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Taking her

Engulfed in their passion, they made their way to the bedroom. She was kissing him with desperate need and he couldn’t help but give her everything. She was the one for him, always had been.

When they were beside the bed he helped her to lay down, their eyes never leaving each other as he crawled up between her legs.

He leaned down and kissed her passionately. The fire ignited inside of him was burning with raw desire, making his heart beat furiously in his chest. He loved her so much.

He pulled away and plunged in her eyes, getting lost in the amber color that shone like the sun in the twilight. Intense, warm, breathtaking. “I love you,” he brushed her lips with his teeth. “There’s no one else for me.”

Her eyes slightly watered as she gulped, trying to hold the overflowing emotions inside of her. “I love you too,” she whispered in the end.

Sawyer gave her lips a soft peck and then began to slide down, stopping to kiss the valley between her breasts. Her skin so soft and hot, radiating that fruity scent he had been yearning for so long.

He trapped a nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, hardening it and making her moan. He teased the other with his index finger, enjoying the soft and stifled sounds she was making.

Then, he continued his way down her body and her breathing hitched when he reached her belly, planting a soft kiss right over her mound. He caressed her legs from her knees to her butt, giving it a light squeeze before urging her to fully expose her flesh to him.

As soon as she gave him full access to that heaven between her legs, he ran his tongue over her opening, delighting himself with the juices already dripping from her. He repeated his action, slow from the bottom up, feeling the satisfaction invading his body as she arched her back and moaned his name. “Sawyer…” He just hummed in response, pleasuring her. “I want you inside of me,” she breathed with a hoarse, sexy voice.

He smiled against her opened, rosy folds and gave her one last quick stroke before focusing on her clit as he put two fingers inside of her. “Oh, God!” she moaned as her hips bucked up.

His tongue swirled, flicked, and graced over her clit as his fingers slowly stretched her, getting her ready for his longing cock. It had been a long time and he was dying to be buried inside of her.

When her inner walls began to tense and twitch, he stopped. She looked down at him, her breathing was ragged and uneven. A mix of confusion and annoyance covering her face. He softly chuckled. “Not gonna leave you like this…” he breathed against her lips before making her taste herself as he dived inside of her aching sex.

“Aahhh…” she moaned, arching her back. “Yes… Ahh, God…” Her eyes squeezed shut as her hands gripped the pillow below her head.

Sawyer felt something inside of him unraveling as she clenched around him. Being inside of her was the most exhilarating and insanely electrifying sensation. He loved the dampness and heat wrapping around him, welcoming him every time.

“Fuck! You’re burning...” he groaned when he pushed deeper inside of her, deliciously stretching her to her limits. A shiver cruised down his whole body, making his skin crawl and the arms supporting his weight tremble.

He pulled out of her and slowly moved back in, enjoying every inch of her as her chest rose when she took a deep breath in. Sawyer froze. “You okay?” he asked, panting.

“Yeah… I just didn’t know I could miss this so much…” She bit her bottom lip and grasped his ass, pushing him back inside of her.

Sawyer tensed and growled out of pure pleasure. “Fuck.”

After that, he didn’t hold anymore.

He straightened up in bed, sitting on his heels as her legs spread wider for him. He tightened the grip on her hips as he thrust into her, on and on.

He could see all of her, from her beautiful eyes begging for more to her flowered folds hungrily sucking him in. She was completely exposed and at his mercy.

His heart was hammering in his ribcage as he kept vigorously pounding inside of her, rubbing her sweet spot every time. Her face twisting in that gorgeous expression he loved so much.

His shaft hardened, reaching a painful level of bulging as his balls tightened. He didn’t stop and kept pushing her to the edge, feeling the tension creeping up his core.

“I’m close...” Lizbeth panted when she noticed the slight change of rhythm.

He leaned down, resting his body on an elbow as his free hand traveled down her side until it reached her lower back.

The world could have been set up on fire at that moment and he wouldn’t have cared less. Feeling her like that was what made him feel alive. Skin on skin. Heart on heart.

He nuzzled the crook of her neck with his nose and gently nibbled the sensitive skin of her collarbone. His ears tingling with the alluring sounds ripping her throat as his length easily slid in and out of her, coated with her warm, delicious wetness.

“Cum for me, Babe,” he moaned against her neck before biting her earlobe. He was so close he was about to lose his mind.

He moved an arm up until his hand touched hers, intertwining their fingers. Circling the other one around her waist, clutching her ass and pressing their bodies impossibly closer.

Soon after, she was melting under him, her hips bucking uncontrollably as her inner walls spasmed and clenched around him. “Oh, God!”

Her nails dug into the skin of his back and after a few more thrusts his orgasm struck him like a lightning. Hard and intense. The guttural sound that left his lips almost unrecognizable.

Their hips were still connected and their eyes locked into each others’ as they slowed down. Her hands caressed his back, then his shoulders, moving up to his neck. Her fingers laced in his hair and she smiled with teary eyes.

“I love you,” she whispered with a quivering voice.

He always tried to be aware of his surroundings, but he hadn’t realized how much she actually needed him until he saw a lonely tear roll down her temple.

He wiped it with his thumb as he sweetly kissed her perfect lips. “I love you and always will.”

On Friday afternoon, the whole family went to visit Sawyer’s parents and have dinner with them.

Sophia was so fond of them and from time to time she would ask him to sleep over there, so he let her stay —not like he could say no to her puppy eyes, she was great at that. Adam, on the other hand, was staying at Eric’s on Saturday.

Emma and Mike had been nothing but supportive and caring through the recovering process. They even had both kids over some days after school when he went to visit Lizbeth while she was still in the ICU and since Mike had a better schedule at work than he and Emma did, he picked the kids from school more than once.

After so many months living with them it felt weird when they were not around, but that way he could really focus on Lizbeth and just here for one night, so he didn’t complain.

“Okay, Adam, you listen to everything that Emma and Mike say, okay?” Sawyer warned him. He was a sweet boy, but when Eric and he were together it was like mixing mentos and coke.

“Yeah…” he repeated for the tenth time.

Mike chuckled. “Don’t worry so much about it. He’s a great kid.” He had gone to his house to pick up Adam while Emma stayed at home preparing dinner for all of them.

“I know, but still… They’re like gremlins when they’re together,” Sawyer softly laughed at his stupid reference, but it was true. In fact, they were already plotting something as they were whispering in the hallway.

“Oh, yeah! I know, but Emma’s at home too, so I’m not alone this time,” Mike laughed as he patted Sawyer’s shoulder. “You focus on yourself and that beautiful woman of yours. You really need some time for yourselves after everything you’ve been through.”

“Thanks, man,” Sawyer nodded. Mike had turned into a great friend.

“Sure. Have fun!” He winked at him with a smug smile on his face, implying nothing but sexual fun.

“I will!” He laughed as he closed the door.

“Are you ready?” Lizbeth asked from behind him.

“Ye—” His breath hitched as he turned and saw her.

She was wearing a tight, pencil skirt grey dress with the shoulders off, combined with those insanely tall platform stilettos that made her legs look infinite and perked her ass in a very distracting way. “You’re beautiful, Kitten…”

“You don’t look bad yourself,” she smiled at him as she ran a finger along the collar of his white shirt. “This suit pants make your ass look so great I’d like to fuck you right here, right now…” She brushed her lips to his.

“I’m trying to act like a gentleman taking you out on a date,” he noted, feeling his strength flying out the window.

Lizbeth laughed whole-heartedly, that sound making his heart flutter. “Fine…” she said as she bit her bottom lip. Then, she turned away and opened the door. “Shall we?”

“Yeah,” he muttered, snapping back into the real world. That woman had him wrapped, really tight, around her little finger —not that he minded.

After a short ride, they made it to the French restaurant where they had their first date eight months before. He wanted to make that night special, she deserved it.

The waiter guided them to their table, which was close to the glass walls, just like the first time. Her face illuminated as she looked out of the window. “It doesn’t matter how many times I see this, it’s just so amazing…”

“My views are also charming,” he quipped, looking at her. She slightly blushed because even though he was just messing with her she knew he meant his words.

“Thanks,” she smiled as she intertwined her fingers with his over the table.

He smiled back at her and opened his menu. “So… What do you want to eat tonight?”

“What about the fondue and something else? If I eat as much as last time I think I’ll roll down,” she said as her eyes moved over the main courses.

Sawyer chuckled. “Sure.”

“I’d like to try the Boeuf Bourguignon, if that’s how you pronounce it,” she slightly snorted.

“Hmmm… I think I’ll try the Coq au vin.”

“Sounds good… Ugh! I don’t know! Will you let me try it?” she asked, giving him her best puppy eye.

“Why do all the women around me keep doing that?” Sawyer laughed. “Fine, but you’ll have to do something for me then,” he grinned.


“I’ll think about it and let you know when we get home,” he smirked.

“Oh, naughty… I like that.” She smiled.

The waiter came back and took their order.

It was a wonderful evening. It had been a while since they had shared some time like that. Laughing at the silliest things while drinking delicious wine and delighting their taste buds with an amazing meal.

They had gone through hell, but made it out together, their bond stronger than ever. He smiled, feeling ready to finally ask her the question.

“What are you thinking about?” Lizbeth arched an eyebrow, a grin on her face.

“Nothing,” he shrugged as he kept caressing her hand while they waited for dessert. “It’s just funny… Life has so many twists and turns.”

“It does, but… Why do you say that now?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“I was just thinking about the first time I kissed you and you slapped me,” he laughed. “Then, you when you didn’t put up a fight when I did it at the lake house… The first time we had sex, those times we sneaked to be together... And everything that happened afterwards. I enjoyed every minute beside you… I don’t even know why I was so stubborn back then.”

“Me too,” she sweetly smiled at him.

“The thing is… I never thought that after getting my heart broken when you left—”

“You’re the one that broke up with me,” she interrupted him.

“I know, but I wasn’t ready to face all the things you made me feel and you being on the other side of the country, it hurt so much I couldn’t deal with it… However, you’re the one that made me whole again.” He stopped looking at their hands and raised his head, plunging his eyes into hers. “It’s been so many years, so many ups and downs for both of us…” he said, talking from the very bottom of his heart. “But we made it… We’re here and I never thought I could be this happy.”

“Me too,” her voice quivered a little.

“I…” He cleared his throat as he reached inside the pocket of his pants. “Liz—”

Her phone began to ring, startling both of them. He slowly pulled his hand out and placed it over the table again.

“It’s Liam…” she muttered.

“Pick it up. He wouldn’t be calling now if it wasn’t important.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” he gave her a small smile. His heart was furiously hammering in his chest, he had never been that nervous in his life, but it could really be an emergency.

“Yeah? What’s up, bro?” she asked. “What? Are you serious?... Holy fuck! We’re on our way!— Shut it, we’ll make it on time!” The smile on her face was huge. “See you!”

“What’s going on?” Sawyer asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“April’s in labor.”

“Holy fuck!” he repeated her words. “Let’s go to DC then!” He smiled at her.

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