The Marriage Deal

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Chapter 4

“Seduce My Mind and You Can Have My Body; Find My Soul and I am Yours Forever.”

When Violet’s head rested gently on his shoulder, he was tempted to put his arm around her and draw her close but, he knew that it would disturb her. He settled for kissing her hair and leaning back. As he stared down at her, he was again struck by her beauty. Her pale, creamy complexion and plump lips combined with that gorgeous body was enough to make his pants feel tighter. He wondered about her reasons for not taking a lover but couldn’t think of any.

She was really gorgeous and he knew that no one would turn down an opportunity to be with her. Was it because she was too shy? He had noticed her behaviour around other people and she seemed quite uncomfortable around new people. He had also checked her background and it seemed as if she was somewhat of a genius. She had graduated early and had a PhD in Psychology and a B.A in English Literature. He reasoned that maybe being a genius made a few people either snobbish or reserved. It wasn’t hard to guess which category Violet belonged to, he thought wryly.

She shifted a bit and her breast slightly rubbed against his bicep. He almost groaned aloud. Was this girl trying to kill him? He shifted again to get comfortable. He looked outside and realized that he was a few minutes away from his house. It’ll get better, he tried to reassure himself. He tried to relax his body but her subtle perfume and her lithe body against him was not helping.

When the car finally came to a stop, he sighed with relief and turned to nudge her awake.

“Violet, wake up, we’ve reached.” She mumbled something but didn’t move even an inch. He shook her shoulder a bit but, there was no response. The door of the car opened and he realised that he would have to carry her in. He rolled his eyes and shook his head at the situation.

“Hey Brett, you mind opening the door for me?” He asked the driver.

“Not at all, Sir,” the old man replied with a smile and moved away to open the door.

He gently picked up Violet bridal style, a mighty impossible task with all the silky smooth material of her wedding dress threatening his grip. But, he had to admit that the simple dress did amazing things to her body. She sighed in her sleep and snuggled close to his body. This time, he groaned.

“Sticking to traditions, Sir?” Brett asked him in a joking manner.

He jolted from his less than decent thoughts. “Huh?” he asked.

“You are carrying the bride over the threshold.”

Even as his heart panicked, he tried to smile and wink at Brett as he entered his house.This marriage was beginning to feel almost like a real one.

“G’night, Sir.”

“Good night, Brett. Thanks for your help.” Brett nodded and quietly closed the door.

Michael looked around and proceeded to climb the stairs towards his room. Violet had insisted on having a separate room but, he had explained the need to keep up the pretence even at home. His grandmother had a habit of dropping in unannounced and staying for the night. He didn’t want to be caught off guard.

He nudged the door open and gently placed her on the bed. He straightened and looked down at her. Her hair had been put up in a bun. He knew that she would be uncomfortable in her wedding ensemble if she slept like that. He sighed and gently shook her.

“Violet, you have to wake up. You can sleep again after changing your dress. Wake up now.”

She mumbled a half hearted “Go Away” and turned away from him. He rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. He shook her again.

“Violet! If you don’t get up and change yourself, I’ll do it for you.”

Her eyes shot open and he smirked in triumph. She rolled her eyes and closed her eyes again.

“I am serious and you know I wouldn’t mind the task one bit.”

“Fine,” she grumbled and sat up on the bed. “Where are my clothes?”

He pointed towards the closet. She made an impatient sound and headed inside the closet and called out a “Get out.”

He was going to tease her about staying in the room but he remembered how tired she looked. He changed his mind and started walking out. He turned around at the door to remind her that he was also going to sleep on the bed but, the words dried up in his throat.

She was already pulling down her wedding dress hastily. His eyes widened when he realised that she was not wearing a bra. He almost choked when she bent down. The sight of her shapely butt was doing brutal things to his painful hard-on. She sat down on the bed and started rolling down her stockings. Her neat and practised movement was a slap to his already suffering system. She folded the dress neatly and placed her stockings on top of it. Then she picked up her oversized t-shirt, slipped it on and turned towards the door. He quickly shifted out of the way and almost stumbled in his haste. He leant against the wall for support and tried to control his heavy breathing. He grimaced as he looked down at the bulge in his pants.

He started making his way down towards the drinks cabinet, thinking of ways to get through the night without jumping his wife. Tough luck, his conscience whispered. He downed the whiskey in one go. The heat burned down his throat, and was a pleasant jolt to his system.

He gave himself a few minutes to relax before going for a shower. A very cold shower, he amended.

He tiptoed his way to the dark room and into the bathroom. As he switched on the shower, he was trying to focus his mind on the Haruki deal when his eyes wandered towards the door. Was she wearing any shorts or did she just sleep in her t-shirt. Would her t-shirt ride up? Was her skin as soft and smooth as it looked? Was she a really deep sleeper? And his thinking was spoiling all the benefits of the cold shower. He switched off the tap and stepped out of the shower, walking out of the bathroom towards his closet.

He pulled on some pyjama bottoms, figuring that Violet would freak if he just slept in his boxers. Slipping into the bed and under the covers, he realised that she was side sleeper, hugging a pillow for comfort. He chuckled and lay on his back waiting for sleep and the exhaustive day to catch up with him.


He woke up to find someone trying to move his hand. He shifted and almost opened his eyes but caught the sweet fragrance off her hair and stilled. She wriggled some more and managed to get out of his hold, standing next to the bed, and staring down at him with a bewildered expression. Through half closed eyes, he saw that her hair was messy and one of the t-shirt sleeves was slipping from her shoulder. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He discreetly swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth.

As she quietly closed the bathroom door, Michael slowly opened his eyes and sat up on his bed. He took a few deep breaths and almost laughed at his predicament. Is that how he was going to wake up henceforth? With a hard on and a wife unwilling to sleep with him? He sighed and walked towards the small table to check his phone.

He had three messages from James and one each from his grandmother, Josh, and Ian. He scrolled down and checked the messages.

Dude! Violet is really sweet. I hope you find happiness with her. And ask her if she has a clone or something ’coz she is one gorgeous lady. You got lucky, asshole. Congrats! : ) – Josh

Michael chuckled at the message. Even though Josh had a sunny and happy disposition most of the time, he could be serious too. He was a whiz with computers and an all round jokester but he was fiercely loyal. He was typing out his message when the bathroom door opened and Violet stepped out.

He was sure that his jaw hit the floor. She had a towel wrapped around that fell a few inches short of her knees. A few water droplets still clung to her shoulders. Her hair was still wet and she was clutching the towel to her chest as if it would fall down any minute. Would it? He wondered.

“I… I..wet bathroom. Can’t change in bathrooms. Never been able to. Clothes get wet,” she stuttered her way through the explanation.

He was a few feet away from her but he could still smell the soap from the shower and the fruity scent of her shampoo. He took a step forward. She made a small panicked sound and took a step back. He kept advancing and she kept moving back till her back hit the wall.

“I can change in the bathroom if you want. I can try. I have always been good at trying and---,” she was cut off when he lightly brushed his lips against hers and moved back to see her reaction.

Her eyes were wide, but they had darkened. Her plump lips were pink and her skin glowed. She was killing him. Her tongue swiped across her bottom lip and his eyes followed the movement. He felt something shift inside him as he looked into her eyes. She looked vulnerable; and he would have backed off if not for the desire in them. He looked at her lips again. She was nibbling her bottom lip. He felt all the blood in his body rush southwards. He wanted to kiss her, take her bottom lip between his teeth and nibble at it the way she was. He knew from experience that her lips were soft and he longed to taste them again. He lifted his hand and gently pried her lip from her nibbling teeth.

“Violet,” he breathed. “Can I kiss you?” he asked with a hopeful tone in his voice and almost grimaced at his pathetic attempt. He had never needed to ask before. He had enough women who were ready to sleep with him. He had never had to look very far for them. Every one of those women knew the score: he didn’t do relationships. He had never wanted to because he had never met anyone who had caught his fancy like that.

However, he was also smart enough to realize that Violet was not any of those women. He was also smart enough to realize that he treated her differently as compared to those women. He wanted to treat her differently as was evident from the question he asked her. He looked at her eyes again and willed her to say yes.

And when she parted her lips, he was already bending down to kiss her again.

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