Fatal Attraction

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He felt pity for the crying innocent soul standing in front of him but the only thing that mattered to him was possessing her completely and making her his. He did not know where the fatal attraction would lead to, but he totally intended to act on it, irrespective of what he had to do for the same. "Think whatever you want, but my condition is not going to change. If you don't want Soumya's love to leave her at the altar then marry me and be my wife." The finality in his voice made Asmita shudder at the mere thoughts of his words turning into reality. But she did not seem have another option. Her heart, her emotions and her love for Soumya were overpowering her mind and were not letting her think straight. ~ Meet the ruthless and shrewd Daksh Malhotra, one of the top business tycoons of India, who always has what he wants except one woman he is fatally attracted to. Meet the sweet and chirpy Asmita Sharma, an orphan who had to struggle for every need of hers yet chooses to place others' happiness over hers. When people so different meet and vow to be together for forever due to reasons which are nothing but of limerence and compulsion, what will be their equation? ~When passion meets inspiration, obsession is born.~

Yagya Chowdary
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One word to describe the situation in which DM Designs was. One might be shocked to the core, analyzing this fact and keeping in mind that discipline was most important virtue which was always upheld in DM Designs. But not many knew that the same chaos was evident in the physical environment of DM Designs and also the mental condition of all the employees when their boss, Daksh Malhotra,reached the office.

All the gossips halted and girls started to do their last minute touch-ups to impress the most eligible bachelor of India, though they were aware of the fact that his latest fling, tagged as ‘girlfriend’ is none other than Priyanka Ahuja, their Human Resources Department Head.

Daksh was like a beautiful knife. Beautiful, elegant and suave from a distance and dangerous if close to him. The only person he escaped the dark side of his character was his only sister and the only family he has in this bad world, Anisha Malhotra. His cousin brother Amit Singhania was another one who was allowed to prank and joke with him at times, although it was to a bare minimum as Daksh had played with the man for good since their childhood.

Daksh loved attention and people readily gave him the attention he wanted without a moment of thought. Having lost his parents in an unfortunate accident in the past, Daksh had no dearth of sympathy or people who were ready to do anything to stop him from feeling the dearth of his parents. Suddenly his eyes traveled to a person who was still speaking to some client to finalize a deal, rather than paying him attention.

Sudeep is dead, thought the employees with pity in their eyes for the employee speaking there, even after knowing the rules.

“Sudeep Verma, don’t you know the rule that when I am here, every body should divert their attention to me and wait for my instructions for the day rather than some other work, which can wait,” shouted Daksh rudely, while Sudeep shivered with fear and could not answer back due to the fear in his mind.

Having everything he wanted since childhood had significantly lowered his threshold for tolerance towards others and he had put himself into a position through his talent that no one liked to test his patience and bear the devastating results.

“And Priyanka, come to my cabin.”

Daksh went inside the cabin and took his seat while Priyanka followed him inside.

“Priyanka, did you find anyone eligible to my secretary post and who is also interested towards the job, unlike those people who are ready to do anything to get money?” asked Daksh, not even looking at Priyanka.

“Who would refuse to work with you, darling? Today one girl is coming to give the interview at 10:30 AM. Is that okay for you?“replied Priyanka while hugging him and pecking him on the cheek.

"That’s fine. Most importantly I need a PA who is not dragging and melodramatic like the previous one and that too as fast as possible. I hope that you made a good choice this time as you know how my punishments are like, especially towards you, I guess?” said Daksh, cruelly eyeing her with a dangerous smirk on his lips.

She nodded and gulped thinking about his roughness at physical intimacy and hoped that she was right about her choice for his secretary while she staged a walkout from his cabin.

A nervous yet confident girl clad in a sky blue Salwar Kameez entered the office premises, holding her resume and the required documents. She meekly inquired the receptionist about the interview for the PA post and she was asked to wait, since the interviewer, Daksh Malhotra himself, was not free. 

Fifteen minutes had passed and her nervousness and anxiety grew as each second passed. She knew how important this job was for her and Sunita, her best friend and room mate. 

"Excuse me, Ms.Sharma. Now you can go to Sir for your interview. Please take the stairs and the second room to your left is his cabin,” said the receptionist, unable to believe that a meek and traditional girl was here to give an interview for the post of Daksh’s PA considering his Casanova and playboy image. She wondered if she was even aware of the nature of the man who was going to interview her.

The girl quickly uttered her thanks to the receptionist and took slow yet steady steps assuring herself with each step that she will be able to crack the interview successfully. But it couldn’t change the fact that she was very nervous. 

She stood near the cabin door and let out a prayer to her Lord Krishna to protect her and make her get success in the task at the hand. She knocks thrice but does not get any answer so she goes in, taking the silence as an ‘Yes’. Daksh was speaking on the phone to his client, standing near the window adjacent to the door. 

She entered the cabin to get startled to see her boss so close to her as he turned back after completing the call and she loses her stability to fall only to be caught by Daksh reflexively. Daksh is completely lost in the angelic beauty, which suddenly fell in his muscular and steady arms, as if she had fallen from the heaven for him. His one hand was on her petite waist and the other was supporting her back while her one hand was holding Daksh’s shoulder tightly and the other was still holding her documents safely in its grip. 

She was lost in the deep chocolate orbs which were as deep as his name was. Desires and passion dilated Daksh’s pupils while the girl chose to ignore the alien feelings developing in her sensing the intense gaze on her. But she was assured of one thing that the encounter had paved way for more nervousness because she vaguely identified the alien feelings as that of fear. 

She had never been close to a man other than her other best friend who studied in the school opposite to that of her all-girls college and coaching institute. The ideals and morals instilled in the very conservative orphanage taught her to maintain her distance while interacting with the opposite gender and the same knowledge was only making her more nervous.

He did not recognize her but she seemed like another puzzle to unravel. She appeared so innocent and naive, a stark contrast to his player image, and felt the fatal attraction targeting his senses. Unraveling and knowing her would indeed feel like cracking a puzzle, he thought, as a smirk stretched itself upon his lips.

Suddenly a light cool breeze started blowing through the open door and window and the girl’s hair was obstructed Daksh’s view from the lady whom he was going to solve.

In the process of removing the hair from his way, he accidentally touched her forehead which sent jolts of current through his body. It had not been long and his attraction for her only seemed to magnify, after all, she seemed forbidden to him and forbidden fruit was always sweeter. Unfortunately for him, it brought her back to her senses and she immediately moved away from him to maintain distance.

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