I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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10 - Help

Xam heard the door slammed shut and sensed her mate out of the house. She released a huge sigh and got into the bathroom.Stripping down, she replayed their exchange over and over her head.

She knew she could've done better. He did not do anything wrong to her to be shut out like that. She was very aware that her insecurities were her own problem and dragging Grey into it won't do any good. She just can't sort herself out that well and in the end, she acted like a teenage wolf quite honestly.

Stepping into the shower, her muscles relaxed as the hot droplets of water rained on her skin. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander off.

She realized she was running away from her problems like she used to. Always clinging on to her crystals and isolating herself. The cowardly act worked a lot of times before but back then she felt she only had herself. Now, there was Grey and his pack which was soon to be hers too.

She reminded herself to take things one at a time. Xamantha thought she was stressing over stuff too much. It had only been two days since she got here, she needed to ease up and compose herself. She was after all, a luna.

Enjoying the rest of the bath, she ceased thinking about it. After feeling squeaky clean, she walked back into the guest room she had hid the suitcases in and got dressed.

"Woah," Matteo whistled lowly as he spotted Xam devouring the tub ice cream Grey told him to have delivered earlier.

"If you're looking for Lester, he's not here," she stated and focused her attention back on the movie she was watching.

His luna was enjoying herself on the long gray couch with a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream in her arms and a blanket which reeked of Grey cocooning her.

"What do you want?" she questioned Matt when he simply stood and stared at her.

"You've magically grew your hair back long like when we've first met," he blurted out.

Xam snorted at him and shrugged.

She decided after the bath that she would wear her long black wig again. She felt free with her short hair but maybe with her long one people would not stare at her anymore.

"You don't talk much do you?"

"Only to people who I'm comfortable with," Xam pointed out, "Now, what is it that you want?"

"L asked me to check up on you. It's way past lunch and he was worried you weren't eating again," the beta took the red couch on her left and awaited for her to answer.

Xam's brows furiously met. She was doing that a lot now and was bound to gain wrinkles.She had assumed that his mate was busy with Goddess knows what but now she suspected that he was avoiding her.

"Where is he anyway? He didn't drop by for lunch," she sat up and went to the kitchen to refrigerate her unfinished ice cream. Matteo followed.

"He's in his office dealing with something...," Matt trailed off for a few seconds, "Important."

Xamantha shot him a glare not buying his bullshit. Obviously, his best bud had sent him to check up on her. Maybe he was really avoiding her but why would he? If anyone were to avoid anyone it would've been her.

"I'm going to him. Is he still in there?" She walks to the door and sniffed the air looking for the scent that drove her mad.

"Yes, he's in the middle of something though. Are you sure about this?" The beta looked at her like she was crazy, "In your pajamas and sports bra? The last time you wore something revealing I got my lip busted!"

Xam ignored his blabbering and followed her mate's scent. Half-way along the walk, Matteo disappeared from beside her. In the distance she saw her mate's small but elegant office. Before she could even near it, she heard a voice much like Ivy's speak.

"...she's way better than her. I don't even understand you."

She heard her mate sigh.

"I won't tolerate any of this next time, mark my words. You are dismissed."

The door to his office opened and out came Ivy looking pissed. Her nose stuck up in the air and turned to where she stood. She flashed her a smirk before walking away.

Something important, huh? Was she the one Matteo referred to as what kept her mate busy?

Her lips emitted a growl.

The wolf inside her was surprisingly clawing out for the first time, wanting to destroy whatever was hindering their bond. But first, she needed to talk to Grey.

She stomped her way to the front and was about to knock when the mahogany door opened. In one swift move, Grey pulled her in and had Xam pinned against the wall. Both her arms were behind her in his hold and her ass pressed against his crotch.

"Took you awhile. I was waiting for you, little mate," he whispered in her ear and felt her shiver.

"Let go of me," Xam tried to break free of his grip but failed, "Are you deaf? Let go!"

He groaned and pressed his member closer to her ass. There was something so sexy about his mate when she's mad but he couldn't point it out. Was it the way she bit her full lips in annoyance? The way her eyes held fierce flames that promised consequences? Or because of the reappearance of her long black hair?

"Fuck, baby. Resisting me like that turns me on."

"Yeah, that's how rapists think. Let me go," she forcefully pulled away.

Grey chuckled darkly and released her.

Even when mad, his mate had a smart-ass mouth. Having someone to bicker seemed fun to him then but this was Xam. She was different and she always found ways to rile him up sexually and emotionally.

"Ouch, babe. I thought you wanted me," he put a hand on his chest playfully.

"I thought you wanted me too but it seems like you're happily avoiding me and keeping busy with Ivy," her hands turned into fists and her jaw tensed looking at the smirking alpha in front of her.

"Is my darling jealous?" Grey moved to embrace her but Xam held a finger in front of his face to stop him.

"Are you avoiding me? After pleasuring me for breakfast? Look, I'm sorry I shut you out like that but I was telling the truth when I said I wanted us."

Grey once again noticed her lips quivered. His little mate wasn't as tough as she projected herself to be. He knew on the inside she was simply any other wolf who gets upset and feels a whole lot of emotions. It made his wolf happy that he could see right through it. The mate bond had its perks.

"Babe, I was just warning her to stay away from you. Goddess knows I'll kill her if she ever lays her claws on you again," he assured her, "And I'm not avoiding you, at least not intentionally. I had to finish signing the alliance contract to be submitted to the council for it to be official."

Xamantha's brows relaxed from her frown. His mate wasn't avoiding her after all. He also wasn't fooling around with anyone. She felt ashamed assuming both. So, she did the only thing she could think of to make up for it and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, baba." She whispered, surprising Grey.

He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead.

"Don't be. Did I tell you that you look beautiful with long hair?" He looked at her blushing, "But you look more confident with the short one. Either way, you're always beautiful."

Xam did not say anything and instead burried her face on his chest. She inhaled deeply, finding comfort in his scent. Their moment was cut off when Grey pushed her away.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm gonna get blue balls because of you. I need a shower." He chuckled knowing that his mate had sniffed his obvious arousal in the air.

Xam pursed her lips. Grey had given her the release and pleasure she needed these past few days. It was about time she did the same, right? She locked the door to his office and stared at him.

"What are you doing?" The glint in her eyes made Grey excited.

"Maybe I can help." Xam said as she kneeled in front of him, biting her lips.

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