All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 18

“HANNAH! HANNAH! wake up, do you know what today is?” screamed Shelby as she nudged Hannah repeatedly, Hannah turn to her other side, using the pillow to covered her face. Her relief was short-lived when Kate pulled the pillow away.

“Goodness! What is wrong with you people?” grumbled Hannah as she stood up, Kate and Shelby stared at her like she had grown two heads, “What?” she yelled indignantly to which Shelby giggled.

“Today is the day of the anniversary party, where we get to wear fancy gowns and dance with prince charming,” said Kate with a dreamy look on her face.

“I see someone reconciled with their mate,” said Hannah, Kate of course started blushing.

“What time is the occasion?” asked Hannah, Shelby sat so Kate could brush her hair.

“Seven, in the evening, other neighboring packs have been invited, the Alpha wanted to use this as an opportunity for some pack members to find their mates... oh the Luna found out that Derek rejected you, she flipped out, yelling and threatening to beat him up,” said Kate laughing, Hannah laughed too and went to take a shower, instead of track pants, she settled on the blue jeans she bought on impulse, it fit snugly like a second skin, her full hip showed nicely, she paired it with a loose fitting long-sleeved grey shirt. When she came out, Kate exclaimed, “You have got to be kidding me!! You had all those curves and you were wearing track pants!!”

“All the girls here have an athletic build, I felt fat so.…” . Kate shook her head and came to stand in front if Hannah, “Not true, they would kill for your figure, you are like a miniature Beyonce, you taught me how to fight so I’ll teach you how to flaunt your figure with the perfect dress tonight,” said Kate beaming, “Derek will loose his mind on the dance floor.”

“I don’t know Kate, I’m not too big on flaunting anything,” said Hannah uncertainly, “It’s time for a change Hannah, you deserve to feel confident and beautiful, besides you don’t have a choice because I already have your gown,” said Kate as she left the room. Hannah looked over at Shelby who smiling at her.

“I suppose you have something to say,” said Hannah, “I think Kate is right and I like Derek,” said Shelby, this made Kate frown.

“Why do you like him?” she immediately perched up and smiled brightly.

“He plays with me and Melissa all the time, he helps me in my assignment and when you are at work he allows me to sit with him anywhere and he tells me stories but most of the time he talks about you, he says you are the best thing that has ever happened to him and that he made a mistake, what does that mean Hannah?” asked Shelby as she scrunched her face and ran to Hannah. Hannah was dazed, all the information at once was like an overload, she had no idea how much time Derek spent with Shelby, it softened her, making her all fuzzy to hear about what he said.

“I don’t know sweetheart, I guess we will find out tonight,” she said and kissed Shelby’s cheek, “Okay I’m going to look for Malvin,” said Shelby as she ran out of the room, Hannah laughed and followed her out.

Throughout the day she didn’t see Derek, the packs that were invited for the anniversary were getting settled, she only got a glimpse of him when he came out of the kitchen, his eyes had stayed on her in a way that made her giddy, he smiled at her like he missed her, she smiled a little but it made his day and that was how it was, the occasional shared smiles, Derek would walk very close to her, using the opportunity to run his hand down her spine, she’d close her eyes and inhale sharply. One particular time, she found herself trapped between Derek and the wall, “Hannah I miss you,” he said and inhaled her scent but she wiggled away.

When evenings drew by, Hannah was a bundle of nerves as she took a shower, when she got out, Kate was in the room with some ‘equipment’.

“I already got Shelby ready, she is downstairs with Malvin and Melissa, those kids are seriously in love,” said Kate as Hannah creamed her body and wore her undies, she settled on the chair in front of the mirror and Kate began fixing her hair. Hannah’s black hair was curled into small waves which Kate brought to her right shoulder and pinned the left side, next came the makeup, Kate gave Hannah smokey eyes which enhanced her green eyes to perfection, for her lip a nude color was used. When it came to the dress, Hannah put it on and Kate squealed.

“I knew it was perfect, OMG! you look gorgeous!!” Hannah blushed and looked at the mirror, she gasped, the dress was a deep seductive blue, it had a sweetheart neck line, the shoulders to the long sleeves were cover with black lace and it flowed to the floor molding her full hourglass figure, she walked out on her black strappy heels and waited for Kate. Kate’s gown was a mermaid style but with an halterneck, the gown was purple and it matched her skin tone.

When they got to the ballroom, the party was in full swing, so they went to look for the Alpha and Luna to congratulate them, it took sometime because they were occasionally stopped by some pack members from the other pack as well as theirs who complemented them. When they found them, Noel and his wife were dancing and laughing into each others eyes, Mary was blushing because James was teasing her while Derek and Jake wished they were somewhere else, Kate snickered as they came closer.

“OMG!!! You two look beautiful, those dresses are lovely,” exclaimed Mary and James nodded in agreement while smiling at them. Jake’s eyes flew to Kate, she blushed deeply when his eyes raked over hers, he looked good enough to eat in his tux, thought Kate. He stepped forward, took her hand and said,

“You look amazingly beautiful.” Earning an aww from the Luna. She pushed them towards the dance-floor while James laughed at his wife’s bossy nature. As if he could sense their need for privacy, James pulled his wife towards the dance floor but not before she gave Derek a glare, she still hadn’t forgiven him for rejecting Hannah.

Derek could not contain himself, Hannah’s appearance was causing havoc on his senses, the color of the dress she wore was very seductive and the way it molded around her voluptuous curve, the way her hips flared out, her eyes as hypnotizing as ever and her hair.... her hair, he wanted to run his hands through it. From Hannah’s point of view, the intensity of Derek’s gaze was turning her insides to mush, his eyes darkened as he ran his gaze all over her. Hannah’s anxiety level was shooting up, she didn’t know if Derek was happy about her being here, her palms became sweaty and her body was shaking as she looked for an escape unaware that Derek had come closer.

“Hannah.....Hannah you drive me insane,” said Derek in his deep sexy voice, Hannah looked down and fought the tears, she felt uncomfortable with her body on display in the tight dress for Derek to see but his next words were surprising.

“You look very... I don’t have words that do you justice,” he said and stepped even closer, Hannah took a step back, refusing to believe anything he said. He stayed still and stretched his hand to her.

“Hannah can I have this dance?” she looked away, knowing that he was doing it out of courtesy.

“Do I have your permission to touch you?” she asked, Derek winced and replied, “Hannah you don’t need to ask.” Hannah hesitated before placing her hand on his, he pulled her to the dance-floor.

When they got there, his arms went around her and his hand rested on the small of her back, Hannah gasped and inhaled sharply, Derek’s gaze snapped to her face and she looked down quickly, “I’m sorry,” she whispered as Human by Christina Pierre played.

Derek pulled her closer until their bodies were an inch apart, Hannah could barely control herself, Derek held her gaze as he moved them slowly from side to side across the dance-floor.

Derek switched his arms and placed both of them around her waist, Hannah placed her hands tentatively on his shoulder, Derek kissed her neck causing her grip on his shoulder to tightened, she arched her body into his and whispered his name, Derek stiffened, it was the first time she had said his name and it sound so good.

“Hannah,” Derek whispered into her ears, it brought her out of her blissful state, she was filled with panic when she realized she had said his name.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say..... excuse me,” she choked out and escaped Derek’s arms and ran towards her room to collect herself. She was currently standing by the window when she felt someone in her room, she refused to turn around because she knew who it was.

Derek stood behind her, his arms gripped the window panel.

“Hannah it’s all my fault, if I hadn’t said all those hurtful things to you, things would have been different, I need you in my life and you being afraid to touch me or say my name is killing me, I need you to please give me a second chance, please.”

Hannah was sobbing quietly by then, Derek circled his arm around her and turned her around to face him, but she kept her gaze on the floor.

“Say my name Hannah,” he whispered as he caressed her throat with his fingers. “Derek,” she whispered quietly.

“I want to hear you say it every-time, I want to show you something,” he said as he pulled her towards the mirror and made her stand in front of him.

“When I saw you for the first time, your eyes drew me, I never knew green could be so beautiful, each and every of your delicate features are beautiful. I made you feel ugly Hannah and I’m sorry, I have always known you were far from it, I want you to feel comfortable in your skin because to me no one compares to you.” Hannah turned around slowly and looked at him, he smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Derek you can’t say things like that to me and expect me not to touch and kiss you,” she said blushing. “What’s stopping you, I’m yours Hannah if you will have me, I’m at your mercy.”

Hannah lifted her hands to his face and traced his eyes, his nose, his lips, then her hands slid up into his hair, he closed his eyes and groaned when she tugged it. Her hands traveled down to his neck, she removed his tux and trailed her hands slowly over his shoulder and chest. Derek closed his eyes, his breath became ragged but he held still under her ministration, she took him by surprise when she slid her hands back to his hair and tugged his head down to her lips. Derek reacted by deepening the kiss and gripping her hips, Hannah gasped and ached into him, Derek held her like she would disappear. The passion kept building up until Derek pulled away and stepped back, Hannah swayed slightly.

“Hannah, we can’t right now, I want your first time to be special just like you,” he said but Hannah was not having it, she walked slowly, swaying her full hips and smiling seductively at him, Derek swallowed hard as his eyes darkened.

“Hannah d...,” he said but Hannah cut him off by gripping his tie and pressing herself to him, he closed his eyes. “Who said it’s not special Derek, I forgive you Derek, I know all what you have been doing for Shelby, makes me love you even more.” His eyes flew open, “love,” he whispered in surprise.

“Yes Derek I love you, and I don’t regret it.” Derek kissed her deeply and said, “I love you too, with everything I have.”

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