Fake Love - Stardust Series**Book One

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“It’s a deal. I’ll be your fake girlfriend." I knew it was a huge mistake but I had no choice. - Hayden Starr is sixteen years old and already a star in high school soccer. She's the prettiest AND most popular girl in school and she doesn't even know it! Every single person wants to be her friend... Until disaster strikes. Now everyone hates her and her mom is sending her across the country to live with her uncle. No friends and a new school, Hayden knows it's the perfect do-over. But the recent events have changed her. She no longer wants to be the popular good girl, she just wants to blend in with the background and get through the school year. But life has other plans for her. When Hayden gets into trouble and the only way out is to lie, she does it without hesitation. But her lie will come back to bite her if she’s not careful. To cover it up, she needs a boyfriend and she needs one fast. She used to say that the first guy she dated would be the man she married, but with everything that has happened to her, she no longer believes in love. And she definitely doesn’t want a boyfriend. When Hayden realizes that she only needs to give the appearance of having a boyfriend, she comes up with an idea – have a fake boyfriend. When a surprising opportunity that solves her problem presents itself, Hayden is relieved. Until she discovers the drawbacks. He plays by his own rules.

Romance / Adventure
Holland K.
4.8 17 reviews
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Hey Everyone! I’m Holland and this is my book Fake Love :) <3

I know you’re probably used to reading books that are pretty straightforward and to-the-point, but that’s not really my style. I like to have underlying plots and things that seem random, but aren’t.

There will be things that seem to be random or that don't add up, but chances are (hopefully), I meant it to be that way. :)

Basically, I’m saying I understand that it’s not super interesting right away, but I promise that if you’ll stick to it for a few chapters, it gets better!

This is unedited so I'm sure there will be typos and it might not flow as well as I hope to but I want to complete the entire book before I edit it.

I’m not a new author, and I’ve written a few books before, but I’ve never been as excited about them as I am about this one! :D

I intend to to bios on all the main characters at some point, but for now I think I'll focus on just introducing them. :)

Please comment and/or review! If nothing else, give me a like! It makes me so happy! <3

I hope you like it! :D

Enjoy :)

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