One Hundred

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Heaven, just as her name suggests, is the nicest girl one will ever meet. She does have her moments where she gets frustrated but in a world filled with hatred and the likes, she remains her pure self. Unbeknownst to her that meeting an incredibly... Strange man...would end her life.

Romance / Fantasy
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"Come back here, Kai! I'm not done talking to you, yet!" my dad roared from his personal library. His voice resonated in the walls of our living room mixed in with the soft sobs from my mother, who was seated on the sofa, covering her face with her damp handkerchief.

"Don't fucking yell at me! If you want me to respect you, then give me the same amount of respect!" I roared back, grabbing my bag and slinging it on my shoulders, hoisting the strap a little higher. My heart was pounding so hard against my chest and I could feel my blood rushing to my head.

As I walked towards the door, my hand already on the doorknob, I felt my mother's hand on my upper arm. That alone weighed me down as the voices in my head started to go back and forth with my decision. My sight remained on the smooth, wooden door when my mother spoke-- stuttered out her words in between sniffles. "Kai, please. You don't ha-have to go. Y-Your father is ju-just letting out steam... Please..."

Even when my back was facing her, the pain in her voice definitely seeped right into my stomach as I felt it twist. I heaved a deep breath and as heavy as my hands felt, I gently nudged her hand away. Without looking at her over my shoulder, I pulled the door open, "I don't give a fuck. Personal life should be separated from work. If he's pissed at something else then he should deal with it like an adult should." I stepped out and dragged the heavy wooden door close, muttering an apology to my mother under my breath.

Only then did I realize that it had been raining hard. I looked forward towards the gate and couldn't almost make out anything through the fog. Definitely had quite the intense fight with that old bastard. The thought of him made me scowl and the anger I felt pushed my feet down the porch. I didn't care about the prickly feeling of rain against my skin or the cold embrace of the wind as I walked out of the gates. I was practically already drenched.

"Fucking stupid," I muttered under my breath. With this heavy of a downpour, there would be close to none number of cabs or any vehicles for that matter. I wouldn't dare use any of the cars my father owns, either. "Where the fuck do I go..." I mumbled as I squinted, trying to see anything through the fog-- even pushed my front hair back as if it would help with anything.

Just my damn luck. I clicked my tongue. For sure, it would be fun to drag my father out here so he could cool his head off. It practically feels like being poured water on from an ice bucket.

My eyes swept left and right as I kept trying to find any vehicle that I can ride or even hitch as I decided to start walking. Nothing will happen if I just stood still. Even if I did, none of my parents would chase after me, anyway. I rolled my eyes at the thought and before I could think of other things, I caught a glance on a flash of light from the corner of my eye.

I quickly turned around and was more than surprised to see headlights of a car glaring through the fog. I couldn't be any happier at that moment. Desperate to be seen, I rushed to the center of the road and frantically waved both my arms in the air, yelling, "Hey!" as loud as I could.

The headlights were coming closer and the smile on my face was spreading even wider. But what made my smile slowly falter was the fact that the car wasn't slowing down at all. So I decided to yell even louder, thinking that whoever was driving couldn't see me well. I was stupid enough not to move from the spot. No matter what I did, the car didn't slow down. When I finally decided to move, I felt a strong impact against my body. There was a deafening sound ringing in my ears as I felt the ground beneath me. Before everything faded to black, all I could remember were glowing red pupils of a man smiling menacingly behind the wheels.

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