The Marriage Deal

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Chapter 1

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference”

-The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

He had fantasized about kissing her an infinite number of times. But, nothing came close to the real thing. He raised his hand to caress her cheek while the other wrapped around her waist.

Her lips were soft and warm. She tasted of strawberries and chocolate and he almost smiled. He licked her bottom lip and probed her lips for entrance, she stubbornly refused. He bit her bottom lip and she gasped, he took the opportunity to thrust inside her mouth. He only pulled away when he dimly realized the need to breathe.

He looked down into her violet eyes and noticed that they had turned slightly darker. She looked shocked and her eyes reflected the same desire he felt for her. He was hanging by a thin thread here and her slightly breathless pants and wide eyes were making him really uncomfortable down south.

“Come on,” he said and tugged her to face the front.

“Smile sweetheart,” he leaned down and whispered in her ear. She nodded and smiled at her father. Her father seemed to relax a bit at the smile.

He acknowledged the various congratulations and pats on his back as he headed down the aisle with his wife. Christ! Wife! He didn’t want to examine how he was feeling already guessing that interpreting the confusing feelings would give him a headache.

After exiting the church, they were scheduled to pose for photographs with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. He noticed that his two best friends, Josh and Ian seemed pretty interested in Sera and Chloe. He grinned at them as they winked back.

The photographer instructed them to pose as the additional bridal party moved away. He felt Violet stiffen at the photographer’s orders.

“Relax, no one is going to bite you sweetheart,” he said even though he would love to do exactly what he had told her he wouldn’t do. She gave him an unsteady smile and he longed to see the real one. He frowned to himself at his own thoughts.

“Is everything okay?” She asked and touched his arm. He nodded and pulled her more firmly to his side.

“Why that frown on your face Fury? A beautiful bride next to you and you are still frowning?” Brian, the photographer and a long time friend, called out.

“Wanna exchange places Mike?” Josh asked and laughed when he saw the furious expression on Mike’s face.

“Chill bro. He’s just messing around with you,” Ian smiled.

He looked down to see Violet blushing and pulled her close to plant a kiss at the side of her temple. She looked up at him surprised and stared into his eyes. He quickly swooped down and planted a quick peck on her lips. Her eyes nearly bulged at the gesture as he chuckled and his eyes twinkled.

He nudged her. “Come on, it’s our wedding. Enjoy yourself. You have an audience to cater to,” he whispered and she smiled albeit it didn’t reach her eyes.

She turned her face forward and leant her head against his shoulder as Brian clicked a few shots. Suddenly, she bent forward and spread her arms as a small ball of black suit and blond hair came barrelling towards her and jumped into her arms. She would have lost her balance, if not for Michael’s steadying hand at her back. She laughed once more as she hugged the child and swayed from side to side.

“Hey champ! Enjoying yourself?” She asked her three year old nephew. Nate, the nephew in question, pouted and shook his head vigorously. She laughed again and asked him the reason. He tugged on his collar and looked at her with beseeching eyes. Michael laughed at the exchange and Violet grinned at him. His eyes widened at the smile and he would have stared like an idiot if she wouldn’t have turned back.

“I hate it too Nate,” He told the young boy.

“Can I remove it? Mommy is been mean. She forced me!” He pouted again and looked at his now older comrade with hopeful eyes.

Before he could reply, he heard a stern “Nate!” from Sera. She rushed over and tried to take Nate but Violet refused.

“I don’t mind Sera,” Michael added his own input. “We can click a few pictures with him if you don’t mind and of course if Nate doesn’t mind.”

Sera looked unsure till Brian shouted, “Keep the kid for a few photos. He looks good with them,” he directed towards Sera. She nodded but added in a stern voice, “No fooling around Nathan.” He only grinned in reply.

Violet helped him loosen his tie a bit and Michael winked at him. “It’ll be our li’l secret. Don’t tell Mommy.” Nate nodded and happily posed for a few photos but soon started squirming and Michael had to release him.

“Are we done here Brian?”

“Yup almost…we just need a proper picture of you guys kissing then we are done.”

He almost rolled his eyes when Violet stiffened again. He rubbed the small of her back reassuringly and turned her towards him, not giving her time to prepare and kissed her without warning.

This kiss was urgent and she responded hesitantly. He almost moaned at her shy attempts to duel with his tongue but she quickly pulled back and looked away. He almost groaned.

“Time to head towards the reception,” Chloe interrupted them before Michael could say anything.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Violet said eagerly then blushed at her own eagerness. Was she that eager to get away from him? He thought.

As they entered the reception hall, he was greeted with the beautiful scent of roses and daisies. White and golden decorations beautified the ceiling. The elegantly decorated archway and charming chandeliers hanging from the ceiling were beautiful. He turned his head and gave a nod to his P.A, James to signal his approval of the wedding preparations’. James smiled wryly and nodded back.

He led Violet towards the table arranged for them and their family. His hawkish eyes narrowed on his grandmother and gave her a warning glance when he remembered their conversation a week after the wedding date was decided.

“And why can’t I meet her?” Cybil demanded.

“Because you’ll scare her away with your Spanish Inquisition Grandma, that‘s why!” Michael tried to reason with her — a near impossible task he acknowledged.

“As your grandma, it is my prerogative to ask her questions. What if she is trying to trap you? Plus the fact that she emerged just a couple of weeks after you came to know about the terms of the will is mighty suspicious! And why the rush to get married….within a week that too! Is she pregnant?” Cybil pushed for answers, while narrowing her eyes at her conniving grandson.

“Oh God, no Grandma! She is NOT pregnant. I didn’t want her to meet you because I was keeping it a secret. She’s different and I wanted to be in a stable relationship before I announced to the world that I would be marrying her!” He spoke calmly even as guilt raged inside him which he unsuccessfully tried to push aside.

“I just want to meet her Michael. I just want to see if she is suitable enough for all those responsibilities that come with being your wife. I am supposed to look out for you now remember?” She tried to use the guilt card on her stubborn grandson.

“No! Listen to me grandma, I really love her and she is very skittish. I don’t want to scare her and make her run for the hills. I know you are supposed to look out for me but she is already stressed out with the wedding in less than a week, her clinic, her family and a countless number of wedding details. Just meet her at the wedding. You trust my judgement don’t you? Then trust me on this, please.” He was close to begging to his grandmother at this point but he was really desperate to avoid the meeting between Violet and Cybil. Cybil could eat Violet for breakfast if she didn’t like Violet at all.

Cybil raised her hands to cup Michael’s face. She sighed, “If you say so sweetheart but I really wanted to meet her.” She pouted and Michael chuckled, “All in good time grandma, all in good time.”

“Violet! You make such a beautiful bride! It’s lovely to see that you didn’t bail out on my grandson even though he can be a pompous ass!” Cybil smiled at Violet while glaring at Michael.

“Thank you Ma’am,” Violet blushed. “He is not so bad once you get to know him,” she smiled at Michael. Michael raised his eyebrow acerbically.

“Oh! None of that 'Ma’am' business, girl. Please call me Grandma like Michael does,” she waved her arms around and smiled warmly at the couple.

“I am so sorry that I couldn’t meet you before the wedding. But Michael told me that you both were really busy with the preparations and couldn’t manage everything,” Cybil shot a glare to Michael.

Before Violet could respond, Michel quickly jumped in, “Grandma!” He said in a warning tone.

Cybil laughed while Violet looked bewildered by the exchange. She opened her mouth to respond but the DJ had other plans.

“A beautiful song for the beautiful couple. May you experience all the joys and happiness in your married life and a few fights too because hey variety is the spice of life right?” The audience chuckled politely as How Deep is your Love started playing softly in the background.

Michael sighed softly and extended his hand towards Violet who placed her hand shyly in his and gave him a small smile. He smiled back reassuringly and tugged on her hand as he led her towards the dance floor. He pulled her close and placed his hands on her waist and she placed her hands on his shoulders. He sensed her discomfort and was thinking of ways to get her to relax when she spoke up.

“I didn’t know that your Grandma wanted to meet me. I wouldn’t have had a problem with meeting her. She seems like a lovely lady.”

He scoffed, “That’s because she has no other option than to be polite in a table filled with your people. She has always disapproved of all my previous girlfriends.”

“I thought they were one night stands only,” she muttered then looked up at his face with wide eyes to check if he had heard.

“Been Googling me, jealous wife?” He smirked.

“I didn’t!I didn’t search! And I am not jealous,” she told him furiously.

“Don’t worry. I don’t plan on being unfaithful especially after that kiss,” he probed her eyes intensely.

“So, what do you say Violet? How about we stay faithful and are with each other, only,” He said as he stressed on the last word and searched her eyes to read her feelings. He took in her shocked and aroused eyes before slowly leaning down and kissing her hungrily.

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