For All the Wrong Reasons

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Brielle was the only child of her parents, and after losing her mother to cancer, she did everything she could to make her father happy. After her mother's death, her father buried himself in his company, working hard to build it from the ground up. When Brielle turned seventeen, her father was finally given the opportunity to do a merger with the wealthiest, most successful business man in London. His price? He wanted Brielle to marry his son. Four years later, Brielle's world is falling apart around her. She's lost her father, and she sees no point in continuing the loveless marriage she was forced into. So she does what she thinks is best. She demands a divorce, and she's thinking Liam will agree. But she's wrong. Liam wants Brielle, and he's determined once and for all to make this marriage work before he loses the one woman that has always meant the world to him.

Romance / Drama
T.O. Smith
4.5 145 reviews
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Let me start off by saying that I read each and every review on my books, and after reading through 117 reviews of this book so far, I want to post this little author's note here because honestly, reading the same reviews in different words OVER AND OVER AGAIN gets old and repetitive. I want to save everyone the very long speech that will inevitably go into their reviews.

1) This book has an overuse of the word fuck. I wrote this book when I was nineteen. I'm now twenty-three if that gives you any semblance of the amount of growing I have done as a person. And no, I'm not going through this book and editing out all of the curse words. So, with that being said, if you hate the overuse of the word fuck, or if you simply can't read past it, you might as well turn back around now and find something else to read.

2) This book has holes - major holes. I hated writing this book once I started it, but I was already halfway through, and I just wanted to end the damn thing. So, I did. In doing so, I left many questions to be answered. Will I eventually answer them? Yes, when I am good and ready to sit here and edit this book for publishing for months upon months, then I will fill in all of the holes. But for now, this is what all of your readers will get.

3) It is SHORT. If you can't stand a fast paced book, don't read this. If you feel the need for certain events to be drawn out, don't read this book.

4) The characters jump into a loving relationship rather quickly. If it bothers you to not have background information on characters, to see the beforehand scenes of their marriage, don't read this book. This book simply jumps straight into their fourth year of marriage, and they work things out from there. If that bugs you, or if you feel like it comes out of nowhere, please go find something else to read because you probably won't like this book.

With all of that being said, if you've made it this far and are still deciding to read this book, I wish you the best of the luck, and I really do hope that you enjoy it! If you decide to leave a review, please leave an honest one!

You're the best!

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