His Secret (A New Start Spin-Off)

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CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE!! Bryce Jennings was an accident his parents had never prepared for. Both of his parents gave up all of their dreams to ensure their son could reach his own. Right after graduation, Bryce joined the Marines. He had no idea he was leaving behind a child. Logan Neddles had everything growing up, until she'd lost both of her parents when she was fifteen. Two years later, she got knocked up by none other than Bryce Jennings. After having agreed that Logan get an abortion, she went behind his back and decided to keep the baby, letting Bryce go on to follow his dreams without any knowledge that he actually still had a child. Five years after signing his contract, he's returning home with a gunshot wound. And guess who his nurse is? Logan Neddles - the mother of his child.

Romance / Drama
T.O. Smith
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Chapter One

“Logan, I need you to tend to the patient in room 301.” Dr. Wayne told me as he came out of that same room. “He’s a Marine, gun shot victim. Was sent here back home from overseas to be treated.”

“Got it.” I told him, setting my phone down after checking in with the baby sitter to make sure Cyrus was still alright.

I took the folder from Dr. Wayne, not bothering to look in it as I strode towards the room to make sure the patient’s vitals were okay and making sure he didn’t need anything. I knocked, pushing open the door after hearing a gruff come in from the patient.

“Hi, I’m your nurse until seven this evening. My name is Logan -” I looked up, my eyes widening as my eyes locked on Bryce Jennings - the father of my son.

“Logan?” He asked, sitting up on his hospital bed. “Holy shit, you look great.” He admitted.

He wouldn’t be saying that if he saw all of the stretch marks covering my stomach and hips.

My mouth opened and closed as I stammered for something to say, but I was at a loss of words. I was panicking. My heart was hammering hard in my chest as I stared at him. I was absolutely terrified.

He had no fucking idea he had a four year - almost five year old - son.

“Is it that much of a shock to see me?” He asked, a smirk twisting his lips.

A knock sounded on the door, and I looked behind me to see Macie step in, my ringing phone in her hands. “Sorry, I know you’re with a patient,” she apologized, “but the baby sitter is calling. She’s bringing Cyrus to the emergency room. He just started throwing up, and he won’t stop.”

“Cyrus?” Bryce asked. “Babysitter?”

I quickly snatched my phone from Macie, moving to leave the room, but Bryce barked out stop.

“Take a seat and answer that phone call.” He snapped at me, his tone not allowing any room for an argument. He looked at the nurse. “Thank you. You can go.”

She flinched at his harsh tone, scurrying out of the room. I shakily sat in the chair next to Bryce’s bed, hitting the green button on my screen to answer London’s call.

“Hey!” She said when I answered. “Hunter and I are bringing Cyrus to the hospital.” She told me. “He started throwing up. We can’t get him to stop, and his fever is rising rapidly.”

Fear gripped my chest, and I squeezed my eyes shut, drawing in a shaky breath. “I’m coming down to E.R.” I told her. “I’ll have all of the paperwork filled out by the time you guys get here.”

“Okay.” She told me. “And Logan?”

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Hang in there. Cyrus is a strong kid.” She assured me.

I hung up, my hands shaking. Bryce gripped my arm as I moved to stand up. “Bryce, please.” I begged him, not meeting his eyes. “I have to go fill out the paperwork for Cyrus.”

“Look at me.” He commanded.

I slowly dragged my eyes up from the floor, meeting his deep, blue ones. “We will be talking, Logan, and when we do, you better be prepared to tell me the full fucking truth, because if I find out you lie to me even one - and believe me I will find out - I will make your life a living fucking hell.”

I nodded, scurrying out of the room as soon as he released me.


London went back home when I was able to get Cyrus into a room, Hunter staying with me. As soon as Dr. Griffin came in and managed to get Cyrus stabilized, Hunter turned to me, his face stern. “Something’s wrong.” He stated bluntly.

“He’s back.” I whispered.

“Who?” Hunter demanded.

I looked up at him, tears filling my eyes. “Bryce.” I choked out. “He’s back, and he fucking knows.”

Hunter’s eyes widened. “Woah, when did Bryce get back?” He demanded.

“He just got back.” I admitted. “He’s up on the third floor. He received a wound overseas. I’m sure he hasn’t had time to contact anyone yet. But you guys were calling me when I was about to check his vitals and shit, and he - he put the pieces together.”

“You knew you couldn’t keep it from him forever.” Hunter reminded me.

I nodded. I knew that as well, but fuck, I’d been hoping like hell I could avoid it at all costs.

Hunter squeezed my shoulder as he stood up. “I’m going to go see him.” He informed me. “Try to calm him down before you guys talk. If I don’t, you’re going to leave that room with him ripped apart. Bryce doesn’t take betrayal well.”

“And you think you can calm him down?” I demanded. “You’ve been betraying him, too, Hunter.” I reminded him.

Hunter shrugged. “I’ve known Bryce since the first day of Pre-K.” Hunter reminded me. “I can handle him.”

With that, he walked out of the room, leaving me to my thoughts.


Bryce’s POV

I looked up as Hunter strode into my room without any kind of knock. I rolled my eyes at him. “How’d you find out I was back?” I asked him, sitting up, wincing as I tried to move my leg.

“Logan.” He admitted.

I arched an eyebrow at him, the thought of the woman who had lied to me all of those years ago making rage swirl in my chest. “I didn’t realize you two were close.” I commented.

Hunter shrugged. “London and I took in her son when she had him so the states couldn’t take him away from her.”

"My son.” I corrected angrily, clenching my fists. “You fucking knew?” I demanded, wanting to hit something. “What the fuck, Hunter?!” I roared.

“Chill.” Hunter snapped back at me. “I know what she did was wrong, and believe me, numerous times I tried to fucking get her to tell you that she was pregnant and that she had your little boy, but she fucking refused. It wasn’t my goddamn place to tell you, Bryce.”

“Like hell!” I barked. “I should have fucking known, Hunter! I can’t fucking believe that you dared keep this shit from me!”

“It wasn’t my fucking place, Bryce.”

“You, London, Logan, who hell fucking knew, Hunter?!” I roared.

“Just us.” Hunter told him. “She kept it as much of a secret as she could. She didn’t want to risk it getting back to you.”

"FUCK!” I shouted, thrusting my hands through my hair.

Hunter sighed. “Look, just when you talk to Logan about all of this, go easy on her.” Hunter said, sitting in the chair beside my bed. “She’s gone through hell and back to provide for Cyrus on her own. She busted her ass through high school to graduate and work to provide Cyrus with everything he needed. She refused to allow me and London to buy anything for him. When she graduated high school, she got up the money for a lawyer so she could get her rights to Cyrus back, and then she got an apartment and busted her ass through college to get her associate’s degree in nursing.”

“She wouldn’t have had to do any of that if she had just fucking told me.” I snarled.

Hunter stayed silent, knowing I just wanted to think for a moment.

“I’m marrying her.” I informed him.

“What?” Hunter demanded, looking at me as if I were insane.

“What I just fucking said.” I snapped at him. “I’m fucking marrying her. She’s got no fucking choice. I lost the entire experience of her being pregnant, I lost the experience of the birth, and I lost almost five years of my son’s life.”

“Hold on.” Hunter said, shaking his head. “You’re fucking serious right now?”

“Dead.” I snapped at him.

“And you really think she’s going to agree to this?” He demanded. “Logan is a lot more headstrong than you think. She’ll never agree.”

“Hunter, I will drag her to that fucking courthouse kicking and screaming if I have to. She brought this shit on herself.” I reminded him.

“Marriage is fucking outrageous.” Hunter stated in his very own blunt way.

I shrugged. “If I don’t tie her down while I’ve got the chance, she’ll just run off again, Hunter. I remember her well enough to know that.”

Hunter sighed. “I just hope you know what the fuck you’re doing.” He admitted.

I shrugged.

Logan, you’re going to fucking pay for keeping my son from me.

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