All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 13

The days continued with training of the pack members and continuous strategic planning between the Alpha, Derek, Jake and Beta Noel. They would huddle up for hours straight with no food which made their wives worry that when the day came to fight, they won’t have much strength left.

The Luna was very uneasy and it made Hannah worry because the woman had become like a mother to her over the months, so Hannah decided to take matters into her hands by asking Melissa and Malvin to accompany her to the study while she brought their food. She figured that they would not decline the food brought by the children. When the door to the study opened, Melissa ran towards her father, while Malvin placed his tray in front of his father and ran back towards Hannah, staring at his father expectantly.

“Dad are you going to eat or not?′ asked Malvin with a slight frown on his face, “Mommy thinks you and Jake are starving and I heard her crying today.” Noel and Jake immediately began eating. Melissa stared at Derek, he too and James began eating, the kids went out of the room quietly and Hannah turned to do the same but was stopped by Noel.

“Hannah what is your opinion on Drake and his pack?” To say Hannah was shocked was an understatement because even though the Alpha and Luna had warmed up to her, he was still reserved and cool which she understood but it didn’t stop her from being cautious around him because she couldn’t help feeling that he was assessing her constantly so him asking for her opinion was surreal.

“I don’t know enough about him” she replied, trying to evade the question but the Beta was not having it.

“It was not a question Hannah’, he said as the others stopped what they were doing and waited for her response. She moved closer and was somewhat self-conscious because she could feel Derek’s gaze, the moment they had in the kitchen still remained in her mind.

“Well from what I know, he is vicious, planned and strategic, but...’, Hannah trailed off, staring into the distance, remembering things from the day her pack was destroyed.

“But what?” said the Alpha James as he leaned forward. Hannah began pacing back and forth slowly.

“He may be strategic and planned but his need for blood and suffering makes him clumsy, every plan has loopholes in it, Drake’s plan will be well thought off but because he doesn’t have a single shred of humanity in him, he doesn’t have any solid reason to fight such as family or love, his plans would be more intricate but full of loopholes, I know this because a rogue pack similar to his if not under his command destroyed my former pack but when I was running with my sister I looked back and noticed that their formation was very disorganized but I had to run with my sister’. Hannah continued pacing back and forth.

“One of them slashed my leg with a knife coated with silver while my sister was hanging onto my arm or she would have falling off the cliff, that was reckless of them because they didn’t think of upper body strength, like my tummy or arm, they may be strong but they are rouges and rouges are reckless’, she said as she stopped and faced them.

There was silence in the room as they absorbed what she had said, Derek could not hold back his smile, the Alpha stepped forward and ruffled her hair, while the Beta placed his hand on her shoulder.

“How do you know so much, for the life of me I can’t make sense of it, Samuel told me how you have increased their knowledge on natural herbal healing?”

“My dad, when I was ten years old, he began training me, making me read so many things and as I grew up the intense training began, he would wake me up very early and would fight me for hours, but I loved it all because he would always tell me how proud he was of me so it pushed me to work with my mom who was a healer, she would lecture me for hours on natural healing and I began helping her” she said and shrugged. Derek was baffled that she went through all that, Hannah excused herself and cleared the plates as they left the study to go outside and continue training.

Kate met Hannah outside and they, both cringed when they heard Olivia screaming at someone to get her some water.

“Honestly, you would think she is the Luna” said Kate and she rolled her eyes, Hannah laughed as she and Kate began sparing with swords, Hannah’s aim was to teach Kate as much as she could. They continued sparing, circling each other, striking with force and swiftness until Kate’s sword ended on Hannah’s neck while Hannah’s sword was on Kate’s tummy, they stepped back and grinned at each other. Hannah was proud of how far Kate had come with training.

When lunch time came, Kate and Hannah carried food to the Alpha and Beta, but there was an addition, Olivia was clinging onto Derek’s neck, jealousy went through Hannah like a knife but she schooled her features to indifference and dropped the tray when Shelby came running towards her, she turned around and lifted her kissing her cheek while Shelby continued giggling.

“What are you so happy about?”

“I learnt Hannah I learnt it!!!” She exclaimed as Malvin came running and clutched her leg, “I saw it, it was awesome!” he exclaimed. Every one had a look of puzzlement on their faces as Hannah put Shelby down and gestured for her to show her. Shelby moved close to Hannah and held her hand, she closed her eyes and before Hannah knew it, her and Shelby were standing ten feet away from them then they appeared back to where they were standing before.

Everyone was surprised but it was short lived when Olivia opened her mouth and said, “Whats so special about that?” Shelby’s face dropped but Hannah hugged her and allowed Malvin to take her somewhere else. Hannah turned and took two steps towards Olivia but stopped when she hid behind Derek.

“You could never comprehend how much energy it takes to teleport oneself so for Shelby to take someone along with her requires twice as much energy that could kill her, the fact that she can do that means that she is willing to risk her life for everyone in this pack, now I would advice you to keep your mouth shut because this is the second time you have made her feel bad, I am warning you Olivia do not test me, don’t test me because I will snap your neck in an instant” said Hannah as she stepped forward menacingly, Kate rushed forward and pulled Hannah back from a shaking Olivia.

Hannah glared at Olivia one last time before she turned around and went back into the house to take shower. The Beta and his wife could not hold their laughter in for long.

“Olivia you may be able to boss people in this pack but not Hannah, you don’t need me to remind you what happened the last time, if Hannah decides to deal with you I won’t defend you’, said April as she leaned against her mate who kissed her head lovingly.

“She doesn’t belong here and you know it” said Olivia with a sneer, Mary immediately became enraged.

“I would advice you stop talking this minute Olivia no one asked for your opinion” said Mary. All the while Derek sat quietly looking between Mary and April. Seemed like Hannah has started growing on them and to be honest she had started growing on everyone.

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