All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 14

“Okay Hannah, Kate you are up” said the Alpha as he stepped back for Hannah and Kate to assess the defense wall as they had been doing for days to ascertain if the sides were strong enough for battle.

Hannah and Kate ran forward and collided with the wall but it was rock solid and didn’t budge, they stood up and grinned at Alpha who was relieved that they had perfected the defense wall. People separated and continued sparing while Hannah and Kate walked towards the alpha and beta.

“Alpha I need your permission to leave the pack” said Hannah.

“Why?” asked the Alpha confused tone.

“I need to go back to my former pack house to collect something important, it’s seventeen years worth of research between my mother and I.”

“Okay then take someone with you” he said which she quickly declined, “I have to go on my own.” The Alpha’s frown deepened but he accepted her reason.

“Okay but I am only allowing you because I trust you, when do you leave?” he asked.

“This afternoon” she replied, the Alpha nodded and she left to go pack and take a shower unaware that Derek was following her.

“And just what the hell are you playing at?” he asked angrily, Hannah turned around in annoyance.

“Listen to me Derek you don’t have a say in my welfare because you lost that right when you rejected me so don’t try to be all protective now” she replied then she slammed her door in his face.

That afternoon, Hannah left for her former pack house, she remembered the route clearly like it was just yesterday when she stumbled into Alpha James’s territory. As she approached the house, the rancid smell of the dead hit her like potent poison, she staggered back a bit but carried on, when she got into her home, that familiar feeling of homecoming was no longer there, instead it was replaced by the piercing reality that her parents were gone and never coming back, all the months of denial she had been in came crashing down and she cried, sinking down to the floor of the kitchen and clutching her head.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours when Hannah stopped crying, she felt at peace, she felt free like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she could finally spread her wings and hold her parents close to her heart and cherish all the good memories. She stood up and went to the small lab they had in the house, it was white like hospitals but this one was filled with love, happiness and joy she shared with her Mother. She began collecting some things that could help the pack.


“Dad mom is gone!!” Derek said as he ran into his father’s study, showing him a piece of clothes that Mary was wearing when she went for a run with bloodstains on it.

“No no no no he did it, he took her!” cried the Alpha, he clutched his head, finding it had to breath as he stumbled forward, he was filled with rage and he only saw red.

“Dad he is going to strike today, that is his pattern, we have to get ready” said Derek urgently as he tried to control his wolf who was threatening to come out.

“Get everyone ready, I am going to kill Drake myself.” Derek mind-linked the whole pack of the situation at hand, there was an uproar over the fact that anyone would take their Luna, immediately the fighters began gearing up, Jake supervised everyone while Derek tried to keep his father clear head and under control. Those who could not fight where taken into the auditorium to be put under lock-down by the April and Kate.

Kate who had been gathering people to the auditorium saw Jake and in that moment of whether they would ever see each-other again, Kate blew him a kiss and his eyes moved over her, trying to memorize everything, she blushed slightly and turned to continue helping as Jake went to meet up with Derek and his father. Everyone were busy, the whole pack house was in chaos.

Those who couldn’t fight were all in the auditorium except for Kate while the fighters geared up and stood proud as the Alpha, the Beta, Derek, Jake and Jacob stood in front of them.

“Today we face our strongest enemy but that is not to say we are not strong because we are and so much more, no matter what happens today we are family and families stick together, so I want each of you to have each others back today so we can all come back to our loved ones’, said the Alpha, the fighters chanted his name loudly and they all moved towards the end of their territory where Drake was already making his way with James’s unconscious mate.


When Hannah got back to the pack house Kate ran up to her clutching her hands tightly.

“What's wrong?” Hannah asked immediately alarmed.

“Drake kidnapped the Luna, the pack fighters are making their way towards were the fight would begin, the others are on lock-down in the auditorium. The news hit Hannah hard but she immediately collected herself.

“I have a plan but where is Shelby, I didn’t tell her I was leaving yesterday so she would be really worried?′

“She is in the auditorium with others, whats the plan?” said Kate frantically.

“By kidnapping the Luna Drake knows the Alpha would not be able to think straight, and an unstable Alpha makes..…” she trailed off prompting Kate to finish.

“Makes an unstable and weak pack!!” exclaimed Kate in realization.

“Yes yes but he is sloppy because he will bring the Luna with him to the fight so the Alpha won’t be able to concentrate, that is were our plan comes in, we sneak in unseen, get the Luna then their leverage is gone and Alpha James can concentrate when he knows she is safe, which is where Shelby comes in, she is going to teleport the Luna back here.”

“It won’t be easy but we can do it, lets go get Shelby” she said as they went towards the auditorium.

Meanwhile Drake and his pack members had already gathered in front of the Grey-moon pack line, while James and his pack members stood behind their pack line glaring at Drake, all still in human form, Derek stood in front with his father and Jacob, while Noel and his son Jake flanked them.

“Well well well Alpha James, we meet’, said Drake as he walked forward with an unconscious Mary.

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