Running alone

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Hailey grew up in Swan Lake, a small community of werewolves and their mates. At 18 years old, she leaves Swan lake. Finding out she was not a werewolf and being betrayed by her so-called best friend which caused the pack to hate her made her flee. At the age of 24 she returns home after finding out that her beloved Betty, who took her in after being left at her porch as a newborn, had passed. Trying to find closure, she returns once again to Swan Lake, hopefully to never return again

Romance / Fantasy
K. Zeeuw
Age Rating:


’’Lina still wets her bed! Lina still wets her bed! Lina still wets her bed!’’. The children of Swan Lake Elementary School were all singing and laughing at Lina. ‘’Stop it!’’ I yell angry. ‘’Leave her alone’’. Dylan, the oldest of the class, steps towards me. ‘’What are you going to do about it? Or are you so upset because you also still wet your bed?’’. The rest of the class started laughing at his remark. I clench my little fist, running out of patience. ‘’Take that back!’’ I yell in response. Jake just laughs at me, obviously not impressed with my little outburst. How dare he. Anger takes over and without thinking I punch him in his face. The singing and laughing is replaced by shocked gasps. ‘’Hailey Green, how dare you hit Dylan like that!’’. Our teacher, miss Johnson makes her way through the group of children and looks both disappointed and mad at me. ‘’He said that I was wetting my bed!’’ I point my finger to Dylan, making sure that she would know who I meant. Miss Johnson sighs ‘’Are you two at it again? Why is it that when there is trouble, it always involves the both of you?’’. A little ashamed I look to the ground. I wanted to be a good girl, but he just made it really difficult. Whenever Dylan opened his mouth, I just wanted to punch him.

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