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BAILEY: Everyone knows the saying, the calm before the storm. That's been my life every waking moment. Just waiting for when the tsunami finds me and takes the very last bit of me that I have left. Well, it better ensure it wipes me out for good because this girl will fight until her last breath. GAVIN: Every day is the same shit. Wake up and put on an act of being the carefree playboy tattoo artist. Every night the nightmares come threatening to take me into the darkness and never let me go. Until I met her, Bailey. She's my chance at breathing again and I intend to keep her at all costs. Attention readers: Physical & emotional abuse are referenced in this story and may be triggers for some. Please be advised.

Romance / Drama
Serenity Philip
4.9 109 reviews
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I can feel my body wanting to shut down, begging to just go to sleep and have the numbness take over. To take me away from all this madness that has become my life.


I think I hear someone calling my name. It’s too distant for me to make out clearly.

Shit, my body feels like it’s gone up in flames.

“Bailey! Open your eyes, baby.”

Gavin? He came back? I didn’t think he would, not after the way we left things. Open my eyes? My eyes are open; it’s just dark. Panic washes over me as I remember what happened. Forget me, find Logan. Please let Logan still be hiding.


Why does he sound like he’s stuck in a damn tunnel? Shit, my entire body feels to be on the verge of exploding.

“Bailey, you just stay with me, okay! Don’t you dare close your eyes on me. Stay with me!”

Everything he says seems so damn muffled, and I don’t know why he keeps asking me to keep my eyes open; they are, he just has to turn on the damn lights.

“Lo---Logan,” I think I manage to get out, but to my ears, I can’t make anything out clearly, and wow, does my throat feel like it’s been through a shredder.

“I have him. He’s safe. Just stay awake. Please!”

Again, everything he’s saying sounds so damn muffled, but I don’t even care, because he just made everything better by telling me Logan is safe.

I hope my mind isn’t messing with me because the next thing I feel is that inferno inside of me taking over my body. The numbness finally engulfs me, and everything goes completely dark and silent.

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