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Forever him

The trip to DC seemed longer than it actually was, but Lizbeth was a nerve wreck. She knew there was nothing to worry about. April had had a great pregnancy and there was no way something could go wrong now, but knowing they were in the hospital about to have a baby made her feel anxious. She was going to be an aunt and there was nothing that could make her happier now.

As soon as they pulled in the parking lot, they made their way inside the hospital. The nurse at the front desk seemed a bit tired, but her smile didn’t fade away, not even once.

“Hi!” Lizbeth greeted her when they approached her. She looked at them with surprise as they were all dressed up to be in a hospital. “We’re looking for my sister-in-law. Her name’s April Ackerman?” she said more like a question than a statement.

She hummed as her brown eyes scanned the screen in front of her. “Oh! She’s having a baby, right?” She sweetly smiled at them.

“Yeah,” Sawyer nodded.

“She’s still in the labor room,” the nurse said as she pointed to the elevators. “When you reach the second floor just go straight to the right and there you have the waiting room.”

“Thanks,” Lizbeth smiled at her.

They walked out of the entrance hall and down the corridor where the elevators were. “I thought she’d already been in the delivery room, Liam called us two hours ago,” Lizbeth thought out loud as she checked the time on her cell phone.

“Well, sometimes it takes longer that women would like to,” Sawyer chuckled as they entered the metal cage.

“And you know this because…?” She looked at him with a smug smile on her face.

“Beth was in the hospital for sixteen hours before Adam was born,” he softly laughed at the memory.

“Oh my… That’s horrible! Poor woman…” Lizbeth cringed. That was one part of becoming a mom she definitely wouldn’t like.

“Poor Matt!” He laughed harder now. The elevator opened and they turned to the right, just like the nurse told them. “She literally became a demon. She couldn’t stop yelling at us, then crying, then laughing. She totally lost it that day.”

“Well, if she was in the hospital for so many hours suffering the contractions after carrying a heavy belly for months… I don’t blame her,” Lizbeth giggled.

“Yeah…” Sawyer shook his head with a beautiful smile plastered over his face. Losing his sister was devastating, but maturing helped him realize that the best way to honor them was remembering the good memories.

“Hey, Mom!” Lizbeth said as they stepped in the waiting room.

“Hi, sweetheart! How are you doing?” Julia said as she hugged her.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure you don’t need anything? Liz, it’s just been a month since the accident—”

“Two months,” Lizbeth muttered.

“Well, whatever. It’s not like you sprained your ankle, you know?”

“I know, but really, I’m good. I even went back to work a few weeks ago for the final exams. So just focus on the baby for today, okay?” She sweetly smiled at her.

Almost a year before, she would have politely asked her to stop being a pain, but after sharing her life with Sawyer and those amazing kids, she felt nothing but admiration for that woman. She had raised Liam and her, and how could she not worry when her daughter almost died two months before?


“Hi, Dad!”

“Hi, Honey!”

“Hello, Finn,” Sawyer said as he shook her father’s hand. “Hi, Julia,” he greeted her with a hug.

“You didn’t need to come so far and so late at night,” Finn told them as he sat back in his chair. He was nervous but wouldn’t show it.

“Hm... How are they doing?” Lizbeth asked.

“They just took them to the delivery room,” Julia beamed. “Oh my God… I’m so nervous, my first grandson! Well, I mean, one I’m gonna be able to spoil since the moment he’s born,” she explained.

“It’s fine, Mom. We get it,” Lizbeth chucked. She knew her mother loved Adam and Sophia too, but she hadn’t been able to be present the moment they were born.

Then, she looked at Sawyer, who smiled at her. The lump in her throat growing with every second, she felt happy for her brother and April, but at the same time, the pain she thought long forgotten was slowly resurfacing again. Tamping those emotions had never felt so hard.

Sawyer lightly squeezed her hand as if he had read her mind. “Now all we can do is wait,” he noted.

“Yeah… I guess.”

“Why are you all dressed up?” Julia asked them all of a sudden.

“We were on a date,” Lizbeth stated.

“Oh, yeah! Then why did you come? You should have enjoyed some alone time together...” Her eyes moved to Sawyer, but he didn’t say anything.

“It’s fine,” Sawyer gave her a small smile. “We were already done with dinner.”

“Yeah. Besides, we wanted to be here with them, Mom,” Lizbeth told her. Her eyes were still fixed on Sawyer, who just rubbed the back of his neck. “What is it?” she asked, looking between them as if she was in a tennis match.

“Nothing,” Sawyer simply said.

“Yeah, right…” Lizbeth narrowed her eyes at him. “I know that expression, you’re hiding something. What is it?” she insisted.

“Nothing, I swear!” He put his hands in the air and nervously laughed.

“Sawyer!” she pressed. “Mom! What was that?” she asked, pointing to their faces.

“Nothing!” she told her too.

Lizbeth kept trying to sniff out what was that knowing look between her mother and Sawyer about, but after a while, she gave up.

Tired of the trip and with the clock ticking four in the morning, Lizbeth started to doze off over Sawyer’s shoulder. “Maybe we should go to Liam’s,” he suggested.

“No way… I want to see that beautiful baby,” she mumbled.

“We can see them tomorrow,” he whispered as he brushed the hair away from her face.

“It’s fine, Babe… We didn’t make it all the way here just to go to sleep.”

“You’re so stubborn,” he chuckled, making her body tingle when she felt the vibration of his chest traveling through her skin.

“Nothing new,” she shrugged.

“I’m a dad!” Liam’s voice startled her.

“Oh my God!” Julia whined as she had her son. “Congratulations, Baby…” she cried.

“And you two are going to be grandmas!” he quipped as he pointed at her and then at April’s mother. It took her a while to get there since they had moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, a few years before. But as soon as she found out about her daughter being in the hospital, she went to the airport to catch the first flight.

Sadly, her father was out on a business trip and wouldn’t be back until the day after tomorrow, and Bella, her sister, couldn’t fly until the next day.

“How’s April?” Finn asked him as he gave him a hug.

“She’s tired, but… God! You gotta come, she’ll be so happy to see you here, guys,” he said as he looked at Sawyer and Lizbeth.

“Wouldn’t miss this moment for anything in the world,” Lizbeth told him.

“I know. Thank you, sis.” He hugged her. Then, he took her left hand in his and studied it.

“What the hell are you doing, Li?”

“Huh? Nothing. You just have some beautiful hands,” he responded.

“What?” She looked at him with suspicion. “You know what? You’re all acting so weird tonight. What room is she in?”

“Two hundred and thirty-one,” Liam told her.

As she made her way to the room she heard how Liam apologized to Sawyer for ruining their night and Sawyer telling him that it was alright, that he could do it any other time.

Then, it clicked. Wait. Was he going to propose?

She turned around and looked at them following her. Saying that Sawyer looked stunning was an understatement.

She loved it when he wore his slim blue jeans with a plain white t-shirt, he was hot on whatever he put on, but those black suit pants fit him like a glove. The last buttons of his shirt were open, letting the upper part of his strong pecs peek out, and the sleeves slightly rolled up, letting the tattoo and veins on his forearm in full display. The smile on his face was panty-dropping, so honest and full of life it made her heart throb.

Their gazes locked and his expression warmed up, just like her whole body when those beautiful hazel eyes plunged into hers.

Looking at him made her feel like in a bubble where the time and noise around her didn’t exist anymore. All she could hear was her heart pounding hard in her chest, deafening her.

“What’s wrong?” Sawyer asked her as he slipped a hand around her waist while they walked towards the room.

“... Nothing.” She doubted for a second whether to ask him or not, but if he wanted it to be a surprise she would ruin it all.

“Are you sure?” he insisted, concern covering his face. She knew exactly why.

“Yeah,” she smiled at him as they stopped in the middle of the hallway. During the journey to the hospital, she had fought with the recurrent sadness that invaded her from time to time. It was a mix of confusing feelings because she was thrilled but at the same time, the thought of never being able to experience that moment hurt her.

“Are you coming?” Liam asked while their parents entered the room.

“Yeah, just a sec,” Sawyer told him.

“Sure,” he nodded, understanding what was going on.

“Kitten… You don’t need to pretend with me.”

“I know, but I’m okay, I promise,” she reassured him. “These feelings will go away at some point… Besides, I have everything I need. You, the kids, Noah… I couldn’t ask for more.”

He stared at her for a few more seconds, making sure she wasn’t lying, and then took a deep breath. “Okay.” He leaned forward and kissed her as he caressed her face. “Want to see your nephew then?”

Lizbeth nodded with a huge grin on her face.

As they stepped into the room, they saw April wearing the hospital bracelet and white gown. Her hair was a mess and she looked exhausted, but at the same time, she was radiant, shining with her own light. Julia and her mother were crying while Finn was proudly grinning as he talked with his son.

“Hey, guys…” she whispered as she saw them.

“Hey, girl… Congrats!” Lizbeth said as she walked closer to her. “How are you?” she softly asked, afraid to wake up the baby in her arms when she kissed the top of her head.

“I feel like trash and over the moon.” When she chuckled, the baby moved, rubbing his eyes and emitting the cutest sounds Lizbeth had ever heard.

“Congrats, April,” Sawyer told her as he kissed her cheek, looking at the baby with a huge smile on his face.

“Wanna hold him?” she asked Lizbeth.

“Who? Me?”

“No, my ass,” she snorted.

“You should start watching that mouth,” Sawyer quipped.

“Oh, shut it, S!” She rolled her eyes.

“Are you sure?” Lizbeth asked her.

“Of course! You’re her aunt and godmother.”

“Godmother?” She looked at her, then at Liam.

“Of course!” Liam laughed. “I don’t think there’s anyone better for this than you two.”

“Oh my God!” She hugged her brother. “Thank you, Liam.” She almost cried. “I promise I’ll spoil him so damn much!”

“You better not, or we’ll be the bad guys!” He laughed.

“That’s what this is about right? The parents are evil while the aunt and uncle are the cool ones,” she smirked.

“Noted,” he gave her a smug smile.

Lizbeth got closer to April and leaned down, holding her arms out for her to give her the baby. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his little body, while his head rested on the crook of her arm.

“Like that… Yeah, hold his head,” April told her.

“Oh my…” Lizbeth breathed out when she looked at the baby.

“Say hi to Alexander Gray,” Liam told her.

“Hi… Alex… You’re so cute, my God… I already know you’re gonna be a heartbreaker,” she softly chuckled as she fiddled with his small fingers. “You’re so perfect…” She whispered as she stared at him with teary eyes, fully aware that she had already fallen in love with him.

Her heart tightened in her chest as he slightly opened his mouth to delight her with one of those adorable baby sounds. His long eyelashes hovering over his beautiful and chubby cheeks as he had his eyes closed. His little nose covered with a soft shade of red.

Lizbeth glanced at Sawyer out of the corner of her eye. He was looking at her, his eyes shining with a different light, his arms crossed over his chest as he leaned back on the wall, watching her with so much affection and love, she felt weak in her knees.

She swallowed hard and averted her eyes, feeling too exposed and vulnerable. “Guys… He’s so perfect…” she told the proud parents with a quivering voice.

“And he’s gonna have the best aunt of all,” Liam stated as he kissed her temple.

“I’ll make sure of that.” She smiled back at her brother.

“What’s gotten into you?” Sawyer chuckled against her mouth as she kicked the door shut.

“Just shut up and kiss me,” she said with a fervent need as she wrapped her arms around his neck, devouring his lips as if she hadn’t kissed him in years. Her aching heart overflowing with intense emotions she couldn’t control anymore.

“Fine,” he said in a husky voice as he closed the distance between them.

When his lips parted to trap one of hers between his teeth, Lizbeth slipped her tongue inside of his mouth, gliding it over his, exploring him.

He made her walk backwards and pressed her back against the wall, dragging a moan out of her throat when she felt the hard bulge growing inside his pants.

“I want you, Sawyer… Do me,” she begged between kisses as she held his face in place between her hands. His eyes darkening as he stared deep into hers, understanding her.

Without adding anything else, he placed his lips over hers and his hands caressed her curves down to slowly pull the skirt of her dress up. Then, in a swift movement, he lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Walking away from the entrance of Liam’s house, he took her upstairs. Lizbeth fisted his hair in one hand as the other clutched to his shoulder to keep the balance. Leaving a trail of kisses in his neck, letting his amazing scent intoxicate all her senses.

As they walked into the guest room, their mouths connected once again. Without pulling away from their kiss, let her down and unzipped her dress as she unbuttoned his shirt. She took her clothes off while he threw his shirt somewhere on the floor.

Her hands immediately moved to his chest, caressing his muscles all the way down to his belt, enjoying the softness of his skin. Slowly, she unbuckled it and continued with his pants, their eyes never leaving each other.

Without wasting another minute, she touched him over his briefs, feeling his cock twitching in her palm. The pool between her legs soaking her panties when he groaned before crashing his lips on hers.

His hands sensually cruised down her body until they found her rear, bringing her closer to him so the air couldn’t pass between them as they kept ravishing each other’s mouths.

When they started walking towards the bed, they stumbled a little, laughing at themselves until Sawyer sat back on it. He took off his underwear as he watched her doing the same, and a second later, she was straddling his lap.

She lined up his shaft with her entrance, sinking down on him as they both moaned out of pure pleasure. “God!” she breathed out when his length stretched her.

Sawyer furrowed his brows, hissing as if he was in pain. “You’re so fucking tight today.”

“Or maybe you’re too big today,” she whispered before biting his bottom lip, feeling him really squeezed inside of her.

“Whatever it is, I love it,” he said, his lips brushing over hers.

She looked at him, reaching behind his head to fist his hair, making him softly groan. Then, she slightly pulled it back to give her full access to his neck and licked all the way up to his jaw, gently biting his earlobe at the end.

He tightened the grip on her hips and thrust further into her, deepening himself into her flesh and leaving both of them breathless from the sensation.

She started grinding on him, holding onto one of his shoulders with one hand and slightly tugging at his hair with the other. When their mouths collided, her tongue entangled with his in a furious dance and she pressed her body against his. Their hips undulating at the same rhythm, intensifying the pressure on her clit.

Sawyer put some distance between them and grabbed hold of her breasts in his hands. As he trapped one of her nipples in his mouth, she threw her head back. “Ahh… Yes!” she said as she kept riding him to oblivion.

“That’s it, Babe… Let it all out,” he whispered against her chest before nibbling her sensitive skin again. She was well aware that he knew she was hurting inside, and she couldn’t love him more for everything he did to ease her pain every time.

Her longing was a blazing fire, burning her from the inside, and his passion was the wind fueling the flames, soft and strong at the same time.

Reclining on one hand, Sawyer circled his free arm around her waist and started to guide her up and down his dick, slamming hard into her from below.

Their breaths coming out sharp and short. Their heartbeats matching each other as he looked deep into her eyes, offering her the whole universe.

That moment was so intense and so intimate she wanted to cry. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you,” he repeated, pressing her body against his as he passionately kissed her again.

Soon after, Lizbeth felt her inner walls clenching around him as an electric shock traveled her body up and down.

“Ah, shit I’m gonna cum, Babe…” He hissed, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Come with me, Babe… Ahh— Fuck!” she cried, arching her back as her orgasm hit her hard. Sawyer growled something unintelligible and tightened his hand around the back of her neck, rubbing himself deep inside of her.

“Aahh… God…” Lizbeth mumbled while their hips kept undulating together, slowing down as they enjoyed those last few electrifying shocks of pleasure invading them.

The shivers traveling her body made her skin crawl when he slid his right hand from her knee, all the way up her leg, only to stop on her lower back.

With her elbows resting on his shoulders and her fingers laced in his hair, she touched her forehead to his. Their breathing ragged and uneven, breaking the silence in the room.

Their eyes locked as he caressed the back of her neck with his left hand. Illuminated by the soft early morning light, she got lost in that swirling nebula of colors she loved so much.

Nobody had ever looked at her like Sawyer did, sending her to heaven and back every time. He was so handsome, so understanding, so caring. He was everything she had ever dreamed of and more. He was simply perfect.

It was so mind-blowing and breathtaking her heart tightened in her chest. “I love you, Sawyer. I always did, and always will,” she whispered brushing her lips over hers.

His eyes flicked between hers for a couple of seconds, lightening when he sweetly smiled at her. “I’ll love you forever, Liz.” Then, he kissed her, sealing their promise in the most beautiful way.

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