Fake Love - Stardust Series**Book One

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20 | Dirty Dancing



Hayden looked up at me, her eyes wide and lips slightly parted.

I wanted to kiss her so fucking bad. She was drunk enough that she’d let me, but I knew she’d hate me for it tomorrow.

Suddenly, she spun around so her ass was up against my groin. “How about this, Kaicen?” My name rolled off her tongue in the sexiest manner I’d ever heard. “Is this what you wanted?” She asked as she started grinding her hips.

“Damn it, Hayden.” I was already hard as hell and this was making it worse. Why did she have to make this so tough?

When she grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips, covering them with her own, my body took over and I pulled her tight ass hard against me. Her head rolled back on my chest and she moaned as we moved together to the music and my hands slid up her bare stomach to rest just under her bra.

After a short while, she turned towards me again, her chest heaving and a strange look in her eyes. She rested her forehead on my bare chest, her hands clenched in mine, and I froze.

What the hell was I doing? This was Hayden, the girl who hated my guts. She’d hate me for taking advantage of her drunken state and I couldn’t let that happen. If I let anything happen here, she’d bail on me and I’d lose my ‘girlfriend’. I needed her to be happy, not pissed at me.

“Hayden.” I waited for her to lift her head. Her bright blue eyes peered up at me and I took a deep breath. “Let’s go upstairs.” I suggested, our hands still clenched in the air.

Her head dropped back on my chest for a moment before it popped right back up. “Why?”

I sighed. “You’re drunk and I’m not taking you home to Damen like this.”

“Fine.” She let go of my hands and started walking away, but two steps in, she stumbled and I caught her.

“Wrong way, girl.”

It was Bryce’s house, so I’d been here more than once before and knew my way around. I half-helped, half-carried Hayden up the stairs and into the spare bedroom which thankfully, and surprisingly, was clean and empty. I set Hayden on her feet and turned to shut the door.

When I turned back around, Hayden had kicked off her shoes and was in the process of removing her shorts.

“What are you doing!?”

Hayden gave me a look and let them drop to the ground, revealing her black boy-shorts. “Taking my shorts off.” She bent over to pick them up, giving me a great view of her ass.

Shit, how did fucking boy-shorts look so good on her? My pants felt restricting, and I let out a groan.

“Damn it, Hayden, put them back on.” All I could think about was fucking her. Hard.

“Why?” She set them on her dresser and glared at her phone. “Oh fuck you, Kevan.”

“Who’s Kevan?” The reference to an unknown guy briefly distracted me. I didn’t know any Kevan, but I already didn’t like him.

“Oh, just a friend.” Hayden raised her arms above her head and ran them through her hair, which put her perfect body on display for me. What the hell had I done to deserve this torture?

I quickly crossed over and grabbed a blanket. “Cover up.” I said, tossing it in her direction.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled out my phone, hoping it would distract me. I had half a dozen texts form random girls hoping to get lucky, and two from Max.

“What are you doing?”

I looked up to find Hayden’s face inches away from my own.

I swallowed. “You should take a nap.” I whispered hoarsely, my eyes locked on her pink lips. Fuck, I wanted to kiss her so bad. “You’re drunk and you need to sleep it off.”

Hayden bit her lip and my whole body tightened in response. I stood up abruptly and pushed her away.

“Take a nap, Hayden. I’m serious.”

I was serious. Drunk Hayden was driving me crazy and I needed the real deal back to keep us both from doing something we’d both regret.

Hayden made a pouty face, but obediently crawled on the bed, once again giving me the chance to admire her round ass. She pulled the blanket she’d dropped on the bed up around her waist and looked at me.

“Are you just gonna watch me?” She asked.

I walked over and laid on my back on the opposite side of the bed from her, a good two and a half feet between us. I pulled out my phone:

Max: Dk if you care, but your ‘fantasy’ was def trying to get wasted earlier

Max: Bro, be careful with her, she’s on at least 7

Seven drinks? Shit. I glanced over at Hayden who was lying her back, staring at the ceiling. Why was she trying to get wasted?

Kai: Thanks dude

Suddenly, Hayden rolled to her side and laid her hand on my bare stomach. Before I even had time to react or even process what was happening, her hand slid down over my waistband to the bulge in my pants.

“Fuck, Hayden.” I reached to grab her hand, but she was quick, pulling away and sitting up.

“I’m not really tired.” She whispered.

I set my phone on the bedside table and started to sit up, but in one swift move, Hayden pushed me back down and climbed on top of me.

When her ass met my groin, I let out a moan and she smiled wickedly. All my blood rushed south while my brain swam helplessly.

The look on her face said she knew exactly what she was doing, but everything in me said she was only doing this because of the toxic amounts of alcohol in her system.

Damn, how was I supposed to do six weeks of this?

Knowing I had to take control before I lost it all, I grabbed her wrists, and rolled over, flipping Hayden onto her back with me on top and pinning her arms above her head.


The yelp she let out, followed by the lasting wince and tensing of her entire body made me freeze.

“My head hurts.” She moaned.

I relaxed a little. “No kidding, you’re fucking wasted.”

She opened her eyes and gave me a look. “Not because of that, stupid.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, my eyes dark.

Hayden frowned. “Oh yeah, you don’t know.”

“Know what?”

She frowned again. “About my concussion.”

I let go of her immediately and climbed off her, staring at her in shock. “YOU HAVE A CONCUSSION!?!”

Her eyes widened as she propped herself up on her elbows. “Oh, I forgot, it was supposed to be a secret.” She giggled. “Oops!”

I started pacing, not seeing the humor in it at all. She came to a party and got drunk with a concussion!?

The random pieces that hadn’t made sense before started to come together slowly: her lack of balance and appetite and the whole incident in the kitchen when she hit her head. Wait…

“Did Damen do it?” I demanded. She’d seemed worried about Damen knowing anything about what happened, maybe he wasn’t actually the cool uncle she made him out to be. My blood began to boil. If he’d hit her…

“What?” The look on Hayden’s face was shocked enough that I relaxed a little. It wasn’t Damen.

“What happened?”

“I told you, it’s a secret.” Hayden seemed confused. “I can’t tell you.”

Her answer just fed my anger. “Well then who said it’s a secret?”

“Me.” She looked at me as if I were the dumbest person alive.

I felt like I was dumb. I clenched my jaw. How the hell had I not seen the signs? It was all right there in front of me! And I should know as I’d had two concussions before.

I wanted to ask her more questions, but I knew that trying to reason with her when she was drunk like this would do no good.

Oh my god! My eyes widened. She’d gotten fucking drunk with a concussion, on my watch! I told Damen I’d take care of her and look what had happened!

Back to Damen, so he didn’t give it to her, but did he even know she had a concussion? Why did she seem to be trying to hide it from him?

A million things were racing through my head and it took me several moments to realize Hayden had fallen asleep.

Or passed out, I don’t know.

Damn, why the hell didn’t she just tell me? What did she think would happen?

If I’d known, I would’ve never brought her to the party OR let her drink. Which brought me to the next question:

How much did she really have to drink?

Max knew she’d had at least seven, which was already dangerously high, but obviously he wasn’t by her side the entire time, so nobody really knew.

Fuck, should I take her to the hospital? I didn’t know when she’d gotten her concussion, but if she was still having symptoms, which obviously she was, she should see a doctor. I didn’t really know how the alcohol factored into that, but it couldn’t be good.

At the same time, I couldn’t really take her to the hospital without risking both of us getting arrested, Hayden for underaged drinking, and me, well, I might not have been drinking, but they’d come up with something.

What was I supposed to do?

The one thing I did know was that I wanted to get her out of there as soon as possible. The problem was that she was currently unconscious and it wasn’t like I could just throw her over my shoulder and carry her out.

Most people were probably wasted enough that they wouldn’t remember much tomorrow, but there were a few people, like Max, who didn’t drink at all and would definitely remember something like me carrying an unconscious Hayden out.

I covered Hayden up with the blanket and plopped down on the bed again. It was only 11:15. I guess I could wait a little bit before deciding what to do.

A sharp gasp startled me and I looked over at Hayden, finding her eyes wide open.

“Hey.” I glanced back at my phone and saw it had only been twenty minutes since she passed out. I hadn’t expected her to wake up on her own, and definitely not so soon.

Her eyes were still wide as she turned toward me and swallowed, her breathing heavy. “I fell asleep.”

“Are you okay?” Was that a tear in her eye? I frowned. She’d better not go all drunk crybaby on me.

Instead of breaking into tears, she rolled away and stood up. “I need a drink.”

“Oh no.” I quickly stood up and crossed over, picking up her shorts and phone and handing them to her. “I’m taking you home. Now. You have a concussion AND you’re wasted.”

Her lower lip slid out and she furrowed her eyebrows. “But I don’t’ have a concussion.” She said, shaking her head. “It’s a secret.”

Okay, so she was still drunk Hayden, but at least she wasn’t putting her hands all over me anymore.

“Shorts. On.” I pointed to them and she sighed.


She bent over to put them on and I forced my eyes shut, knowing that if I watched her, I’d see her tight ass displayed there, just waiting for me to fuck, and her soft breasts hanging in her bra, waiting for me to free them and explore them with my-

“Are you sleeping?” Hayden’s whisper jerked me out of my fantasy and I opened my eyes to find her back in her shorts and standing less than a foot in front of me.

“No.” I grabbed her hand. “Get your shoes on.”

She silently slid her feet into them, and I nodded. “Let’s go.”

The second we left the room, we came face to face with Can and a random girl.

“Hey Cam!” Hayden winked at him and Cam’s face spread into a grin, his eyes dipping from her face down to her breasts.

“Hey baby.”

I stiffened and pulled Hayden a little closer.

“The room’s all yours.” I told Cam.

Cam tore his eyes away from Hayden’s chest and smirked at me. “Took you guys long enough. How many rounds?”

I let out a laugh and punched his arm lightly. “You have no idea.”

I pulled Hayden down the hall and let out a breath as soon as Cam and his girl disappeared into the room. I had not been prepared for that.

I slid my arm around Hayden’s waist as we descended the stairs and leaned in. “Pretend you like me.” I murmured into her ear.

We’d already been seen by Cam and a few other people, but the more we sold it tonight, the less convincing we’d have to do on Monday.

“Why should I like you?” Hayden gave me a look. “You’re a dick.”

I sighed. I knew that better than anyone else.

“Just do it.” Apparently she’d forgotten that, at the very least, her body did like me. Earlier was proof of that.

Hayden’s eyes softened and she leaned into me. “Fine.”

We reached the bottom of the stairs and turned into the crowd of people. For no real reason other than that I wanted to, I reached over and kissed her temple. She responded by sliding her arm around my waist.

“That’s it.” I nodded my approval.

I noticed Bryce and Mandi dancing and ushered Hayden in their direction.

“I’m heading out!” I called to Bryce over the music. I didn’t usually tell him when I was leaving, but I wanted him and Mandi to see Hayden with me and since it was Bryce’s house, I didn’t think he would be suspicious.

He glanced at Hayden and then back to me and just nodded.

Mandi, however, spoke up.

“I like you, Hayden, so I have to warn you that he’s a player and whatever expectations you have will be shattered.”

I shot Mandi a look that said “seriously?” before turning to Hayden. She was so drunk, I could only hold my breath hoping she wouldn’t say something stupid.

She looked up at me and a spark of recognition flashed through her eyes briefly. “I know.” I couldn’t tell if she was talking to me or Mandi, but she held my gaze as she continued. “But I’m completely different, and that changes everything.”

I stared at her almost proudly. I couldn’t have scripted it any better. She was different. How was she still so perfect even though she was wasted?

Mandi and Bryce raised their eyebrows, also surprised at Hayden’s intelligent response. It wasn’t a typical “I’m going to change his player ways”, she wasn’t even saying she wanted a relationship. All she said was that she was different, which was true as hell.

“I’ll be nice.” I told Mandi, giving her an innocent look.

She frowned. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“Well, see you later!” Hayden started walking away, pulling me along, and I shrugged at them, a grin on my face.

I hope we’d convinced them.

We were almost to the door when I realized we’d both left our shirts in the other room.

“Stay here.” I said to Hayden, pulling her over to the wall. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

She nodded and I hurried back into the crowd, not wanting to leave her alone any longer than necessary.

I found my shirt on the floor right where I left it, but I couldn’t find Hayden’s anywhere. Had she taken it out of the room with her?

“Looking for something?” Staci’s voice caught my attention and I found her standing in the doorway, watching me.

I sighed. “Actually, I was just on my way out.”

“Sweet.” She winked. “Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, but thanks for the offer.” I went to leave, but she didn’t move.

“Why not? Didn’t you have fun earlier?”

“Fun?” I smirked. “It was just sex, Stace. If that’s the way you describe sex, then yes, I had fun.”

She raised her chin a little and crossed her arms, pushing her boobs up. I know it was meant to try and distract me, but her tricks were getting old and I knew what every one of them was.

“Did you really mean it earlier when you that girl was your fantasy?” She batted her lashes a little. “She had a boy’s name… Harry? Henry?”

“Hayden.” I really wished she’d just give up and leave, but I knew she wouldn’t.

“Oh yeah! Hayden.” She spit the name out as if it were poison. “Have you even slept with her? She’s not even pretty and probably horrible in bed.”

There was no way Hayden was bad in bed. I’d gotten a small taste of that already and the bulge in my pants was proof enough.

“Leave her alone, Stace.” I warned, pulling my shirt on over my head. “I like her.”

Staci gave a dramatic gasp. “Did you fuck her tonight?”

I hesitated. I wanted to say yes just to get it out there, because of course the story was that Hayden and I got together sometime tonight, but all of the sudden, it didn’t seem fair to Hayden.

I guess Staci took my hesitation as a yes because she gave a big huff. “I can’t believe you! You and I were together no more than two hours ago, and you turn around just like that and fuck her!? I can’t believe you’d stab me in the back like that!”

I glanced around, thankful we were separated from everyone else. Even though it was a popular opinion that Staci and I were exclusive friends with benefits, and I was just a fucking cheat, Staci knew we weren’t exclusive at all.

Fuck, we weren’t even really a “we” at all. The truth was, I hated Staci just as much as the next person, the only reasons I put up with her was because 1) she was decent in bed, and 2) I didn’t want to go through the trouble of making her my enemy.

I knew she was a bitch and that everyone, including her best friends, disliked her, but to most people, she was scary as hell, and NOBODY wanted to mess with that. She really did have to power to make your life hell if you let her.

Usually, I ignored her and just went along with her because it was easiest, but it was one thing to ignore what she did to random people I didn’t know, but when she started attacking my friends, or Hayden, in this case, I was out.

On top of that, she was way too clingy. I kept coming back to her because she was always there and at least I knew what I was getting, but she had started to think that meant something, and it didn’t. She had no more of a claim on me than the next girl.

“I’m serious, Stace.” I gave her one last warning look. “Leave Hayden alone.”

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