All I Ever Wanted

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Chapter 8

Hannah pov

The next day at school I was thinking of taking Shelby somewhere fun because she is a kid and needs to have fun experiences. I didn’t notice Derek and his friends staring at me as I was so caught in my thoughts while putting in my locker combination.

Someone tapped my shoulders and I turned to see Aaron, James and Isaac, I squealed and hugged them. These guys are awesome, after that first encounter, I’ve been spending time with their families and it brought tears to my eyes when they accepted me as one of their own with such ease. James’s sister Lily who is a year above me became a big sister and I also had the pleasure of meeting her mate, yes energy-beings have mates too.

I heard someone growl, but I shook it off. “So you ready for the plan?” Aaron asked as he leaned against my locker, while James and Micheal towered over me, glaring at anyone who made me feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah I am,” I said as I closed my locker.

“He is not going to know what hit him,” said James with an evil smirk, Isaac smacked his head, “Dude why do you have to make it sound like we are going to kill someone?” James flipped him off while Aaron turned to me with mischievous smile, I knew something annoying would come out, “Soooo... are you going to go out with Eric?” I scoffed, “That boy is a womanizer, not happening,” I said as I flipped them off and walked to my class, but not before hearing them chuckling and telling Aaron how stupid he looked.

Lunch time came and students were getting restless because it was the last day of school before summer break, it’s surprising how time flies sometimes. I sat with my friends, the twins were as usual making everyone laugh, even with all my laughter, I couldn’t help the feeling that someone was staring at me and because I felt the familiar shivers, I knew it was Derek.

I could never forget all the hurtful things he said to me, the one that hurt me the most was the fact that he said I was too weak to defend my pack. If only he knew that my powers were not stable at that time, it would have eradicated my whole pack in the process of killing the rouges which was why my mother made sure I ran away because she knew I would eventually master it which I did. Yes, every werewolf has a particular ability he/she is known for and it is hereditary, but I don’t know where mine came from, Shelby got her power from my dad which is teleportation.

I wasn’t going to let him hurt me anymore, I would focus on what makes me happy. After school, Kate, James, Aaron, Isaac and I went to my workplace with a big cake, as soon as my boss turned around, we started singing the happy birthday song and everyone joined in, the look on his face was priceless and I was happy I could bring a smile on someone’s face. When it was over I hugged Aaron, James and Isaac and promised to call every time and visit them over the break.

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