All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 12

The days following Derek’s discovery Hannah had started training Kate in private so she could defend herself in case something happens, Derek’s father called a meeting of all pack members, they gathered in the huge auditorium which Hannah never knew they had. Derek and his parents sat on stage along with Jake and his parents. Alpha James stepped forward to address the crowd.

“I want to tell you first that I am the proudest Alpha in the world to have loyal followers like yourself, our pack has survived through the years and lived in peace, but then again there would always be people who seek to destroy peace. My son found a note with a threatening message on it, we know for sure that war is coming”.

“War from who” asked someone from the crowd, Derek stepped forward and answered clearly.

“War from another pack lead by Alpha Drake, some of you might have heard of him, he is not worthy to be called an Alpha and his pack is not worthy to be in this world because they thrive on war and blood shed. Drake and his wolf are vicious and enjoy watching people suffer for no reason, his mate ran away from him because of that and he has then made a thing to mate with other people’s mate, especially that of the Alpha’. Derek stepped back and James continued.

“We are not sure when they are coming but our best scouts are in place, any sign of movement and we move to them, there will be no fighting here, so till then, we train hard and stick together”. As he said this, the pack erupted in cheers.

Hannah stood watching it all, it was overwhelming to her, to see how united they were even in the face of danger, she had heard of Alpha Drake and all what he had done to other packs after-all it was a pack similar to his that killed hers and she was not going to let that happen to this pack. People filed out of the auditorium and headed outside to begin training, Hannah and Kake went to the kitchen to make refreshments for everyone to snack on in between training.

The whole compound was filled with people sparing against each other, some doing stretches, some practicing with some equipment, dust was in the air but no one noticed, Hannah who had been sparing with Kate, continued to point out her weakness and Kate kept pushing harder, it surprised Hannah how much stamina Kate had even though she was not a werewolf, Kate was getting better as the day went.

When it came time to take a break, some people helped themselves to some food, while some others carried on training, Kate and Hannah carried a tray of refreshments towards where the alpha and beta family were seated. When they got there, Kate placed her tray in the space close to Jake but avoided eye contact with him, he had taken his shirt off and his chest glistened with sweat, she felt shivers down her spine when he looked at her, she quickly moved away and stood to the side with Hannah who had placed her tray down in front of the Luna. They ate as they stared at those still training, Hannah’s gaze fell on a group of boys her age that had been trying to aim at a certain target on the boards few feet away from them.

She walked towards them unaware that she was being watched by some people including the alpha and the beta families. When she reached them, she walked closer to the one she had been watching.

“Hold your chest up, it’ll give you more balance”. The boy turned towards her and snorted then turned back to his friends ignoring her, she sighed impatiently and snatched his bow before he could react, she picked an arrow, aimed it at the board and it hit the target without wavering, the boys and the onlookers stood shocked.

Without needing to be told, the boys stood in position and continued practicing as she walked from on to another, adjusting their body posture and arms, some she had to walk them through it just like how her dad had taught her. When she noticed that their aim were better, she left them and walked back towards Kate.

“That is very impressive who taught you” asked the Alpha.

“My dad’, she answered just as Derek’s brother Jacob walked towards them, “Dad the defense wall is ready for testing’. They stood up and walked towards Jacob when the Alpha turned towards Hannah and said to her surprise, “Aren’t you coming?” to which she quickly nodded and dragged Kate along. When they got there everyone was in position, the Alpha gestured for Hannah to see if the wall was strong enough. Hannah stared for awhile and whispered into Kate’s ear, she nodded and took her position to the side, before anyone could understand what was going on, they took of running towards the wall and collided with it from the side, those at the side wavered but regained position. Hannah and Kate stood up, dusted their clothes and walked towards a stunned looking Derek and Jake.

“It’s getting better, the center is solid but the sides are not fully stable which is very dangerous”, Hannah said and Kate continued, “With a defense wall it is different, if sides fail then the whole wall can be broken down at a go”. The beta Noel nodded, he and the alpha walked towards those forming the wall, it was getting dark and the exhaustion could not be hidden from their faces.

“We will call it a day, tomorrow we continue bright and early” said Beta Noel as he walked back with the Alpha towards their wives.

“You guys were awesome, like a power duo’, exclaimed Jacob, he squeezed their shoulders and walked off. Hannah and Kate quickly followed, escaping the potential awkward moment with Jake and Derek.

Derek looked at Jake and frowned suspiciously, “What's going on with you and Katherine and don’t lie?” Jake sighed and told Derek the truth, “I found out she was my mate two months ago and I rejected her, now I am not so sure if I made the right call, she hates me and won’t talk to me”. Derek was beyond shocked at this he had never expected that they would be mates and he could definitely relate to Jake.

“I know what you mean, Hannah is my mate, but I rejected her, there isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t regret it Jake, I basically made her feel like trash, I said some really harsh things to her” Derek said gripping his head, now it was Jake’s turn to be shocked, never in a million years would have guessed that.

“I thought she was weak and would not be able to take on the role of Luna, but boy was I wrong” said Derek.

“Yeah me too I never knew Kate was that strong even with her being human, I guess Hannah must have been teaching her, I mean the way they rammed into the defense wall without being injured takes time to learn, I feel...... so proud” said Jake as he smiled fondly.

“I don’t what to do” Derek spoke Jake’s thought as he stood up along with Jake and headed inside the house.

Late in the night, Hannah went downstairs to find some aspirin for her migraine, she walked into the kitchen to find Derek pacing back and forth with a troubled look on his face, Hannah understood that look anywhere as she had seen it on the face of her former Alpha many times. Derek, as a soon to be alpha was worried about the safety of each pack member, he didn’t want anyone to loose their loved one, the guilt would eat him alive even though he knew he couldn’t save everybody. He didn’t notice Hannah in the kitchen until he heard something drop and turned around ready to attack, when he saw Hannah he froze and looked away, not wanting her to see him vulnerable.

“Are you alright Sir?” Hannah asked, Derek cringed when he remembered how he told her to never say his name, it made him feel worse. Even though she should hate him for hurting her, she couldn’t take the look of pain on his face and she knew he was in need of comfort so she took the risk, sat on top of the kitchen counter and stretched her hand towards Derek.

“Come here” she beckoned, Derek stared at her, then slowly putting on foot in front of the other, he reached her as she parted her legs, he stood in between. She leaned forward and hugged him, while stroking his back gently, Derek’s arm came around her waist and held on tight.

“It’s okay everything will be fine” she said then she began to sing the lullaby she always sang to Shelby, Derek began to calm down. After a while, she kissed his hair, hopped down and left the kitchen quietly. She still hadn’t forgiven him yet and she would make him work for it.

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