All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 3

Hannah’s pov

I woke up to soft snores behind me and a leg over my face and believe me, the smell coming from that feet was not something I would wish on my enemy. Shelby always did that, she would run to my room in the middle of the night begging to be cuddled and sang to, then she would fall asleep and end of pushing me off the bed, thank God it didn’t happen today. There was a knock on the door as a girl with brown hair came in, she smiled at me but it didn’t reach her eyes, a closer look confirmed that she was not more than eighteen years of age, she was really pretty.

“Hi there,” I said, trying to be friendly, I was so not used to this, I am more of the quiet type that liked to be left alone. She perked up at my greeting and immediately smiled widely, seeming more relaxed than before, she dropped the clothes she had in her hands and came to stand in front of me, now on a normal day I would have found that creepy but she looked adorable.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“I’m Hannah Townsend and this is my sister Shelby, what’s yours?”

“I’m Katherine but you can call me Kate, actually I only allow nice people to call me that, I know weird right,” she laughed, I couldn’t help but join her and before I knew it we were having a full blown conversation and I was again surprised that I could be this free with someone, normally it was just me and my books and my mom would make such a big deal of it which was hilarious.

“Hey are you okay, lost you there for a second?”

“Yeah I am, that was me just..... zoning out,” she laughed and stood up, gesturing to the clothes on the bed, “You should shower and put this on so we can get started on breakfast, your sister’s cloth are also there, she can stay with us so you don’t have to worry.”

“Can you please wait for me to get ready, I don’t know my way around,” I asked rather awkwardly, she nodded and sat down, while I picked my sister up and walked into the bathroom to get her showered. After I was done dressing and brushing her hair, Kate gushed over Shelby’s auburn hair which she got from my mom.

I walked into the bathroom and stared at myself, so much had happened till this moment, I still could not believe I was here and my appearance was a testament to the fact, I was a mess, I took a shower, taking my time to wash my hair. When I was done I wiped the fog from the mirror and looked at myself, my hair was black the deepest shade, it brought out my forest green eyes which has tinges of gold, a genetic anomaly I would always tell myself. I was five foot six, and full figured which I hated because people would say I am fat hence the reason I always wear sweats.

I quickly dressed in the black loose-fitted jeans and blue sweatshirt Kate brought, I felt clean and comfortable. I walked out and we all left the room and walked down the corridor quietly to the kitchen.

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