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Visiting Nick

“You feeling better?” Sawyer’s husky voice asked as he placed soft kisses in her neck.

“Yeah...” Lizbeth whispered without opening her eyes, pressing her temple to the pillow to give him full access. His lips against her sensitive skin always felt amazing.

After talking things out they went to Sawyer’s apartment so Noah wouldn’t be alone for so many hours —they would be sleeping— but at least she could sense their presence.

Sawyer moved under the sheets, getting even closer to Lizbeth’s back. The growing bulge in his underwear pressed against her butt as he kept the sweet attack to her neck. “Good morning to you too…” Lizbeth mumbled without being able to erase the smile from her face.

“Good morning…” Sawyer repeated in a low, raspy voice while his hands slipped under her t-shirt. He let out a soft groan as she moaned when he cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples by slightly pinching and tugging on them. “So fucking perfect…” he breathed against her neck before nibbling her earlobe.

“Ahh… Sawyer…” She arched her back, pushing her butt harder against his longing member. The spot between her legs immediately soaking up with hot juices, craving him to stretch her walls.

“Say it,” Sawyer said in a demanding tone of voice as he kept playing with her.

“Fuck me.”

He let out a throaty guttural sound and turned her so she was lying on her back. He crawled between her legs and rolled her panties down, tossing them somewhere on the floor. Then, he took off his boxers.

Lizbeth couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he stripped, she was hypnotized by the undulating dance of his muscles flexing and tensing as he moved.

Her eyes fixed on his cock, which was already hard as a rock, needing her as much as she needed him. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation, gloating in the memory of the countless times he had been inside of her.

Sawyer kneeled on the bed, sitting on his keels. He spat in his hand to rub it over his shaft. Then, grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, his tip pointed straight to her entrance. “Open your legs wider, Babe.”

He locked his eyes with hers, biting his bottom lip as she did so. As he slowly pushed inside of her, he felt her inner walls stretching in the most delicious way. Lizbeth moaned and threw her head back with her eyes squeezed shut, but then Sawyer stopped moving.

“Look at me,” he commanded her.

She opened her eyes and with a painful desire burning in them and stared deep into his eyes, losing herself to the pleasurable sensations invading her body.

Sawyer tightened the grip on her hips and continued his sweet torture, sliding inside of her at a killing slow pace. He enjoyed toying with her like that, making the impatience grow as much as the heat.

Both of them gasped in a low groan when he squeezed his whole length inside of her, pressing his hips to her even further to increase the friction against her clit. Their eyes never leaving each other, savoring the rush of passion surrounding them.

Lizbeth felt her dampness dripping down her buttocks as he withdrew from her. He lifted an eyebrow and smirked as he looked between them. “I’ve barely touched you…” he proudly noted. “You wanted it that bad?”

“Stop the teasing and fuck me, Sawyer!” Lizbeth growled in annoyance.

Without beating around the bush, he plunged into her, hard. Pulling out and slamming inside of her again, repeating his action at an aching speed.

Lizbeth cried out, pressing her head against the pillow and gripping it with so much force she could almost feel her own nails digging in the palm of her hand. “Ah, yes!” she whimpered.

“That’s it, Babe… Unravel for me!” Sawyer growled as he kept pumping into her.

She arched her back as her hips kept rippling at his rhythm. The orgasm building up in her core made it unable for her to stop the moans.

The slapping sounds of their skin mixing with the ragged breaths flooded the space, turning that room into the most lascivious place in the world.

He was vigorously rubbing inside of her, reaching deeper and deeper with every thrust. “Sawyer…” she whispered as if she was in pain.

“Cum, Babe.”

“I want you… Ahh… Cum with me...” she begged, looking him in the eye.

“You really put me on my knees when you talk like that…” he said as he leaned down to kiss her, changing the angle of his dick inside of her.

“Aahh...” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“That’s it, Babe…” He circled one arm around her waist, gripping her ass to keep her in place, as he rested his weight on the other one. “Open.Your.Eyes.” He grunted as he furiously rammed into her. “I want to get lost in them as you cum.”

Lizbeth grabbed his face with both hands and pulled him to her. She slid her tongue over his lips and then slightly bit him. As he opened his mouth, she got lost into the euphoria and softness of his tongue swirling around her.

Soon after, an electric shock ran down her body, making her curl her toes and arch her back as her orgasm waved inside of her, wrapping and clenching around him. “Fuck!” Sawyer groaned as his moves became uneven and sharp, spurring his hot cream inside of her. His face contorted in that beautiful expression she loved so much.

The spasms of their explosion decreased as their movements slowed down. “That was amazing…” she purred in his lips when he leaned in to kiss her, still grinding inside of her. “Aahh...” she softly moaned when he rubbed against her swollen bud.

“Indeed.” He smiled and then pulled out of her, making them both gasp. “Fuck…” He cussed in a low voice, then rolled to his side of the bed.

Lizbeth closed her eyes and let out a heavy sigh as she ran a hand through her hair, still trying to catch her breath. Small shivers still cruising around her body. However, the nausea she had been feeling for a couple of days came back. She frowned.

“Are you okay?” Sawyer’s voice came out deep.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, concern written all over his face. “Yeah… Just feeling a bit sick again.”

“Non-stop sex could be the cure,” he joked.

“You’re such a guy!” She lightly slapped his chest. “You—” Her sentence got interrupted when the acid and bittersweet bile reached her mouth. She jumped out of the bed and ran towards the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet once again —it seemed to be her favorite place lately.

“Hey, Kitten…” Sawyer followed her and squatted down beside her, lovingly rubbing her back as she ducked her head down the toilet. “Maybe you should go to see a doctor…”

“Maybe…” She breathed when she was done. “This is so gross,” she mentioned as she flushed. Sawyer chuckled. “What’s so funny?” She glared at him.

“Nothing! It’s just that all you’re worried about is how gross this is.”

“Well, it is!” she stated as she opened the sink faucet.

“I mean, you should be more worried about the fact that you’re sick.”

She pointed at him with the toothbrush she kept in his house. “I’m not sick, just nervous about this whole situation, I told you.”

“Whatever, but it’s not normal.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“And this isn’t serious,” she said to change the topic as she glanced below his waist, straight to his limp member hanging between his legs.

Sawyer burst out laughing. “But you love it.”

“That I do,” she admitted as she put the toothbrush in her mouth, grinning.

“Gonna prepare something light for lunch so you don’t die out of starvation, okay?” Lizbeth simply nodded, watching him as he walked away. She leaned back, blatantly staring at his muscular and firm butt as he bent down to get his underwear. What a fine bite!

Two hours later, Lizbeth and Sawyer were heading to the police station to meet with Nick. “Everything’s gonna be okay,” Sawyer told her in a calming tone of voice.

“Yeah, I know… I’m just nervous,” she noted. “It's been months since I saw him that time at the court when he brought me to the hospital... This situation's so weird,” she told Sawyer as she kept fidgeting with her bracelets.

Sawyer put his hand over hers, making her look at him. “I know, but we’re together in this.” His eyes were so calm and full of love she instantly calmed down.

They got out of the car and headed to the building in front of them. As they made their way through the parking lot, Sawyer intertwined his fingers with hers, lightly squeezing her hand when he opened the door for her to walk in first.

“Hello. We’re here to see Nicolas Rogers,” Lizbeth nervously told the officer at the front desk.

“You have to fill in this document, please,” he said as he handed them the clipboards and a couple of pens.

“Sure.” Sawyer nodded.

“Whenever you’re done, give them to me and then walk down this corridor on the right,” he pointed to the hallway as they got up, “and then it’s the second door,” he added.


“No prob.” He nodded.

Lizbeth and Sawyer sat on a few chairs that were at the entrance hall and began to fill the visitor request form. They started with the personal details as name, address, birth date, and job.

Then, the questionnaire had these questions about the relationship with the prisoner or if they had some criminal record. It seemed normal to them but still felt as if they were visiting a terrorist.

“Here.” Sawyer handed the officer both of their applications.

“Okay… Could I have your IDs?” he asked them as he got another clipboard from his desk. “Thank you,” he said when they gave him the requested IDs. He wrote their names and numbers down and then handed them the paper. “I need you to sign here, please.”

“Oh, right,” Lizbeth said as she grabbed the pen.

“Good, now you can go, He’s already waiting for you.”

“Thank you.”

They walked down the corridor in silence. Lizbeth felt her palms sweaty and her heart hammering in her ears as they approached the door.

When they stepped into the room, they had to go through security, walking through a metal detector. Even though they hadn’t done anything bad and they were just visiting someone there, all that security made Lizbeth feel uneasy.

“Okay, you’re good to go,” the officer checking the security x-ray machine.

Lizbeth and Sawyer nodded, continuing their way to the next room where Nicolas was already waiting for them.

“Liz!” He got up, his eyes illuminating a little. He looked so different, exhausted, worn out. He had lost weight and had intense black circles under his eyes. His chocolate pudding eyes were hazed by sadness and fear.

“Hey, Nick…” she said as she approached him.

“It’s so good to see you,” he sighed as he gave her a light hug.

“Hi, Sawyer, right?” He held his hand out to him.

“Yeah.” He shook his hand, his face stoic, marble-like.

Nicolas sat down again and they mimicked him. “How are you holding on?” Lizbeth asked him, truly worried.

“Could be better,” he scoffed. “Anyway, what are you doing here? I think you’re the last two people I expected to visit me…” he stated.

“Maggie… Well, she’s Sawyer’s ex,” Lizbeth declared.

“What?” he asked, surprised looking at the man sitting in front of him.


“But, how? What?... “ Nicolas laughed. “This is crazy.”

“I’d say it’s more ironic than crazy,” Sawyer added sarcastically.


“Nick, we want to help you…”

“How? I already got a lawyer. Paul is helping me out of this. You remember him?”

“Yeah.” Lizbeth nodded, giving him a small smile. He was one that contacted Mike. “The thing is, we know she’s lying, but we wanted to have your version of the story.”

“I already told the police everything.”

Lizbeth felt uncomfortable all of a sudden. Nick was nice and was making the effort to smile at them even in that situation, but he was a bit harsh —not that she could blame him. However, she wasn’t sure of why they had gone to visit him anymore.

He had a lawyer and there was nothing much they could really do for him.

Suddenly, a pang of guilt hit her. Deep down she knew she only wanted to go visit him to see it in his eyes. To see that they were not mistaken and that he was innocent.

“Look, Nicolas,” Sawyer started. “If we knew what happened maybe we could talk to her and make her drop the charges. She can be a little twisted but I think she’d listen to me.” He was right. Maggie was a bit obsessed with him but she wasn’t a psychopath.

Nicolas sighed. “After you and I broke up,” he looked at Lizbeth. “I kind of lost it and started drinking a bit too much.” He paused and Lizbeth swallowed hard —Nick had never been a hard drinker. “One night I met Maggie at a bar and then we kept seeing each other until I decided to cut things off a month later. I didn’t want to use her. I was being an asshole in general and she was so nice I didn’t want to hurt her because I had lost you.” He intertwined his fingers and looked at the table.

“Go on,” Sawyer told him.

“The thing is that a couple of months later she called me telling me she was pregnant. I wasn’t over you yet, you know? But I was feeling good enough to try to actually know her. I really liked her. She was so lively and kind, I thought she could help me turn the page…. So I did what I thought was the best for her and the baby. I didn’t want her to go through that alone.”

“She told us about that… But what happened after that?”

“She had a miscarriage.”

“She told us that too,” Sawyer mentioned.

“The problem wasn’t just losing the baby… She had to go into surgery and they had to remove her everything.”

“What?” Sawyer asked, horrified.

“Does that mean…”

“Yeah, she won’t get to be a mother, ever. Not a biological one anyway.” Nicolas shook his head. “It hurt so fucking much. I lost my son and she lost her mind, and I couldn’t do anything to help. She wouldn’t stop crying and started to act so weirdly…”

“But you didn’t break the engagement,” Lizbeth noted.

“Of course I didn’t! How would I do that? She has no one else here and she was mourning the loss of our child. How could I kick her out?”

Our child, those words felt like a punch right in the throat. Sawyer must have noticed because he grabbed her hand under the table and gave her a light squeeze.

“I love her, but I’m not in love with her… However, she’s a woman I wouldn’t mind sharing my life with. She’s smart, nice, and pretty. She’s a great company and that’s not something one finds so easily.”

“But…” Lizbeth trailed off. Giving his ex advice on his relationships wasn’t smart.

“Liz, you’ll always be the one that got away,” he stated as if he had read her mind, making Sawyer tense by her side. “You found a nice man that seems to make you happier than I ever did, and I know I won’t find anyone that makes me feel the way you did —it’s a shame that I realized after losing you. So if I find a nice woman that makes me laugh and forget about you, even if it’s just for a few minutes, I’m fine with that.”

“I still don’t get how you got to all this…” Sawyer pressed.

“Me neither,” Nicolas bitterly chuckled. “She started to sneak out of the house and to lie to me, I didn’t give it a second thought because she was dealing with so much, but a month ago she started to get angry about literally anything.”

“Did you try getting her professional help?” Lizbeth asked him.

“Of course I did! I even thought about calling you to ask you for advice… We went to this doctor a couple of times, but she said she didn’t need that and quit.” Nicolas shrugged. “Then…” He paused and gritted his teeth, the tension in his sharp jaw noticeable. “I think she started seeing someone else.”

“Why do you think that?” Sawyer asked, clearly feeling annoyed by all that situation. She had played with all of them but the reason why was still a mystery for them.

“There were a few nights she didn’t come home to sleep and well… She wasn’t as needy as she used to.”

“Oh,” Lizbeth said. She didn’t love Nicolas anymore, she wouldn’t go back to him even if he was the last man on earth, but imagining him with Maggie felt strange.

“Yeah…” Nicolas heaved a sigh. “Then, she left saying she needs some space. The next thing I know is that the police are handcuffing me and dragging me to the station accusing me of assault and rape. I mean, what the actual fuck?” He ruffled his hair. “Liz, you know I can be an ass, that I can get so absorbed by my work that I forget about the world around me, that I listened to much of what my mother said, but I had never in my life been a violent person.”

“Nick, you don’t need to defend yourself in front of us, we believe you,” Lizbeth reassured him, putting her hands over his.


“Nicolas, don’t worry about it,” Sawyer told him. “I don’t know what’s gotten into her to do this to you because, as much as I hate to admit it, you seem like a good man and you don’t deserve any of this. I’ll try to knock some sense into her so she drops the charges and, maybe, to get some real help because this...” He shook his head. “This is insane.”

“You think you could do that?” Nicolas’ eyes lit a little for the first time.

“I honestly don’t know,” Sawyer huffed. “Physically she hasn’t changed much, but for what you just told us… I don’t recognize her anymore. But since she came to ask me for help, she might listen to me.” He shrugged.

“That’d be great, but I don’t want you to get tangled into this mess.”

“We’re already in it, Nick,” Lizbeth told him.

“Yeah… The moment she called me and got hurt on purpose to make me feel pity for her so I’d protect her, she already got us into this.”


“It’s not your fault,” Lizbeth noted.

“I know, but still… It’s so fucking messy, I don’t understand anything. How did she get hurt?”

“We don’t know yet, but we’ll find out soon enough,” Sawyer stated.

“Thank you,” Nicolas gave them a small smile. “It’s nice to know that I still have people backing me…”

“What about your parents?” Lizbeth asked him, astonished.

“Apparently, all they cared about was me having an heir. The moment I told them I was marrying her even if we weren’t having the baby and they kind of turned their backs on me.” He shrugged. “They said I was being stupid because I should marry a woman from a good family and all that. You already know how they are… I was so mad with them after losing you that I didn’t want to make the same mistake. Maggie didn’t deserve that and she needed me.”

“I see…” Lizbeth was crazy in love with Sawyer, but hearing him say that he stood up for someone else hurt her. They had been together for five years and he never did that for her.

“I’m so sorry for everything I put you through, Liz.” She shook her head, telling him not to worry about it anymore. “You were always there for me and I let you down… If there’s one thing I’d ever regret is this... I can’t express with words how thankful I am that, even though we’re not together anymore, you still trust me.”

“Of course, Nick…” Her voice stuck in her throat. Listening to him apologizing like that after so much time closed wounds she hadn’t realized were still open.

“And thank you too, Sawyer. I don’t think I’d be able to be so stoic in front of my woman’s ex,” he lightly chuckled, making Sawyer smirk.

“Well, try touching her and we’ll see how stoic I can remain.” The three of them lightly laughed.

Sawyer was calmer than he was at the beginning, and he was truly joking —not sarcasm nor doubled-meaning intentions behind his words. Talking to Nicolas made him realize he wasn’t as bad as he thought and it helped him see the real person. Lizbeth tightened the grip on Sawyer’s hand, smiling when he responded.

It was a difficult and weird situation —to say the least— and they were in the most depressive place, but watching Nicolas relax after letting it all out, seeing how being able to apologize with her eased his burden, was more than enough for her.

He was the man she once knew again, which made her feel at ease because, without the pressure of his family, he could truly be happy with whomever he chose to share his life with.

Things falling into place like that made her believe that story could have a good ending after all.

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