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Dead Bodies: Armanni and Ross (On-Going)

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Armanni has been part of the forensics team for 5 years already. With his colleagues Erise and Kenzo, they always take dead bodies and evidences from the D-2 to study the case and report back to them. Since Ross has been transfered to Division 2, the work for Armanni's team piled up. He hates how hard working Ross was, causing him to work on loads of cases too. Not just being workaholic, but Ross likes to tease Armanni everytime he had a chance. Little by little, making himself important to Armanni's dead life.

Romance / Erotica
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Armanni scanned the papers on his hand then tiringly dropped it on his desk.

His head started to ache due to lack of sleep so he tried to massage his temples while looking down on the floor.

"Arm, you should get some rest." Erise said while tapping his shoulders, trying to comfort him.

"Yeah, i think i should. Please send those files to Detective Turner."

He took his white gown off and unbottoned the first two bottons of his dark green polo.

"Leave them to me." She winked at him as he sat on the warm couch and rested his head.

He closed his eyes and tried to remember what he has been doing for the past weeks. His eyebrows met and his forehead formed a crease.

It has been a month of workload for him. He didn't took a single day off since last month due to an increase amount of cases from division 2.

That transferee is so competent. He thought to himself.

Since the day Detective Ross Turner been transfered to division 2, he didn't got a chance to have a single free day.

His thoughts dispersed by a sudden knock on the door. He grunted and lazily stood up then walked to meet the visitor.

But as soon as he opened it, he wished to turn back the time and just ignore this person.

"Man." Detective Turner greeted with his usual deep voice.


"What brings you here? Erise just went off to deliver the files to you." He said while still holding the door.

"Ah, my phone is dead. I bought chicken and beer for dinner." Ross raised his arm and showed two take-out bags.

Just on time, Armanni's stomach growled. He didn't had his first meal for today yet.

"Come in."

They walked through the office table and cleaned some stuffs at the lounge.

Armanni helped Ross placed the chicken on the plate and took two glasses for the beer.

"What's the occasion?" Armanni asked.

"Just a token. You look dead from working too hard lately." Ross smiled at him, showing his dimples on the left cheek.

"And who's the reason behind it?" Armanni couldn't stop himself and blurted that without filter.

But Ross didn't mind it and replied with a chuckle only.

"Today, let's celebrate for our hardwork." Armanni rolled his eyes at Ross, but at the same time felt a bit relaxed. He almost forgot what beer tastes like.

Ross planned it to be a light beer session only since they still need to work tomorrow morning, But Armanni suddenly brought up a challenge.

"Let's play a game."

"Thats weird of you Man."

"You're in or not? Only cowards back off." Armanni knew that Ross has a competitive personality.

"What will i gain?" Ross asked out of curiousity.

"The first one who gets drunk needs to dye his hair pink. The winner will get a one chance to request anything." Armanni is quite confident with his alcohol tolerance. He can usually drink 8 to 10 bottles before he knocks himself down.

It is 11pm already and they're both having their fifth bottle of beer.

"I'll be back.." Armanni with a hazy vision tried to excuse himself.

But as soon as he stood up, everything went blurry and caused him to stumble. Luckily, Ross quickly grabbed him on time. Instead of falling to the glass table, Armanni fell to Ross' body.

"S-sorry.." Armanni tried to get up but again, he fell down on Ross' body.

His world suddenly paused, like a scene from a movie.

Not hearing a thing except for his own heartbeat. He felt his blood rushed up to his face while in an awkward position.

Armanni wanted to disappear right on his spot for being stupid.

"You wanna talk with my 'thing', Man?" Ross broke the silence with his teasing voice.

"What the fuck, Ross?!" He shouted.

"What? You roughly kissed it by the way." Ross' laugh echoed the whole room making Armanni's face turn a shade of darker red.

Armanni sat on the floor with his elbows resting on one knee while resting his forehead on his palm.

The alcohol is kicking into his system. Maybe because his body is not on a proper condition thats why it only took him 5 bottles.

"You're drunk already?" Ross leaned forward on his knees to meet Armanni's face.

"As if." Armanni took another bottle and gulped it straight.

"Im not gonna lose." He said as he open his 7th bottle and gulped it straight again.

"*huk* Loser." He pointed at Ross.

Detective Ross Turner was amused on how competitive Armanni could be. He shook his head lightly and finished his sixth bottle.

Armanni was already on half of his 8th bottle when he slowly rested his head on Ross' right leg and became unresponsive.

Ross' smiled on how childish Armanni was.

"Silly." He placed his bottle on the table and shook Armanni's shoulder.


"Wake up."

"You still need to go home."

Armanni shrugged off Ross' hand and went back to sleep. Drunk as dead, he knocked himself down really hard.

Well, look who just won and who had to dye his hair pink. I'll have to think what I should request later.

Ross smirked at his own thoughts.

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