All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 17

Looking at the Grey-moon pack today, no one could guess what they had been through a couple of days ago thought Hannah, she stood outside the house looking at the beauty around her, people were joking around, the pack members had continued preparations for the Alpha and Luna’s anniversary, Derek’s injury has healed nicely just a few ache and pains here and there, the Luna was to be woken today as the traces of silver had gone.

“Nice view huh?” said alpha James as he stood beside her.

“Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here, thank you for allowing me to be here” said Hannah.

“You may not believe me but you and Shelby are a blessing to this pack, makes me wonder why my idiot of a son rejected you” said James in an annoyed voice.

“I guess maybe he does not like me in that way, I don’t think I deserve him” she said sadly to which the Alpha replied immediately.

“What are you talking about? Of course you deserve him, it is he that doesn’t deserve you and when he comes begging, he must be on his knees”.

“I can’t believe you are saying that!” exclaimed Hannah to which James laughed and ruffled her hair saying, “Derek need to be humbled from time to time so he can appreciate whats in front of him”.

“The silver has completely gone from your wife’s body so I’ll be waking her up today but you are going to have to massage her body cause she will be stiff” said Hannah, James smirked and said, “And I shall enjoy every minute” he said laughing as Hannah blushed a deep red.

When the Alpha went back in, Kate came and joined Hannah. “Shelby is still asleep, there is something I need to talk to you about”. Hannah turned to her, “What is it?” Kate looked straight ahead.

“It’s about Jake, he apologized and begged me to forgive him Hannah, the problem is I don’t know if he is for real, I mean I am human and he is a beta, what can I offer, just because I can fight does not mean that much right?” asked Kate as she turned to Hannah who was frowning.

“Wrong Kate, wrong, look I know Jake’s player reputation is not exactly attractive but do not ever underestimate yourself Kate, if something makes you happy go for it, it’s not a bad thing, you are good enough and he knows it so stop looking for excuses and see exactly what you can have, true love in it’s purest form” said Hannah, she grasped Kate’s shoulder and she could see that her words were sinking in because Kate laughed a little then loudly, releasing her breath.

“Okay I just came here to take a break, I only have Derek’s room to clean then I’m done and O my God, I totally forgot my job!!!!!” said Hannah in dismay, the past few days had so much going on she completely forgot about her job.

“About that I forgot to tell you that Joe closed the diner for two weeks, it completely slipped my mind” said Kate sheepishly, Hannah pushed her playfully and went to Derek’s room to clean up and to do a last check on his injuries.

When she walked in he stood looking out from his balcony, from where she stood, she could see the well defined outline of his muscled back, he suddenly turned around when he caught Hannah’s scent. Startled she stepped back as she scrambled her brain for words.

“Sorry Sir, I came to clean up and to check if the scar has gone completely” she said, he remained silent so she took it as her cue to start cleaning up. It was highly uncomfortable because she felt his eyes on her the whole time and when she finally finished, he was stretched out on his bed deep in his own thoughts, but she didn’t miss the sadness radiating off of him. She walked slowly towards his bed, when she got there she spoke clearly as he stood up, towering over her.

“I need to do a last checkup Sir” said Hannah, Derek winced at the ‘Sir’, he would give anything to hear his name on her lips. “Do I have permission to touch you?” she asked with difficulty, Derek nodded. Hannah hesitated, remembering what happened the last time she touched him. She moved closer to him and swallowed as her hand reached out and traced the placed were the cut had been, she gently prodded his chest, then traced her hand down, her palm flattened out on his chest, Derek growled and caught her hand when she tried to retract it.

“Hannah, Hannah I’m so sorry for everything I said, I don’t know why I did it, I freaked out when I saw you were my mate’. Before he could say anymore, Hannah’s hand shot out and slapped him twice as tears slid down her face.

“You bastard, how dare you!!! you think you can just reject me and then get injured, almost dying, who gave you the right, do you know what you put me through you ASSHOLE!!!′ screamed Hannah as she shoved him.

“Hannah I…” said Derek but was cut off by Hannah.

“Stop it, don’t even go there, you don’t have to apologize to me because you saw I can fight, it’s insulting to know that that’s all I’m useful for, if you don’t want me it’s fine but don’t say you freaked out because you didn’t” she replied angrily, Derek sank to his knees, wrapping his arms around her hip while his head was on her chest, deep sobs racked his body when everything she had been through, everything she had done for the pack and everything he said to her came rushing back. He kept whispering her name, his arm tightened, Hannah stood dumbfounded, she had never seen this side of Derek, his sobs broke her heart a million times over, she was afraid to touch him and she knew she shouldn’t be but the fear was itched in her the first time his recoiled and yelled.

“I didn’t have much except Shelby when my parents died, I was barely hanging on, when I saw you, I thought I could be happy again and in that split second I put all my trust in you, but you broke me.... yo... you don’t want me, if you don’t want me who else will, I am not a potential beauty like other girls, my body is not attractive, if I’m not attractive to you who else will I be attractive to, I don’t feel like I can trust you with anything knowing you will shatter me in a second”. She quietly left the room wiping her tears.

When she got downstairs, the Luna was lying on the couch and some pack members were around her, Derek stood beside his father and stared at Hannah longingly but she refused to look at him or she would run into his arms. Hannah took the small container from Kate in which she had previously mixed different foul smelling herbs designed to knock someone out but in Mary’s case, it’s the opposite. She knelt beside Mary and shook the container but paused and looked up.

“You might want to cover you nose” she said, the people there looked at Hannah then proceeded to cover their noses. Hannah opened the container and held her breath as she put the container under Mary’s nose. In four seconds, Mary’s eyes flew open and she coughed hard, Hannah signaled for someone to get a glass of water, she closed the container and let out her breath as Mary continued coughing. The glass of water was held against her mouth by James and she drank heartily.

“That is the most fucked up smell in the world, sorry for my use of language, thank you Hannah,” said the Luna as everyone erupted in laughter and patted Hannah’s back, the Alpha and Luna held onto each-other tightly as Mary held her son’s hand, Derek kissed her head and smiled at Hannah, she nodded and turned away.

“Where do you think you are going, come give your mother a hug and were is your sister?” said Mary as she grabbed Hannah and Kate in a tight hug, kissing their heads, Jake stood smiling at Kate, she blushed and looked away.

“Shelby is as asleep, Malvin is with her, they are mates,” said Hannah to which everyone shouted “WHAT!!!” Hannah laughed and Kate shrugged.

“Easy sweetheart they can’t breathe,” said the James, Mary laughed and released Hannah and Kate who immediately left to prepare lunch. Shortly after lunch, Kate went to Jake’s room to talk to him. He was standing by his window when she walked in, Jake immediately rushed to her in alarm.

“Katherine is something wrong?” Kate chuckled and shook her head, “I wanted to talk to you about us,” she said, staring at the wall behind him.

“You hurt me Jake and I told myself that I would let you go because you were bad for me... but.... but I can’t Jake, I...I can’t, I realized that you are whats best for me, and I can’t let you go because it would kill me, I want to hate you but I can’t because I love you too much, do you hear me Jake, I love you with everything I have.” Kate was crying by the time she finished, Jake stood stupefied.

“Say something you jerk!!!” she exclaimed, Jake snapped out of his haze and chuckled slightly, he grabbed Kate by the waist.

“I’m sorry, I thought it was a dream, Kate you have made me alive again, I can’t apologize enough, thank you for taking a chance with me.” His grip on her tightened, her breathing came out in gasps as he lowered his head till he pressed his lips to hers, she ached against him, her arms wounded around his neck and her fingers went into his hair, Jake groaned and kissed her deeply, his tongue assaulted her senses till she was weak in the knees. He carried her to the bed and laid down beside her, his arms around her as they fell into a blissful sleep.

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