whimpered, heaving a sigh at the end.

“Are you okay?” he asked her as he separated his legs a little, letting her a few seconds to adjust to him.

“Yeah…” she breathed.

“Good.” He slowly slid out of her, making them both gasp with pleasure.


“Fuck, Babe!” he grunted as he pumped inside of her.

As he closed the space between her back and his chest, his body molded to hers. Her breasts pressed against the wall, pushing up and making her cleavage even more alluring.

He nibbled the sensitive skin of her neck when she threw her head back, over his shoulder as he rubbed himself inside of her. “Gonna make it rough and quick,” he whispered with a raspy voice into her ear. Lizbeth didn’t say anything and just nodded, biting on her bottom lip.

He pulled out and rammed into her again, slamming their bodies to the wall. Repeating his action without hesitation over and over.

The sound of slapping skin echoed in the room mixed with their pantings as he kept furiously fucking her.

The sensation of her dampness drenching him with pure lust and desire was mind-blowing every time. He loved every bit of those moments. The sound of her heavy breathing, her moans, the heat radiating from her body, the way she looked at him, the way her love reached him when she kissed him. Everything made him fall even deeper for her.

When he felt she started to tense, he slipped a hand between her legs and stroked her bud as he kept relentlessly moving in and out of her. Using her pussy to please himself as he wanted.

His breathing mixed with hers when she threw her head back again. “Sawyer… I— I’m so close…”

“Cum! Don’t hold it in. C’mon, Babe...” he growled without stopping a second to breathe. As he said those words, she melted, squeezing him with her tight walls. Her whole body trembled with ecstasy as she became a mess of moans.

He bit her earlobe as the rush of adrenaline ran through him, forcing him to milk himself. “Yes… Babe… Come on, give me everything...” Lizbeth whispered with a begging tone. Sawyer grunted, biting her shoulder as he slowed down, spurring every drop inside of her.

He shut his eyes and gritted his teeth as his knees wobbled when the tension faded away from his muscles. “Fuck…” he heaved. “It’s been a while since I felt almost passing out...” He chuckled without pulling out from her.

Lizbeth softly giggled, letting him catch his breath even if she wasn’t in the most comfortable position. “That happened the last time we did it standing too… Guess the blood flow changes so drastically that your brain can’t take it.”

“I don’t care, it feels so damn good.”

“You like using me a bit too much.” She chuckled.

“Any problem with that?” He lightly squeezed her buttock and slid out of her.

“Not at all!” She laughed, making his heart flutter with contentment.

Sawyer smiled as he brushed a lock of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear, looking at her with loving eyes.

Everything about her got him at her mercy. She could tear his chest open, rip his heart out, and step on it, he didn’t care. Whatever happened, he would always love her.

It took them thirty minutes to get ready after intercourse, which made them arrive late to the dinner. They both took a quick shower and Lizbeth also needed to fix her hair a little —otherwise, it would have been too obvious the reason why they were late and they didn’t want any weird or awkward conversation the first night they went out together.

However, Emma and Mike didn’t seem to mind them getting late —the lovebirds probably just got there too because Sawyer noticed they didn’t have any drinks on the table yet.

After checking the menu, they ordered a fajitas combo for four people and some nachos with guacamole to share as an appetizer. Beers and margaritas for all of them.

Mike seemed like a really nice man, trustworthy, and he was so much into Emma. The way he looked at her was an undeniable proof of true love, which put Sawyer at ease.

She had become a good friend of them and knowing she had gone through hell after losing her husband, the only thing that mattered to him was that she was happy.

As he didn’t like to talk much, he spent most of the night as an outsider. Observing his woman, charmed by her. Lizbeth was beautiful when she was so relaxed, with her cheeks slightly flushed by the time dinner was coming to an end. Her eyes glowed differently, somehow they looked brighter, and her flawless skin was softer than ever.

He couldn’t help it when a bunch of indecent thoughts flooded his mind. He cleared his throat and tried to focus on something else. Mike’s tie, that’s it. That’s far from sexy.

“So, you’re a firefighter?” Mike asked, snapping him back to reality when the women went to the bathroom.


“That’s amazing, man. My brother’s also a firefighter. I really admire what you do, putting your lives at stake to save others. You’re like heroes without a cape. You all have my respect.”

“Thanks!” Sawyer chuckled, “but I don’t feel like a hero at all… Does your brother live here?”

“No, he’s in Florida.”

“That’s too bad.”

“It’s far, but we still see each other every year when I go during summer. I’m planning on taking Emma and Eric this year, I bet he’ll love Universal Studios.”

“Indeed.” Sawyer smiled. “So...Things are going well with her?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “I’m crazy about them, so don’t worry, you won’t have to break my legs. Not any time soon.”

Sawyer laughed. “You caught my intentions pretty fast there,” he admitted.

“Well, I rub shoulders with the worst kinds at my job, so I’ve learned to read people pretty well.”

“Right… What you do isn’t easier either. I mean, you don’t risk your life the same way we do, but getting those bastards into jail sure has to help make some enemies…”

“It does.” The blonde laughed. “But well, someone has to do it, right?”

“True.” Sawyer nodded, jumping a little on his chair when his phone vibrated.

He took it out of his trousers and looked at the screen. He didn’t recognize the number. “I’ve gotta pick this up. Excuse me for a moment,” he said as he got up.

“No problem. I’ll wait for them here.”

Sayer walked away, towards the entrance of the restaurant, where the noise of people talking and celebrating didn’t reach. “Cox speaking. Who’s this?”

“Hello, is this Sawyer Cox?” a feminine voice asked.


“I’m agent Morgan. I’m with the Richmond Police Department.”

“What?” Sawyer’s breathing instantly hitched. Why would they be calling at that time on a Saturday? “Are my kids alright?” he asked, scared of hearing the answer.

“Yeah, don’t worry. This has nothing to do with your family, but I’m afraid this is about a friend of yours, Mr.Cox.”

“What are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“She’s safe, okay? But we had to bring Ms.Summers to the hospital.”


“Yes, she was assaulted at her motel room and the owner called us.”

“What happened?”

“She told us her fiancé found her and allegedly attacked her.”

“The fucking bastard…”

“So you knew about this?” the police officer asked him.

“Yeah, she told me about it ten days ago. We agreed she would rent a room far from him and that she’d call me if anything happened… Is she okay?”

“She has bruises, but she’ll be fine… The worst part will be the psychological one. She’s awake, that’s why we’re calling you, Mr.Cox. She said you’re the only person she trusts right now?”

“Fuck…” Sawyer cursed under his breath. A turmoil of feelings swirling inside of him. Anger, guilt, and other intense emotions, but none of them pleasant ones. “Okay, what do you need me to do?”

“We’re sending two patrols to his house to arrest him and charge him with aggression and rape, but could you come to the hospital? We’d like to ask you a few questions.”

Rape? Sawyer mentally screamed and cursed himself and that situation, but he was able to put up a front that seemed calm to the officer. “Sure. Tell me the hospital and I’ll be driving there in five minutes.”

“We’re at Chippenham Hospital.”

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

“Thank you.”

He hung up and walked back to their table. Emma and Lizbeth were already there. They were waiting for him and he felt terribly frustrated. The four of them were supposed to go together to a chillout bar Mike knew, but he would have to turn the invitation down.

However, what hurt him the most was failing Lizbeth. She had been nothing but supportive with him and Maggie’s situation, and the first night they had out with friends he was going to let her down.

“Hey, Babe… What’s wrong?” she asked, concern filling her voice as she caressed his hand.

“The police called me…” He took a deep breath, seeing Lizbeth’s face distort with worry. “Maggie’s in the hospital.”


“He… He found her.”

“What happened?” Mike asked.

“A friend of Sawyer’s been abused by her fiancé...”

“What?” Emma and Mike looked at him shocked.

“Yeah… Anyway, they asked me to go pick her up and make some statements.”

“I’m coming with you,” Lizbeth said as she got up. Mike and Emma mimicked her. She squeezed his hand and caressed his cheek with the other. “Let’s go, Babe.”

“Call me as soon as you find out the name of this bastard and I’ll make a few calls to get information about him,” Mike told him. “He’s not getting away with it.”

“Thanks, man.” Having a lawyer and prosecutor on their side sure was useful at a moment like that. “We’ll call you as soon as we find anything.”

“Perfect.” Mike nodded.

“Bye, guys!” He lightly squeezed Lizbeth’s hand. She raised her head and gave him a small smile. Without saying a simple word he knew what she was saying. Everything is going to be fine, I’m here with you.

“Thank you for doing this, Kitten. You have no idea how much it means to me that you stay by my side at times like this,” Sawyer whispered as they got inside the car.

“Always,” she responded with the most beautiful and reassuring smile.

“I love you so damn much!” he said before grabbing the back of her head and pulling her in for a sweet yet passionate kiss. “I’d be lost without you.”

“I love you too,” she said in a low voice. “Let’s go.”

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