Fake Love - Stardust Series**Book One

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21 | All Night



Staci looked at me for a moment before tossing her head. “Fine. Everyone knows I’m your number one girl anyway. Do your thing with her. I don’t care, just keep it in the background, okay? I don’t want my image to be ruined.” With that, she turned and stalked away.

I swallowed. She was going to be so pissed on Monday.

I made my way back to where I’d left Hayden and froze when I saw her.

She was standing in the same place that I’d left her, but in her hand was an almost-empty cup of alcohol.

“I told you not to go anywhere!” I said, stalking over and snatching it away angrily.

Hayden’s eyes darkened and she lifted her chin. “I didn’t!”

“Then where’d you get this?” I asked, holding up the cup.

“It was sitting right here.” She said defensively.

I clenched my jaw. It’d been stupid to leave her alone, drunk and concussed like that. Who knows what might’ve happened?

I was pissed at her for several things, but taking it out on her now, when she was drunk and confused, would do no good. It would just have to wait till morning.

“Let’s go.” I set the cup down and grabbed her hand, but her feet didn’t move, and she just tipped over.

I set her back up and looked at her. She hadn’t been that unstable a few minutes ago. Had she really only found that one cup?

“Come on.” I wrapped my arm around her and tried to help her along, but her feet still weren’t moving much and I ended up mostly dragging her.

We got as far as the front step before I gave up and stopped. I was not dragging her all the way to the car like that.

I glanced around and saw a few people spread throughout the yard, but most of them were occupied. I sighed. At this point, I didn’t really matter what people saw.

“Damn it, Hayden.” I groaned and then bent, lowering my shoulder to her waist and lifting her up over my shoulder.

She giggled and squirmed a little at first, but then went quiet and I thought maybe she passed out again.

I started down the sidewalk and almost tripped on someone puking in the pushes.

I realized just then that Hayden hadn’t once complained about not feeling good and I was glad she could apparently hold her alcohol. I didn’t want to have to deal with a mess in my car or anywhere else.

I was almost to my car when Hayden seemed to wake up again.

She groaned and tried to push herself up by pressing her palms against my back.

“Hold on, we’re almost there.” I said, covering the last few yards to my car.

When I set her down, she wobbled a little and leaned against me heavily.

“I’m cold.”

I sighed and pulled my shirt over my head. “Sorry, couldn’t find yours.” I said, handing it to her.

She took it and slipped it on. It hung down, covering her shorts and making it look like there was nothing underneath.

I opened the passenger door and helped her in, making sure she got securely buckled in.

The closeness once again made my heart pound, and I quickly finished up and climbed in the driver’s seat.

Hayden quickly dozed off while Niall Horan’s This Town played over the radio, and she slept through the short drive.

When we got to her apartment, I didn’t bother to wake her, but instead just lifted her up, still sleeping. She was surprisingly light and carrying her up the three flights of stairs was a breeze.

The door to the apartment was unlocked, and I carried her in, surprised to find that Damen hadn’t waited up, although I figured he was probably still awake in his room, listening for her.

I carried Hayden quietly to her bedroom and set her down on her bed.

She didn’t even stir when I pulled off her shoes and covered her with the blanket.

Glancing around the room, I spied a beanbag chair in her closet and pulled it out, plopping down into it.

I was very pissed, and I wasn’t leaving this apartment until 1) I knew Hayden was okay, and 2) I got some answers.

I knew Hayden wouldn’t want to talk to me in the morning, but I was pretty sure I had enough shit on her to get the information I wanted. But if she didn’t talk, I would go to Damen.

I glanced back and Hayden one last time before putting my head back and closing my eyes.

She had a hell of a lot of explaining to do in the morning.


Hayden POV

A loud noise jerked me out of my deep sleep, making my head hurt. I moaned and instinctively reached back to the sensitive spot where I’d been concussed.

God, what was that noise?

It slowly improved over time into a recognizable tune and I realized it was my phone ringing. I reached for it on my bedside table, but it wasn’t there. Was I imagining it?

Groaning, I rubbed a buzzing spot on my thigh.


That was my phone. Why hadn’t I plugged it in last night?

I lifted my phone up to my face and tried to see who was calling, but my eyelids felt heavy and my head was pounding and everything just kind of blurred together, so I quickly gave up and sent them to voicemail.

Whoever it was should know better than to call someone so early in the morning.

Shit. What time was it? The sun was already shining through my window. Did I miss my alarm?

Panicking, I dug around looking for my phone for a moment before I remembered it was Sunday.

Fuck. I was so hungover I couldn’t think straight at all. I brought my hand to my forehead and moaned.


My eyes shot open and I checked my surroundings briefly. I was in my room, but how the hell had I gotten here?

Kai coming over… The party… Drinking… Truth or Strip… That was all I remembered.

I searched my brain, trying to remember how I’d gotten home. Had Kai brought me?


I was pissed at him. I’d probably gotten a ride with someone else, but it bothered me that I couldn’t remember.

I sighed and flopped over onto my back. Hmm. Something didn’t feel right here.

I rubbed my temples trying to figure out what it was that I was missing. Aside from most of last night.

My head dropped to the side and I gasped, scrambling to sit up.


Kai Rivers was reclined on my beanbag chair, shirtless and phone in hand, watching me.

“What the hell are you doing in my room?” I hissed, quickly recovering from my scare. How long had been there? “On a second thought, I don’t care.” I put a hand to my throbbing head and pointed do the door. “Just get the hell out right now.”

Kai didn’t move, or even acknowledge that I’d spoken to him, he just stared at me, a dark, almost angry look in his eyes.

Ha! Like he had something to be angry about! I was the one who was angry. It’s not at all pleasant to wake up to find one of the top people on your shit list sitting in your room.

Yep, Kai and his cocky ass come pretty high on my shit list after my dad and Demi and a few other assholes.

He thinks that just because I agreed to his fucked-up idea out of desperation, that it gives him some right to tell me what to do.

Like the party last night. He had no right to decide I was going to the party with him. Just because he wants something from me doesn’t mean he automatically gets it.

“I told you to get out!” I said, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and glaring at him.

Kai’s eyes flickered down to my chest briefly and it was in that moment that I realized… I was wearing his shirt!

“Fuck!” I ripped the shirt off over my head and threw it in his general direction, internally freaking out. “Now you can leave.” I gave him a pointed look, but he still didn’t move.

I swallowed hard. What the hell had happened last night?

Pissed that he was ignoring me, I stood up, trying to ignore the room spinning.

“What about ‘get out’ do you not understand?” I asked. “Do you really want Damen to find out you’re here?”

I didn’t know why the hell he was here, but it apparently wasn’t to talk because he hadn’t said one word.

A flash of something, I’m not sure what, flicked across Kai’s face and he sat up. “It’s almost 3PM, Hayden.”

“What?” I grabbed my phone. 2:53PM

“And Damen already knows I’m here.” Kai added.

Of course, how else would he have gotten in? My face softened a little. “How long have you been here then?”

Kai glanced at his phone briefly and pursed his lips. “About fifteen hours.”

“Whaa…?” Did he just say fifteen?

My hungover brain scrambled, trying to figure out what that meant.


My chest heaved and I swallowed, my panic levels going into overdrive. This was too much from my hungover brain to handle.

He’d spent the night?! Why? What did that mean?

Oh my gosh! Please don’t let us have had sex!

“Get the hell out of here!” I yelled at him.

Kai pushed himself up off of the chair and stood up. “I don’t think you want me to do that.” He said softly, looking down at me.

“Excuse me?” What did he mean?

His eyes drifted up to the ceiling and my eyes couldn’t help leaving his face and flickering down to his well-defined abs.

Damn, how could anyone have such a perfectly sculpted body? He wasn’t overly muscular in his arms and chest, but saying he was in shape might very well be an understatement.

A fluttery feeling shot through my body and I tore my eyes away from his chest.

What the hell Hayden? I mentally scolded myself. Really? You’ve seen shirtless guys before, so stop drooling over this guy. You hate each other and he’s not your type anyway.

I glance to his eyes told me he knew I’d been checking him out and I felt my cheeks heat a little.

No way in hell was I letting him think I was attracted to him. I was not going to become a cliché.

Kai waited for me to look at him before continuing. “You’re gonna tell me why you went and got wasted, knowing you have a grade three concussion, and why you didn’t bother to tell me about it!”

My mouth dropped open. “What the-? Where the hell did you hear that?” I snapped.

No one even knew I had a concussion! Damen wouldn’t have told him, right? He promised he wouldn’t!

“You told me.” Kai’s eyes had grown dark and there was a bitter expression on his face.

Ha! Ho way in hell would I have told him that! “Get the hell out!” I yelled, pointing to the door.

When he didn’t move, I clenched my jaw and my fist instinctively came up to throw a punch, but Kai caught my wrist and pulled me against him in an arm lock.

“Bad idea, Wagner.” He said softly.

His voice sent shivers down my spine and I struggled a little, trying to get away but it was no use. He was much bigger than me anyway and besides, I was sporting not only a hangover, but also a concussion.

“Let me go.” I hissed.

Kai released me abruptly and I jerked away from him.

I was pissed at him for grabbing me, but also pissed at my body for enjoying being held against him like that. He might be hot as hell, but that didn’t change that he was an asshole that I hated.

“Don’t ever touch me again.” I said, glaring at him.

He pursed his lips a little. “Then don’t ever try to punch me again.”

I gave him one last glare and turned away, moving towards my dresser. I suddenly felt very self-conscious about the fact that I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I pulled a gray tank top over my head as Kai began to speak again.

“Tell me why you went and got wasted with a fucking concussion.” His voice was hard. “Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

I was NOT telling him a fucking thing! “Why do you even care?” I yelled. My head hurt and I palmed my forehead. “I’m not even your real girlfriend!”

Kai’s eyes shot to the door and I dropped my hand, my eyes widening.

“Shit.” Unless he was out or taking a mid-day shower or had the TV turned way up, Damen had definitely heard that.

Kai raised his eyebrows at me and I sneered at him. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be yelling right now anyway.

Kai picked his shirt up off the floor. “Why didn’t you tell me about your concussion?” He demanded, pulling it over his head.

Just like that the tension was back.

“There was no reason to!” I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him.

Kai’s eyes flashed with anger and clenched his jaw. “I’m your fucking boyfriend!”

Seriously? “Fake boyfriend.” I corrected.

“No shit, I was simplifying. I thought you knew I don’t want a girlfriend any more than you want a boyfriend.”

“So there’s no reason I needed to tell you.” It was as simple as that.

He leaned against the door again. “How did it happen?”

“Why the hell can’t you just drop it?” I snapped.

“The very fact that you want me to drop it is reason enough for me to pursue it.” Kai replied. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing.” I stared into his eyes, hoping that by looking confident, he’d believe me.

Kai gave a short laugh. “I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Well fuck what you think.” I made a face and leaned back on my bed, rolling over and reaching for my phone. “You can believe whatever the hell you want.”

“Like about what you’re hiding from Damen?”

I twisted back around abruptly. Kai’s face said he wasn’t messing around.

“What are you talking about?” I snapped. Did he somehow know about my street fighting? The idea of it made my head pound. If he knew… Oh my gosh! This was bad!

“You tell me.” Kai raised an eyebrow slightly. “What is it exactly that you’re hiding from him?”

My face darkened. “Nothing. I told you, I’m not hiding anything.”

“Like you weren’t hiding your concussion from everyone?”

“I wasn’t hiding it.” I snapped. “I just didn’t bother to tell you.”

“And Damen?” Kai’s eyes were accusing and I swallowed, hoping he wasn’t implying what I thought he was implying.

“What about him?” I skirted around the question hoping that if I drove him in circles long enough that maybe he’d give up and believe me.

“Did you tell him the truth about your concussion?”

“Yes!” It might have come out a little more defensive that I meant. “What do you even know about it, anyway?” I asked.

If he thought he knew shit about me, why was he asking me questions? He already had the shit to destroy me so what was he waiting for?

Kai stared at me for a moment. “I know you lied to Damen about it.”

I raised my eyebrows at him and waited for him to continue. There was no way he could know anything about that. Damen swore he wouldn’t tell.


Hayden was obviously pissed that I knew her secret and was trying to cover it up. What she didn’t know was that I knew more than I was letting on.

I’d decided not to mention anything about last night to her because I knew she’d just get pissed with me and herself, but I wasn’t going to let go about the concussion part.

When I’d heard Damen this morning, I went out and let him know I’d spent the night. I knew it was a risk since me spending the night in Hayden’s room obviously implicated something, but Damen was as chill about it as I could’ve hoped.

Since I knew Hayden would not want to tell me shit, I’d discreetly asked Damen some questions about her concussion and learned that he did know about it. He said he felt guilty telling me anything, but since I already knew about it, he gave me a few small details.

“You told Damen that you were attacked on the way home from seeing me Thursday night.” I said to Hayden. “How do you explain that?”

Her face visibly whitened and I held back a grin. She had to be scrambling to come up with an explanation for why she’d said I was her boyfriend before we even agreed to do this.

“I said I was meeting a boy!” She sputtered. “I didn’t say it was you OR my boyfriend! He just put the pieces together later.” She glared at me. “How do you even know that?”

I ignored her question. “So where were you really?”

She hesitated so I quickly spoke up. “It would be stupid to lie at this point.”

“I was meeting a guy.” She insisted. “Damen doesn’t know him, and he wouldn’t like him anyway, so I had to cover it up.”

For some reason, her admission annoyed me, and I wondered if the guy was Kevan.

“And the concussion?”

Her eyes narrowed and I felt sure she was going to lie.

“A guy hit me over the back of the head with a board on my way home.”

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