All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 5

Hannah's pov

Kate walked in with an empty jug and asked me to fill it with orange juice and take it to the table. I walked into the dining room and immediately noticed Derek’s arm around a girl, I quickly averted my eyes, placed the jug on the table and walked out. When they were all done they left the table, Kate and I cleaned up and were currently placing dishes in the dishwasher.

“How come no one is going to school?” I asked.

“Oh there is a three day holiday since a day before yesterday?”

“Do you go to the same school with them?”

“Yeah the school is mixed, there are all sort of paranormals; werewolves, fox, energy beings then there is good old-fashion human?” I smiled. After we were done I asked Kate for the way to the study, I knocked on the door and Luna Mary opened it and ushered me in, I noticed the alpha was there too.

“I called you to sort out some things like your schooling and your sister,” I nodded my head as she continued, “Now since you don’t have any transcripts with you, the school has decided to give you an exam, if you pass you get in and depending on the degree of your performance, you will get a scholarship on the spot. As for your sister, the pack takes care of it’s members but since you are not yet, we would pay her first tuition then you would pay the rest,” she finished.

I was shocked, I thanked her and the Alpha, she gave me a little money to get some clothes for Shelby and I, I was so happy. I laid in my bed at night and held onto Shelby’s hand.

“Shelby, you are going to school tomorrow and I won’t be there because I am also going to school okay,” she tensed, I knew this would happen.

“Will it be like old times where you come back and we do my homework together?” I was shocked, I thought she was going to freak out.

“Of course just like old times, the bus will pick you and drop you off okay, and in case you miss it, you can ask someone to call the pack, the school has the Alpha’s number and I’ll be right there okay?′

“Okay,” she said, I sang until she fell asleep. Ever since she watched the hunger games, the song Katniss sang to her sister has been her favorite lullaby. I set the alarm and slept off.

I had to wake up earlier so I could shower and help Kate with breakfast before getting Shelby dressed for school. When I was done Kate took her downstairs to wait with the other kids while I dressed in a blue loose-fitted jeans and a purple t-shirt, with black flats, I pulled my hair into a tight pony tail and picked up my bag pack. Some of the pack members had already started living for school, I knelt in front of Shelby and she hugged me then ran to her bus.

Kate and I went with the bus, when we got to school, oh boy, it was the classic cliche story where we have the popular people e.g Derek and his cohorts, then there are the jocks, the geeks, the punks and there were people like Kate and I and some others, the invisibles, I wanted to laugh so bad Kate was giving me the weird look, I shook my head at her.... too cliche.

I saw Derek and the same girl at the dining room in a deep make-out session, pain shot through me, I gritted my teeth and commanded myself to not cry while my wolf Shana was whimpering, he saw me and smirked, Kate noticed and looked at me in question, I smiled and walked quickly into the building.

In the principal’s office, he explained everything to me, apparently the teacher who was supposed to have the first period was absent which explained why some students were lounging around doing nothing. The test was a mixture of everything, from math, to chemistry to science and history you name it, it wasn’t a big deal for me because I enjoyed reading with my dad so he ended up putting me in many special classes which helped a lot.

The principal came out with a shocked face, “I believe you are the third student to get a scholarship, you start today, this is your schedule and locker combination, I am very impressed Hannah, welcome to Rutland high school’, he said as he shook my hand and handed me my schedule.

I walked out and started looking for my second class which is geography, I was already ten minutes late but thank God the principal already informed all the teachers I had today. I knocked first then walked in and all eyes fell on me, believe me it is not the best feeling in the world.

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