All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 11

The next morning, Shelby felt restless and could not sleep anymore so Hannah bathed her, dressed her in a pretty dress and carried her downstairs where she met Kate in the kitchen humming to herself, she smiled when she saw them.

“How did you guys sleep?” she asked as she kissed Shelby’s cheek.

“Shelby has a lot of energy and could not sleep any lon…” she was cut off by Malvin and Melissa, who came running into the kitchen. Malvin is seven while Melissa is the same age as Shelby, five years old, Malvin has blond hair and green eyes while Melissa has black hair and big brown eyes, no wonder she has her dad the Alpha wrapped around her finger. They stopped when they noticed the people in the kitchen, Hannah came forward and knelt down in front of them smiling.

“Hi, whats your name?” she asked, Malvin told her confidently while Melissa was on the shy side, swaying from side to side while looking down at her shoes.

“Well my name is Hannah and that is my sister Shelby” Hannah said as she motioned for Shelby to come towards her, Malvin stared at her and Shelby blushed and ran towards Kate, Hannah laughed.

“Did I do something wrong?” Malvin asked as he scrunched up his face.

‘Yes silly you were staring and mommy says it is not nice’, Melissa said nudged Malvin.

“How about you help make breakfast and you can tell me about yourself” Hannah suggested and they immediately started smiling, she lead them to where Shelby was arranging some dishes and for some reason Malvin kept inching closer to Shelby while she blushed and hid her face, Melissa was giggling.

“How about I play some music” said Hannah as she took out her phone and played smile by Sia. She began humming while mimicking Kate’s movement as they cooked, she felt something on her leg and when she looked down, she saw Melissa dancing, Kate laughed and nudged Hannah pointing at Malvin and Shelby who were also dancing and before they knew what was happening, they were completely lost in the moment forming lines and dancing round the large kitchen, Melissa held Hannah’s hand as she swayed from side to side, giggling loudly. They were completely unaware that they had an audience, the Alpha, his Luna Mary, Derek his best friend Jake, his brother Jacob and Jake’s parent Noel and April.

They heard the noise and came down to find loud laughter from the kitchen, there were smiles on their faces as they had never seen their kids looking so relaxed and carefree with others, Hannah was running around the kitchen with Kate behind her followed by Melissa and Malvin and Shelby.

“Daddy look I’m dancing” Melissa squealed and just like that everyone stopped dancing when they realized they were been watched.

“I’m so sorry about this” said Hannah as she looked down, Melissa ran towards her and held her hand, which shocked everyone because Melissa was a very reserved child who rarely spoke to strangers.

“No need to apologize Hannah the kids love you and Kate as we can see, there is no harm in that’, said the Luna as she laughed and dragged her smiling husband and Jake’s parent to the dining room.

“Oh my God!!!′ Hannah mouthed silently which caused those remaining to start laughing. Kate became stiff as she noticed Jake’s eyes on her, this didn’t escape Hannah’s notice as she was a very keen observer.

“Nice dancing by the way” Jake said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Don’t remind me” muttered Hannah as she was very aware of Derek’s presence.

“Auntie Hannah, can I make cookies with you today?” Melissa asked as she stared up at Hannah expectantly. Hannah crouched down to her level and said, “You can make cookies with me anytime if you keep staring at me those eyes” Hannah said as she pinched Melissa’s cheek and lifted her as Melissa grinned cheekily at her.

Derek all the while remained silent as he observed Hannah and his sister, no one could mistake the pride in his eyes when he looked at Hannah, she refused to meet his gaze and it made guilt cursor through him when he remembered all the things he said to her.

“By the way my parent’s anniversary is coming up next week and Hannah, you and Katherine are to be present” Derek said to which Hannah and Kate nodded. Hannah put Melissa down and she ran towards Derek who scooped her into his arm and kissed her forehead, if Hannah weren’t leaning on the counter she would have falling at the look Derek gave her, it was a look of unspoken promise, she turned away and went to set the table in the dining room, Derek joined his parents leaving Jake and Kate.

The tension between the two was palpable, Jake stared at her but Kate turned towards the stove and continued cooking when she felt him behind her, he wasn’t touching her but the desire that when through her almost brought her to her knees but she would never give him that satisfaction, he rejected her two months ago and slept around without a care. Jake breathed in her scent and whispered her name, Kate stepped away with a sheen of tears in her eyes.

“Leave me alone Jake, I can’t take this anymore” she said as she hugged herself. Seeing her like that, Jake stepped towards her but she stepped back refusing to look at him so he turned and left the kitchen just as Hannah walked. On seeing Kate’s face Hannah knew what happened because she had gone through the same thing, she hugged Kate and told her exactly what she had told her.

“If he is hurting you so much let him be till he learns his lesson, believe me he will come running back” Hannah said as she rubbed Kate’s back.

After breakfast, the pack got together to continue with the plan for the anniversary of Alpha and Luna, event planning companies, as well as catering services would be brought to oversee the occasion. Hannah and Kate were cleaning the house, Hannah walked towards Derek’s room to clean it, she knocked to ensure that no-one was in, when there was no reply she walked in leaving the door open, the room was still as beautiful as she had remembered it, it’s walls were a deep purple, given it that sensual appeal, the large bed was so soft and the red carpet felt like heaven.

She was done with the bathroom when she heard the room door close, she walked out to see Derek with no shirt on, pacing back and forth with a frown on his handsome face, she gasped at the rippling mass of muscles, his chest was a sight made for the sore eyes, Derek turned when he noticed her in the room and all thoughts flew out of his head as he stared helplessly at her, afraid to move in case he scared her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you where here, I was just cleaning” Hannah said looking down afraid to look up. Derek walked towards her, used his index finger to lift her chin, making her look at him, his used his thumb to rub her lips, she immediately stepped back and ran out of the room with her thoughts haywire.

Derek had the urge to run after her and kiss her till she was weak in the knees, the feel of her lips on his thumb was like no other, the moment he saw her standing in his room all thoughts of his worries disappeared but when she left, it all came back. While going for his usual run, he found an anonymous note next to an unconscious pack member saying, “I’m coming for you”. He knew who the note came from and he knew war was coming.

He reached his father’s study and entered, when his father saw the look on his face, he became alarmed.

“Whats wrong Son?” James asked.

“I found a note next to an unconscious pack member saying, I’m coming for you” said Derek, he looked at his father and what he saw alarmed him, his father looked worried and that was not good because he never got worried, then he said the one thing he had been dreading since he saw the note.

“Drake is coming”.

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