I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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9 - Breakfast

"Goddess, that woman." The alpha groaned.

Grey had just woken up only to find Xam nowhere inside the room they've slept in. Looking around, he noticed that all of her suitcases have disappeared again. He rubbed his face frustratedly and got up to locate his mate.

Her actions had once again completely made no sense to him. She had gladly accepted to have him sleep with her last night. What was the matter now?

"Pancakes?" Xam offered her mate as she sensed him come into the kitchen. She did not bother looking back as she solely focused on making their breakfast.

She woke up extra early today to move her suitcases into another room. She didn't want to risk Grey rummaging through them and find where her valuable belongings were stored.She wasn't ready for that conversation just yet. After that, she decided to cook for him since they'd skipped dinner yesterday.

"What the-" Xam gasped as Grey spun her around and lifted her up on the counter top. He guided her legs around his waist and did not waste any second to crash his lips on hers.

The kiss started out slow and steady. At first, Xam was unresponsive but Grey was quick to think of something to make her react. He squeezed her thighs making her lips part open and proceeded to infiltrate her. Their tongues clashed for a moment before she gave up and let him take his time exploring her mouth.

"Hmm," she moaned, placing her hands around his neck.

She had no idea what had gotten into her mate. Was this his form of punishment for her? If it was, she'd gladly take it but she knew it was something else. She decided to ask her questions later and live in spur of the moment.

The kiss then became rough and torrid. Grey couldn't get enough of his mate. He poured out his frustration through their kiss as his hands trailed to play with her breasts.

His wolf was angry this morning. He wanted to feel her submit to the mate bond. He wanted to make her remember how good he could make her feel. Maybe then she would stop her confusing behavior.

"Grey." Xam tugged at his hair as his lips travelled down to her neck.

He left small wet kisses along the way while his hands continued playing with her breasts. When he reached where her shoulder and neck met, he teased the skin by sucking and tugging on it.

Xam could feel her body hum in pleasure. Her core started to get wet as her mate continued to assault her upper body. She felt him pull her closer making her emit a moan when his member pressed hard against her.

Grey growled, smelling her delicious arousal in the air. He gave her a quick peck on the lips before bringing his head down to her core. Without breaking eye contact, he ripped the cargo shorts she wore yesterday and pushed her panties aside as he swiped his tongue on her folds.

"Babe!" Xam cried, gripping the edges of the countertop.

He smiled against her pussy's lips after hearing her call him that. He flicked his tongue back and forth, quickening his pace and effortlessly slipped a finger in.

Once inside, her walls felt warm and wet. He started fingering her slowly, admiring how her lips turned into an 'o' everytime he made the rubbing motion. Her reaction drived him mad. She looked beautiful.Her small face with those lustful eyes made his cock twitch and gave him a hard time holding back.

"Goddess, you're so fucking good," she tried saying in between her breathy moans.

She felt her climax near and her vision flash white. Involuntarily, she pressed her thighs together. Grey growled and pushed open her legs wider, slipping in another finger to her cave.

"Cum for me, baby," he stood back up and whispered in her ear.

Xam could feel the knot in her stomach come undone. Her core dripped and Grey did not waste time drinking it. The sound of him sucking her dry made her body shiver in delight. He licked her clean and kissed her before carrying her to a stool.

"I drank you just as promised, little mate," he smiled devilishly and took the spatula out of her hands, "But I burnt the pancake."

Xamantha blushed furiously at Grey's words. She couldn't believe what just happened. To top it off, they didn't even notice the burning pancake until now. They could've literally died because of the pleasure.

"It's fine. We could still eat the ones I've managed to make earlier," she grabbed the plate full of pancakes beside the stove with wobbly feet.

"Easy there, kitty." Grey held her waist for support. He turned the stove off and sat on a stool with his mate on his lap.

Xam could still feel his excitement from the buldge she felt underneath her ass but she chose to ignore it and ate silently with him.

"What was that about?" She asked a few minutes after satisfying her stomach and mustering up the courage to talk about it.

"That was simply my breakfast," Grey shrugged, "Now it's my turn to ask. What was yesterday about? What got you upset after we went to the clinic? Is it because I made you walk alone?"

Xam felt her mood dampen. She was yet again reminded of her peculiarity in the pack. She hoped he would not notice but he was her mate. Even the slightest change gets detected.

"No. It's nothing," she got off of his lap and proceeded to take the dishes to the sink.

"It has to be something cause it's making you act...." Grey paused, carefully looking for the words to describe her.

"Act what?" She raised a brow at him and waited for him to finish.

"Confusing? Weird? Out of the ordinary? I'm not so sure honestly." Grey saw her lips quiver for a split second.

"Is something wrong with how I act?" His mate's brows met with each other. She felt offended and a little bit hurt. She did not expect him to utter the words her former pack did.


Out of the ordinary.

"Xamantha, you know what I mean," his eyes kept on switching from his wolf's, "I am an alpha and you are my unmarked mate. The littlest things you do that make us think you don't want us makes both of us lose our control."

Xam was slightly mad at him but she also couldn't help feel guilty. Her mate was trying his hardest to mark her with consent and here she was, making him think that she was having second thoughts.

"It's not that I don't want you, I do." She explained, "It's just..."

Grey looked at her expectantly. Finally, she was opening up. She even reassured him that she wanted him. Now, all that needs to be said is what was bothering her.

"Forget about it. It's stupid."

"It's not if it bothered you so much," he pressed further.

"I'll tell you when I want to, okay?" Her voice faltered which made Grey's wolf whimper, "I'll be taking a shower now."

She was clearly upset and he figured maybe it was something so personal to her for her to act out this way. It was best to give her space for now.

Matt, get a she-wolf to deliver ice cream for my mate, he ordered his beta.

You got it, boss, he replied.

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