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All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 1

Breakfast at the Grey-moon pack is typical with so much noise and laughter, there was never any awkward moment. Katherine was at her usual post serving the pack while they ignored her presence. This was the typical werewolf reaction to humans; they were weak and pathetic even the small wolves in the pack were treated the same. Every thing was going as usual until the guards patrolling the north border alerted the Alpha that they had picked up traces of rogue scent. This caused alarm because in ten months they had no problems with the rogue and even if one did come, it was killed immediately.

The Alpha whose name is James and his son Derek stood to their intimidating height of 6ft 4, and left the table asking the guard to bring the rogues into the territory. When they got outside the other pack members were also present because rogues were never allowed into their inner territory so this was new. The guards moved aside to reveal Hannah who was carrying her sister on her back. She sank to the floor wincing as her injured leg hit the ground, she was close to unconsciousness but she gripped her sister who had at some point during their journey fallen asleep and looked around at the faces staring down scornfully at her.

“Mind explaining what you are doing in my territory,” Alpha James’s voice rang out with so much power that she cringed inwardly.

“I... w.. I was just passing through,” she said while looking anywhere else but his face which was very stern.

“Going where and for what reason?” he asked impatiently.

“Um.... I need to find somewhere to stay, my pack got destroyed three hours ago,” she choked out while struggling not to cry.

“Why don’t you stay here?” he said softly.

“WHAT!” she exclaimed and at the same time her head which she had recently bowed down in respect snapped up, she noticed that halfway into their conversation he had dismissed the pack members except for his mate.

He smirked and replied, “I usually don’t do this but there is something about you which my wife agrees with me on, so you are allowed to stay here but I must warn you, the pack would not be so welcoming and you will have to earn your keep since you are not part of the pack. You will be helping the pack keeper as her assistant, do you accept?”

Hannah stared up at him in shock, this was Alpha James, the most ruthless Alpha to ever live with the largest pack under his control offering her an olive branch by allowing her to stay, God must be looking out for her, so she looked up and said the two words that changed her life forever.

“I accept.”

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