Fake Love - Stardust Series**Book One

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19 | Truth Or Strip


Hayden POV

“What the hell is she doing here?” Staci asked, glaring at me.

Max put his arm around my shoulders and gave her a look. “Sara’s turn.”

“Who is the oldest guy you’ve ever made out with?” Lily asked.

“Nope.” Sara gave a sly grin and pulled her shirt over her head.

Luke snickered. “He must’ve been pretty old.”

“Cam.” Max grinned. “How many girls did you fuck on Monday?”

“Come on, dude!” Cam made a face.

“Let’s hear it.” Max was laughing at this point.

“Zero.” Cam glared at Max. “Shit, it was the first day.”

Everyone laughed and Hunter and Max fist-pumped behind Opal’s head.

I may have been a virgin, heck, I hadn’t even had my first kiss, but years of parties and friends that were decidedly not virgins had given me far more knowledge about sex than the average virgin would know, so the obvious theme of the game was not exactly new to me.

None of them knew I was a virgin and I was smart enough to know what to say so I planned to keep it that way. Not because I was embarrassed, but because it would draw attention to me.

“My turn!” Felicity smiled nervously and waited for someone to ask her a question. Our eyes met and she smirked behind her hand.

Annoyed, I leaned forward. “When you and Jett were fucking a little bit ago, who came first?” I asked sweetly.

Everyone froze and sharp glances were shot around the room as people looked to see what the others’ reactions were. Several mouths were gaping open and after a flicker of surprise, Kai’s face had gone back to expressionless, while Felicity was full-out glaring at me.

“I- Wha-“ She bit her lip and gave a little whimper. “He did!”

“You and Jett?” Staci screamed, giving Felicity a horrified look. “Get away from me!”

Felicity got to her feet, crying, and ran out of the room.

I shifted uncomfortably. I’d had no idea the question would stir up so much commotion. I knew Kai hated Jett, but apparently everyone else did too and now everyone was looking at Felicity with detesting looks on their faces.

Oh well. She was a bitch and definitely deserved it.

“Sorry.” I murmured softly. “I had no idea that would cause a problem.” Well, not that big of a problem.

“It’s totally fine.” Max smiled at me. “You didn’t know.”

Bryce nodded and glanced at Kai. “At least we know now.”

I felt kind of bad, as my question had cast an unpleasant aura over the game, but when Sara asked Staci when the last time she’d made herself come was, everyone burst back into laughter.

Staci made a face and pulled off her sweater.

“That’s not fair!” Hunter groaned. “She still has a shirt on!”

I laughed. “You should’ve thought ahead.”

It was Kai’s turn to be asked a question.

“Have you ever had a threesome?” Bryce asked.

Several laughs sounded across the group and everyone turned to look at Kai, who wrinkled his eyebrows.

“No fucking way. What kind of guy do you think I am?”

Everyone else laughed, but I didn’t really see the humor in it. He was that kind of guy.

“Luke, are you still a virgin?” Lily asked, smirking.

“No.” His response drew a hush over the group. “Opal and I made out on Wednesday.”

Everyone busted out laughing and looked at Opal, whose face had turned scarlet. I didn’t blame her for going at it with Luke. He was actually a pretty good-looking guy; everyone was just turned off by the fact that he was very (I mean very) socially awkward.

Max nudged me. “Hayden’s turn! Anybody?”

Kai cocked his head. “Who in this room do you want to have sex with most?”

I stared back at him, surprised I didn’t blush. Where had that question come from?

It didn’t even occur to me to answer the question, I just scooted forward and pulled my cami over my head, revealing my black bra.

In all honesty, I didn’t really want to have sex with any of them. I knew I was attracted physically to Kai, but he was still definitely not the kind of guy I’d sleep with if I ever did decide to have sex, and I hadn’t even given a second thought to the rest of them.

I leaned back against Max’s arm, raising my chin a little in defiance to Kai.

“Yeah!” Max grinned and pulled me a little closer to him, dropping his hand to rest on my side.

I noticed his hand resting there, but I didn’t really care. Maybe I was still upset with Kai and was hoping it would annoy him and maybe I was just super drunk. Well, I was definitely super drunk.

Kai glanced down at Max’s hand and back up at me, but I couldn’t read the expression on his face. He probably didn’t give a shit what I did or who I let touch me. Why should he?


The game continued, but all I could think about was Max’s hand on Hayden’s bare side and how cozy they looked. Why the hell was she letting him touch her like that? So what if it wasn’t in an inappropriate way or anything?

She was my girlfriend and he couldn’t touch her like that!

Okay, fake girlfriend, and technically we weren’t ‘official’ yet, but that didn’t change the rules. She was basically cheating on me before we even started!

Apparently, I’d misjudged her. Maybe the whole “I don’t take shit from guys” thing was just her way of playing hard to get. A startling thought crossed my mind.

Maybe she wasn’t playing hard to get, maybe she wasn’t even into guys. That could possibly be the reason she didn’t want a boyfriend. Maybe Damen wouldn’t react well to her sexuality, so this was her way of trying to convince him she was straight. I mean, did she really expect me to believe she was agreeing to six weeks of fake dating me because she got sneaking out of the house?

I glanced at Hayden. While the whole gay thing seemed to make sense, I couldn’t make myself believe it. I’d watched her all week and saw nothing that made me think she was into girls. But then, she hadn’t seemed into guys, either.

I looked at her again. Asexual?

No. There was no way in hell.

My eyes trailed down to her breasts and I swallowed. Yeah, there was no damn way she was asexual. No one could look like that and not be into sex. Everything about her was so damn sexy and it was driving me crazy.

I squeezed my eyes shut. Why did I ask her who she wanted to sleep with? So what if she’d said Max? Or Cam? Or even Hunter or Luke? Although I was pretty sure she liked Hunter even less than me, and Luke, well, let’s just say his place in our group was not because he was popular with the ladies.

Did I ask her because I thought she’d say me?

No. It had tumbled out before I could stop it, but if I’d actually thought about it, I would’ve known she wouldn’t answer.

I was still curious who she was into. She and Max looked pretty cozy, but I’d spent more time with her.

I knew she hated me, but I also knew how hot I was. Girls hate me, but still sleep with me all the time because they know it will be damn good sex.

Most people are ‘horrified’ by my player ways, but I still get whatever I want from whomever I want; girl, boy, in a relationship or not, they fall at my feet and give me everything I want. I don’t like that they see me as a god, but if that’s what gets me everything, I’m not going to change that.

At the same time, I’m not the type of player that enjoys breaking hearts. I generally don’t go after girls at all, they come to me.

A lot of guys like the conquest of making some girl fall in love with them and then just dropping them, but not me, I don’t sleep with girls that don’t want me and I don’t intentionally sleep with virgins.

There’d been a few times where I’d taken a girl’s virginity, but I always felt awful afterwards. Your first time should be special, not a one-night fling with the school’s notorious bad-boy.

And then there are other things or people I don’t go after. Like Nadia and Mckenna for instance: they’re hot girls, but I’d never ever try to get either of them in bed because they’d been my friends and I owe them better than that. Nadia hated me and Mckenna was terrified of me, and even though I knew I could probably seduce either one of them, I didn’t want to hurt them by breaking her hearts. It was a lose-lose situation because I’d never forgive myself.

I held nothing against the two of them and actually felt like shit for ditching them, but I couldn’t hang around them after what happened.

They would forever be connected to Shaye in my mind and even seeing in the hall often brought memories flooding back, most of them not pleasant.

I didn’t blame them for hating me, I knew I was an asshole, but of course Hayden had hit it off with them and now she hated me too. I was sorry it had to be that way for everyone, but no way in hell was I ever going to trust anyone again. This was my way of guarding my heart.

“Kai?” Staci nudged me and I tore my gaze away from Hayden, only to realize everyone was staring at me.


Hunter snickered and Cam cleared his throat. “I asked who your fantasy is.”

“Oh.” Apparently, it was my turn. “That’s easy.” I smirked. “Hayden.”

Hayden POV

Eleven faces turned to look at me; nine obviously amused and two very shocked and upset.

My eyes widened. “What?” I felt a slight blush warm my cheeks as Max withdrew his arm from around me.

I stared back at Kai. He was joking, right? I tried to keep my face as emotionless as possible, knowing that the glare I wanted to be giving him right now would not be good for our plan. Instead, I had to pretend to be attracted to him.

Okay, I was attracted to him, my body’s reaction to his hard gaze was proof enough, but I had to pretend to like him.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Staci’s voice broke the silence and everybody turned her way. “Her? She’s a slut!” She gave Kai a look, but an emotionless mask had slid over his face.

“Shit.” My voice surprised everyone, including me, and they all turned back to look at me.

I swallowed and raised my chin a little. I didn’t care what Staci or any of the rest of them thought of me, but I wasn’t going to sit here and just listen to her talk shit about me.

“I uh, have to go find someone in the other room.” I said, getting to my feet.

Kai leaned forward, giving me a questioning look, but I ignored him. This whole thing was a mistake. I didn’t fit in here and letting Kai think I would wasn’t fair.

“It was nice meetin’ y’all.” I nodded at a few of them and made my way out, ignoring the hole Kai was staring in my back.

I was just through the door when I realized I’d left my shirt on the floor by where I was sitting. Fuck it, I wasn’t going back in there.

I don’t know what came over me, it was like I’d suddenly become sober and realized how stupid everything was. Like what the hell was I doing playing Truth or Strip? It wasn’t even like Truth of Dare where everyone just had fun with it, Truth or Strip was purely sexual.

My head started to hurt again and I found the beer keg and filled a cup.

Thinking about sex brought my mind back to Cody and what I’d almost done with him. I’d wanted to have sex with him, because what he’d been doing to me made me feel good.

In my mind, sex had always been linked to relationships and love, but since I didn’t believe in that shit anymore, what was I waiting for? I had absolutely no reason to save my virginity anymore.

Most people would say they at least want their first time to be special, but I didn’t. I just wanted to get it over with and for it to mean nothing at all. It wouldn’t be weird that way.

At the same time, I wasn’t quite ready to put myself out there and find a random guy to hook up with. I needed a little more time and confidence, easing myself into the idea that having sex was okay. I was ready to do more, but not go all the way yet.

After a few drinks, my head began to better again and I leaned against the wall, watching people dance. I guess I was just waiting for Kai now.

A girl I recognized from class noticed me watching her dance and grinned, motioning me over.

I shook my head, smiling, and she stuck out her lower lip.

Oh, what the heck. I grinned and pushed off the wall, joining her in the midst of the crowd.

“Hey!” She grabbed my hand. “You’re Hayden, right?”

I nodded. It seemed everyone knew me.

“You looked bored.” She smirked. “Have you ever danced with a girl before?”

I made a face. “Yeah.” I’d danced with plenty of my girlfriends back in Virginia.

“You’re so innocent!” The girl laughed. “I didn’t mean like that!”

To say I was confused was an understatement. The girl laughed again and started grinding against me.

Ohh. I laughed. Why not? I wasn’t into girls like that but what was the harm in a little dancing? I’d literally just decided to put myself out there a little more.

The girl slid her hands onto my waist, and I responded by putting my hands around her neck.

With the amount of alcohol I’d consumed, it didn’t take long to lose myself in the music and dancing. I don’t know how long we danced, five minutes? An hour? Who knows, I was lost in oblivion.

All of the sudden a different, familiar feeling came over me and my eyes shot open. The girl was gone and standing in her place was a shirtless Kai. I blinked, both startled and confused, but quickly recovered.

“It’s about time you showed.” I giggled, my hands instinctively running up his chest and over his shoulders. Damn, he was hot.

I’d seen plenty of guys shirtless before and had even been this close to quite a few at random points in life, but for some reason this felt completely different and the feeling it brought over me was strange.

Had I not seen Kai shirtless before? I couldn’t remember.


“I uh, have to go find someone in the other room.” Hayden said as she stood up abruptly.

I leaned forward, frowning at her. What the hell happened? She wasn’t mad at me for saying she was my fantasy, was she? It was just part of the act, the whole reason we were even here! She was being weird today, not at all the Hayden I’d been watching all week.

“It was nice meetin’ y’all.” Hayden ignored my frown and left the room without looking at me.

“Well I’m glad that bitch realized she was in over her head.” Staci declared next to me.

I gave her a look. “Leave her alone, Stace” I warned.

I liked Staci well enough, but that didn’t mean I was just going to sit there while she walked all over my soon-to-be ‘girlfriend’.

The game continued, but I was no longer interested in it at all. When Staci asked me who my favorite sex partner was, I stripped for my shirt, giving them all what they really wanted.

In truth, I didn’t have a favorite. Yeah, some were better than others, but when it came down to it, sex was sex to me. And picking a favorite would be like giving them the girlfriend title, which I knew was what Staci was fishing for.

When everyone had finally tired of the game, I excused myself and went to look for Hayden. It didn’t take me long to find her, and when I did, I wasn’t sure what to think.

She was right in the center of everything, grinding against Kaylin Rogers.

I don’t have a problem with Kaylin, she’s a great girl, and is great in bed, but what caught me off guard was the way Hayden was dancing with her.

Kaylin is openly bi and seeing them dancing the way they were, seeming oblivious to the guys surrounding them, made me once again question Hayden’s sexuality.

Kaylin’s hands ran down Hayden’s arms and settled on her waist, making swallow. Words couldn’t describe how much I wished those were my hands instead of Kaylin’s. Damn, why did Hayden affect me so much?

Before I even had time to think it through, I’d walked over and cut in. Thankfully, Kaylin was cool with it, kissing my shoulder and then disappearing.

Hayden’s eyes were shut and she was so oblivious to what was going on around her that it took her a few moments to notice the change.

When she opened her eyes, they widened for a moment before she giggled. “It’s about time you showed.” I felt her hands on my abdomen and I stiffened. She ran them up my chest and over my shoulders. “Have I ever seen you without a shirt on?” She asked, exploring my upper body with her hands again.

There was a hitch in my breath, and I grabbed her wrists. “You’re drunk.” I said, holding them away from my body. She was so drunk she was almost falling over. “How much have you had to drink?”

Hayden pulled her hands away and made a pouty face. “Who made you the dad?”

I rolled my eyes and glanced around. This was bad. Not only did I have a drunk girl on my hands, it was ruining the entire plan. I couldn’t leave the party with her drunk off her ass, I was supposed to be ‘falling for her’, not taking advantage of her drunkenness.

Nobody was really paying attention at the moment, but you never knew when they’d look. It only took a spilt second for someone to see us together and it had to look right.

“Dance with me.” I said, sliding my hands around her bare waist. Damn, I’d been wanting to do that ever since she’d taken her shirt off.

I half expected her to punch me or something, at the least pull away, but she didn’t. Instead she raised her hands up above her head seductively and swayed her hips.

“What are you doing?” I smirked. “I didn’t mean like that.”

Hayden locked her wrists behind my neck and stepped closer. “What were you thinking then, boyfriend?”

I swallowed. She was so close, all I had to do was lean down and kiss her.

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