All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 16

Hannah reached the pack house and ran straight for her room, she shifted back and changed into track pants and a loose tank top to avoid the injuries on her arm and stomach were one rogue had scratched her. Her mind was in a haze and her hands were shaking as she frantically tied her hair in a scarf, picked up her bag and went downstairs where there were shouts from the pack members that had returned.

Members who where injured were taken into the hospital while the others were kept in the living room with their family members around them worrying continuously. Hannah, Samuel and Joelle worked quickly to stabilize those whose injuries were serious, Hannah kept working quickly, trying to tend to everyone at the same time but when she looked around, she completely lost it and fell to the ground with tears streaming down her face as she tried to suck air into her lungs.

“She is having a panic attack!!!!” yelled Kate as she ran towards Hannah who was murmuring words like, “No no’s happening a...again, no no.” Shelby ran to her sister and knelt down in front of her, holding her hand as the April hugged her.

“Hannah it’s okay everyone is fine, it’s not like before, you need to snap out of it please” said Shelby as April rocked her from side to side, Shelby began singing her lullaby to Hannah who immediately calmed down and looked up at the faces of the people around her, nodding her head to signify that she was okay, she kissed Shelby’s head and stood up.

“I’m okay, give me an adrenaline shot now” she said, April brought it and handed it to her, she didn’t flinch as she injected herself. The burst of energy in her was exactly what she needed and she resumed helping Samuel and his wife who hugged her.

The Luna was placed in on the couch close to the Alpha, while Derek was placed on the opposite couch unconscious from the silver in the his wound. Hannah knelt down in front of him and began washing his wound after which she applied the resistant then began sewing the wound close. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she fought the urge to throw her arms around him. When she was done the Alpha asked for him to be taken back to his room and the Luna to their room.

Just as Hannah was about to go to her room, Olivia walked in with a scratch on her arm, Hannah’s blood boiled as she saw the meager reason why Olivia yelled. Before anyone could stop her, she had Olivia by her throat as Shana took control, pack members rushed towards Hannah pleading with her to release Olivia, Hannah was filled with rage.

“You almost got Derek killed because of a scratch, my God I will kill you!” yelled Hannah as she threw Olivia to the floor and stalked towards her but Olivia scurried back. Hannah was about to strike her when Jake rushed forward and held her back.

“Shana listen to me, you need to snap out of it now, she is not worth it, do not do anything you will regret” he said as he shook her slightly, she slowly closed her eyes and relaxed as Jake slowly released her. Hannah finished stitching the last of the injured, Samuel and his wife cleared everything up, she smiled at them as she stood up but she staggered back and clutched her head.

“HANNAH!! are you okay?” asked Samuel who ran towards her and helped her to the couch, she chuckled and sat down.

“The adrenaline has weared off’, she said as Joelle tended to the wounds on her stomach and arm and Samuel handed her a glass of water which she took and slept off.

Hannah woke up to a slight weight on her arm, she looked to the side to see Shelby and Kate sleeping beside her, she chuckled as she sat up. Kate opened her eyes to see Hannah coming out of the shower in yoga pants and a sweatshirt she knew belonged to Hannah’s dad, her hair in a loose bun.

“Good to see you are awake we were worried’, said Kate as she stood up and straightened her clothes, Shelby opened her eyes and saw Hannah awake and ran towards her, Hannah picked her up and hugged her tightly, placing her on her hips.

“How long was I out?” asked Hannah.

“Two days, everyone is fully healed except the Luna and Derek, his cuts still need a little more time’, said Kate as she wiggled her eyebrows, Hannah frowned and asked, “What are you doing?” Kate shrugged and walked out after Hannah.

“Derek has been calling your name in his sleep, when he is awake he insists on seeing you but the Alpha won’t allow him because he is still mad at him for rejecting you God knows what his mom will say to him”. Hannah laughed heartily and kissed Shelby’s forehead.

“HI JAKE!!!” yelled Shelby as she ran towards Jake who had been pacing around the kitchen. He scooped her up and kissed her cheek.

“Looks like someone has a new friend” said Hannah as she walked into the kitchen while Kate stood back looking somewhere else. Jake cleared his throat as he placed Shelby on the counter and walked towards Kate.

“Please can we talk?” said Jake softly and Kate reluctantly meet his eyes, she nodded and followed him. They ended up in her room, Jake stood by the window and Kate stood by the door wringing her hand.

“I want you to know that I am proud of you Katherine, I have been a fool, I rejected you but not for the reason you think, I did it because I don’t deserve you Katherine, I was a player and you are pure, I could not control my happiness when I realized that you were my mate, nothing could describe the happiness I felt but you have seen what I am and I didn’t want to taint you but now I can barely keep myself in check when I’m around you Katherine, please I need you to forgive me” he said as he turned around to find Kate in front of him. Before Kate could control herself, her hand shot up and struck him as tears streamed down her cheek.

“You put me through pains and heartbreak, you didn’t give me any choice, you made your decision right? It always has to be about you right? How dare you?” she retorted angrily, Jake moved closer to her and touched her tears, looking at it sadly.

“I am really sorry Katherine please give me a second chance”. Kate stared at him, her heart didn’t want to see him in pain but she also had to look after hers.

“I need to think about it Jake, you hurt me, I...I need to think” she said as she rushed out of the room back to the kitchen were Shelby was talking to Malvin.

“Hey kids where is Hannah?” asked Kate, Malvin answered, “She went to clean Derek’s room and also see if his wound have healed completely.” Kate nodded and began preparing dinner.

Hannah stepped into Derek’s room, and noticed him asleep on his bed, she walked to him and stared down, he looked at peace she thought, as she applied more of the resistant to his cut and bathed him down, when she was done she sat on the bed and held his hand, unaware that Derek could hear her.

“You are not going to die Derek do you hear me, even though you rejected me I know you are a good person and you will be a great Alpha. You are what keeps me going you know, whenever I see you, I know everything will be okay, Derek I am barely hanging on to my sanity, please you have to be fine”. She kissed his head and left the room. Derek opened his eyes and tears fell out as he placed his hand on his forehead where she kissed him.

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