All I Ever Wanted

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After the rogue attack that killed her pack including her parents, all Hannah ever wanted was to show her little sister that they could be happy again but in comes Derek the son of a powerful alpha who is ruthless against rogues and does not suffer fools gladly. Hannah's longstanding strength will be put to the test when she is rejected and has to risk her life to save people who do want her among them.

Romance / Drama
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“Take your sister, run and don’t look back!”

Those words kept ringing in her head as Hannah ran with her frightened sister Shelby clinging to her back. Her paws dove forward without hesitation because their lives depended on it as the rogues closed in on them. Her shoulders were badly injured from the silver drenched arrows the Blood-Moon pack carried. They were almost at a cliff when one of the rogues lunged forward and hit her injured shoulder causing her to lose balance, the force of the hit knocked Shelby of Hannah’s back. It all happened so fast in Hannah’s eyes, Shelby almost fell of the cliff but Hannah was faster and quickly changed back to human form and clutched Shelby’s hand while the rest of Shelby’s body were hanging off the cliff.

“Well Hannah, what is it going to be, either you leave your sister and come with us or we will torture you till you drop her.”

“Hannah, do what he says, drop me or you will die.”

“Shelby, don’t ever say that a...ARGH!!!,” she screamed as one of the rogues used an arrow to cut the skin on her leg, silver slipped in and caused her to writhe, while trying to hold unto her sister who had started slipping. “Shelby, listen to me, your palm is sweaty sweetheart, clean your other hand and replace it with the one holding me, you can do this, good now I want you to swing as hard as you can okay, yes that’s it keep going,” said Hannah and with all the strength she could muster, she pulled her sister up and caught her before she made an impact with the ground. Hannah’s breath came out in gasps as she tried to block the pain in her shoulder and leg at the same time, blood dripped from the corner of her mouth when she coughed.

“Well isn’t this great, now I have two girls to use for my sexual pleasure,” said the head fighter of the blood moon pack, who lead the attack on her pack. The minute the words were out, anger which bordered on pure rage filled Hannah’s body and she shook visibly.

“Shelby put your arms and legs around my neck and waist and hang on, no matter what.” Shelby meekly obeyed but she was still frightened and didn’t want anything to happy to her sister. Hannah closed her eyes and breathed in through her mouth, just like her mother had taught her. At first there was silence and then suddenly waves and waves of anger combined with the rapid increase in her breathing caused the grounds and the rogues to freeze from inside out until they were nothing but ice sculptures. She closed her eyes again, let out her breathe and the frozen rouges began to crack and this was followed by loud glass-breaking noise as the pieced parts of the rogues fell to the ground.

“Sweetheart you can let go, it’s alright,” Shelby slowly remove her hand from her sister and they both sank to the floor, from there they painstakingly dragged themselves to the nearby stream. Shelby washed the silver from Hannah’s leg and shoulder and didn’t cringe at the sight of blood, when this was done she laid close to Hannah.

“You’ll be okay from now on, you are safe now, keep living okay?”

“Don’t talk like you are going to leave me, please you can’t.”

“You’ll be okay,” Hannah slowly closed her eyes, everything felt so still that she slowly started drifting away and the sound of her sister became a mere whisper.

“Please Hannah, you promised Mom, you promised me, you told me promises shouldn’t be broken, please wake up’, cried Shelby as she moved Hannah’s body and then on instinct, she turned her sister around and used her fist to pound Hannah’s chest as hard as she could. Hannah felt like she was drifting back and forth, messing with momentum and chance, however, she was unexpectedly pushed back to the surface and reality hit her like a bullet. Hannah coughed out loud and looked at her sister who was crying and staring at her.

“Come here”, she said as she stretched her hands out, Shelby went into them and sobbed herself to sleep all the while hitting Hannah and making her promise not to leave her again.

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