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Author note

Hello, lovely readers!!

Here ends the roller coaster of emotions we’ve all been through. I wanted to finish the book but at the same time, I didn’t want it to end. Such bittersweet taste!!!

I can’t thank you enough for your constant support and sweet words throughout the whole book. You, guys, are the ones that motivated me to keep going, I’ve lived on your comments every day.

I started writing this story back in November and it was published on Wattpad until someone decided to report it. They took it down when I was just three chapters from the end, and with that -as silly as it sounds- they took my motivation to write at all for a few weeks. I didn’t understand anything -and still don’t- because I don’t think there’s anything offensive about it.

However, I decided that I wasn’t going to let that troll win.

I had written other things before, but they’re just a couple of short stories. This book is my first completed book, my baby, and I’ve put everything in it to mate it relatable, coherent, and emotional. I struggled a lot with the language thing when writing since I’m not native (I’m Spanish, for those who are curious) and to shape the plot so it didn’t come out trashy.

Also, there were lots of people reading the story on the other app and it wasn’t fair to them not to end this sweet, steamy, and lovely romance story. Some of them have even followed me from there to here and I have no words to express how happy that makes me feel. The fact that my story touched you so deeply means everything.

With this book, I wanted to write a romance story that could touch people’s hearts in a sweet and intense way. But I also wanted to talk about things society doesn’t like to talk about and, somehow, encourage people to look for help if they're struggling with something in life. We all can overcome whatever it is if we rely on the people we love/trust. Mental health is more important than people think because it rules our lives, without that we have nothing.

Enough of sad things. Now that this story has come to an end, I have to let you know that I’ve been thinking about making it a series. Not sure yet though because my idea was to write a prequel (like the Star Wars movies, I’m that weird, haha). The story would be about these two MCs when they were in college. But again, still thinking about it.

However, I’m currently writing another story. One that screams sweet, steamy, hot, and dark. One about rock stars and all the shit that comes with broken characters. It’s still on the first stages, but damn it, if it’s going to have the same amazing readers I’ll most likely bring it here when it’s done.

Other than that, I have so many ideas for future books... Ugh! Hate not to have time enough, haha, but well, it’s what it is.

Anyway, and summing up: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. YOU’RE THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE EVER! Keep up the good vibes and wonderful support. 💜💜💜

Don’t forget to leave a review if you liked the story, and keep following my updates, I’ll be recommending amazing stories that deserve to be seen until I decide to upload something new!

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