All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 6

Hannah pov

The teacher stopped talking and motioned for me to come forward with the letter the principal gave me. Turning he announced, “We have a new student, her name is Hannah Townsend, please be nice and accommodating”, he said and pointed at the seat in front, close to the window, I loved it because it was farther from the rest of the class, like my own personal space.

I sat down quietly and teaching continued, I zoned out because I had already learned what he was currently teaching which was annoying because I wanted something to take my mind off Derek. The ease with which he rejected me made me feel so ugly and worthless compared to the blonde girl he was with, she was model thin while I was very curvy, it wasn’t a bad thing but looking at the girls in the pack, I looked like the fat cow. I would see them making out and I would feel that constant pain in my heart, the pain would get so intense sometimes that I would grip my pillow trying to keep my sobs down. The only good thing I had going for me was that my dad had put me through really intense training which my mom had been against, it helped me a lot to deal with pain.

The loud sound of the bell brought me out of my daydream, I was the last person to leave the class because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. When I got to my locker I cursed inwardly when I realized that it was opposite Derek’s locker, I mean it’s bad enough that he rejected me, now I have to be opposite him and watch him make out with that..... girl urgh!! I opened it and started putting my books in when the blonde girl and her two friends stepped in front of me, I took a step back... here we go, “Pathetic,” the blonde girl spat and the jocks as well as Derek and his friends laughed. If they are looking for a catfight I wasn’t going to give them any. I stood there staring as her and her friends talked about how I looked fat and disgusting and how no one wants me here and how she feels sorry for who ever dates me, all the while I was I kept quiet, when she was done they walked off with some people laughing at me, I turned towards Derek and he looked me up and down and walked away, my wolf Shana whimpered at the look of annoyance on his face.

Lunch came and I stayed in the library and read a book because I didn’t want to go to the cafeteria since I had no friend and I could not find Kate, the day went by and I was so relieved when it was time to go home, I walked towards the bus stand and waited. When the bus came, I got in and kept a seat for Kate in case the she came which she did, “Hey where were you during lunch time I looked for you,” she said as she sat down, “I couldn’t find you so I stayed in the library,” I replied back, Kate being Kate made me promise to sit with her during lunch.

When we got back, it was 4:30pm, I took a shower, dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and went to look for Shelby, I found her in the kitchen with the Luna, I felt embarrassed because I knew how carried away Shelby can be when she starts talking about something she really likes, the Luna smiled at me while Shelby ran and jumped into my arms, “Hi there pumpkin, how was your day?” I asked as I ruffled her hair and kissed her cheek, “It was awesome!!! I made lots of friends,” I chuckled and put her down, I bowed my head to the Luna as she asked how my day was, after which she left.

Kate took me to find a job and it ended up being in a diner which was popularly known, so I was really happy because the pay is good and I was also surprised that the job was available. The owner, who is a pack member agreed that I would come from school and work till seven, I was happy because it gave me time to get home and help Kate with dinner, thankfully the pack eats a little late.

You might be wondering if Kate and I cook for the whole pack? No we don’t, we only cook for those in the main pack house which are the alpha and his family which consists of Derek his brother Jacob and sister Melissa, the beta Noel, his wife April, and their sons Jake and Malvin, then there is the blonde girl who I later discovered is Olivia. She has inserted herself in the house thinking she would be the Alpha female, it annoys me a lot that Derek does not stop her from thinking that. The other pack members have their own houses and since the pack has the largest territory, Kate and I are the house keepers for the Alpha’s mansion. After dinner was over, we cleaned up after which I dragged my tired self to bed, dreading the fact that I have to wake up early the next day, I didn’t bother changing and slipped in quietly beside Shelby.

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