All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 2

Hannah’s pov

I was taken to the hospital in the pack to get treated, the Alpha and his wife stood beside my sister and I and cringed when they saw the injuries that where laced with silver on my leg. The pain was somewhat bearable because some of the silver had been washed away by water. I was stitched up and ready to go, I know you are probably wondering why... duh, it’s because a silver infected wound heals faster when it stitched up. My mom always taught me the secret with herbs and flowers so I knew the effects of most.

We were escorted to the pack house and saying the place is huge is an understatement, it’s a freaking mansion, with all those corny statues you see in rich movies, but these ones where not the stereotypical gold, they were burnished grey, very intimidating. I shook my head and walked along, we got into the house and I was taken to a huge room with a cozy atmosphere and lots of people lounging around, I kept my head down as they stared at me.

“This is Hannah, she might be joining the pack depending on how useful she can be to us.” He didn’t wait for any response and ushered me out of the room, but not before I noticed a pair of steely grey eyes on me, they made me shiver and I quickened my step.

I was so lost in my thought that I didn’t realize we were standing in a room, when my sister twirled around and exclaimed in excitement, I was so embarrassed but the Alpha laughed it off, which shocked me because I didn’t think he had it in him to be carefree.

“This is your room, why don’t you get some rest and tomorrow you can start,” the Luna said. I nodded and bowed my head in respect as they left. I turned to see my sister sleeping already and that’s when the tears came, I didn’t realize I had been holding on for far too long, the tears came in waves as I sunk into my subconscious.

Alpha James pov

I stared at my pack members, they were all unsettled that the girl was staying, their worries were understandable because I never allow any rogue to go free.

“Don’t expect me to be nice and welcoming,” said Derek my Son as he left the pack meeting angrily. I have always been proud of the fact that he spoke his mind and never took shit from anyone but sometimes I fear he acts before he thinks and it will affect him later on, I sighed and dismissed everyone.

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