All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 4

Hannah's pov

We started on breakfast and I got to know more about Kate, she is human, her Father was a werewolf while her Mother was human, that’s how I understood why the pack treated her that way. Shelby followed me everywhere even after I assured her that I was not going anywhere, I felt guilty for almost dying and leaving her. She was currently bombarding Kate with so many questions on how to make chocolate chips cookies which is her favorite, I smiled and kissed her cheek.

The kitchen was everything I imagined my dream kitchen to be and then some, the space was more than enough, lots of equipment to make just about anything, I loved cooking but my favorite is baking, it was one of the ways my mum and I connected, I was always fascinated with how she prepared things with ease and how she would blush when my dad praised her, I always hoped that I would find my mate and we could live a happy life where I would cook for him and share his ideas, I know old-school.

We set the table and laid down the dishes which contained, eggs; scrambled, poached and flat-fried, bacon, lots of bacon and don’t even get me started on the pancakes, there was cereals, coffee and tea. By the time we were done some of the pack members had woken up and were currently sitting. The alpha and his mate came in holding hands, I bowed my head in respect, the Alpha’s mate, whom I later learnt that her name was Mary from Kate told me to see her in the study after I was done washing up.

Everyone was there except the Alpha’s son Derek, so Alpha James asked me to call him down for breakfast, I looked at Kate in confusion and she gave me directions. I walked down the hallway and couldn’t help but admire the artwork and tapestry on the wall, I reached the door at the end and knocked, a deep voice responded and I shivered as I entered. There he was standing in the middle of the room, tall and very intimidating, dressed in a grey shirt and black jeans that enhanced his toned body, my gaze moved up to his face, dear lord, how is it possible for someone to be this handsome, his cheek bone were chiseled, his mouth, baby pink and his eyes... oh his eyes, they were a steely grey and very very intense.

“Mate, mate,” my wolf yelled, I was so shocked and happy, I was going to have a life again, at least that was what I thought until his expression changed to one of pure disbelief and disgust.

“Of all people it had to be you, this is not happening,” he voiced angrily, I stared at him too shocked to say anything.

“But.... are my mate,” I said trying to convince him, instead his look turned icy and cold, it froze me, he walked slowly towards me like a hunter and I backed up until I hit the wall.

“You are not my mate, I would rather die than have you as one, you are a disgrace to this pack and can never be fit to be it’s Luna, look at you, you disgust me, so weak you could not defend your pack, don’t come near me, don’t look me in the eye and never use my name, I Derek Evans reject you,” he said with such venom, white hot shaft of pain when through my heart and tears fell from my eyes as he stormed out of the room.

I stood there shaking and gathering myself because I had to help Kate downstairs in-case anyone needed anything, I wiped my face and stared straight ahead, hardening my features so I won’t break down again and left the room. I reached the kitchen and was tackled into a hug from Shelby, “HANNAH!! you said you wouldn’t leave, I was looking for you,” she said as tears streamed down her face. I felt guilty, I had been so caught up in my thoughts that I forgot about Shelby’s traumatic state.

“I’m so sorry Sweety, it won’t happen again, it’s just you and me okay, that’s all that matters,” I said strongly as I wiped her face.

“Pinky swear?” she said with a pout, I laughed and hooked my finger with hers, “Yes pinky swear.” I had to be strong for Shelby, I could do this, no matter what, I had to focus on her because she is my rock.

“You wanna know a secret?” I said knowing she would get excited which she did.

“I feel stronger when you stay by my side and hold my hand,” she hugged me and I held onto her and breathed in her scent which reminded me of dad and mom.

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