I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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13 - Revoked

Xamantha's footsteps shuffled around the room.

His wolf's hearing picked up her mumbling. She was awfully anxious again this morning.

"Isn't it too early for that?" He asked propping himself up with his arm.

It was her third day here. Xam was putting her clothes and other necessities at the right places. She wanted to distract herself enough to calm down before spilling to her mate the secrets she held. It made her restless.

She jumped at his voice and turned to look at him.

"Good morning. I wanted to settle my stuffs here," her eyes flickered to the one suitcase left, "I was wondering if I could store that in the closet too?"

Grey dismissively waved his hand and smiled at his little mate.

"Do whatever you want, darling," he stood up and kissed her cheeks, "I'll be right back. I need to talk to Matt about something."

Xam inaudibly whispered a thanksgiving prayer to the Goddess.

The last thing she wanted was to have him take a peak at her suitcase and discover what she truly was before she could confront him about it.

She assessed it, checking each of the items her grandmother had passed down to her. A sage, a deck of cards, crystals and a thick book were among the contents inside. The velvet pouch that Alpha Lota had given her was in it too but she had yet to open it.

She did a mental reminder to check it out later and continued putting everything away.

Making sure to lock the suitcase with the number combination it's installed with, she shoved it inside Grey's closet and prepared for a bath. Goddess knows she needed one. She looked for a haircap to wrap up her wig and slipped into the bathroom feeling like a jumbled mess.

The anticipation was getting to her.

Meanwhile, Grey went into the kitchen and started making his cup of coffee. A smile played on his lips as he thought of how his mate had started settling in.

She had enjoyed the dinner last night. After that, they slept uneventfully, both tired of the day they've had. It felt perfect to him, to have her there curled up beside him.

Suddenly, a frown plastered on his face. It would have been better if she was still there beside him when he woke but he shrugged it off. He'd take what he can get especially when his mate had just started warming up to him. He respects her that much.

"Hey, you called for me?" Matteo walked in on him sipping his mug.

He had mind-linked him earlier after seeing Xam unpack. Grey reached out another white mug filled with coffee to him which Matteo gladly accepted.

"I was thinking, it's about time for her to visit the other pack houses where my brothers and parents reside. Might as well formally introduce her to them first," he said.

It was no secret that the Silver Pack had a huge territory. The Greys have ruled and claimed almost two-thirds of the country, generation after generation. As of the moment, the pack had stopped expanding deeming it unnecessary and formed alliances instead.

Normally, a pack would have only one beta and one alpha but the pack was too big to have one ruler and too risky. In their case, the Greys reproduced enough children to lead branches of the pack in order to maintain their reign and tight security.

The first born was the one true alpha which gets to rule in the main packhouse, the first territory that the first Grey ever laid claim on. There were four pack houses in total so the other siblings would manage the rest of the three which were fairly as big. It has been like that for centuries.

"So you want me to take over for a while. Are you sure? She isn't even marked yet," Matteo looked at him with concern etched on his face.

The beta knew how deep his best friend was in with his Luna. He was just looking out for him. Travelling with an unmarked mate was always dangerous especially when you're the most powerful alpha's mate. Grey could easily be bent and broken if she was used against them, both of them knew this.

"Relax. I'll be there beside her and she's strong enough, you've seen it. Getting ambushed is the least of my worries," he ran a hand through his hair.

"Right. Of course, the parents," Matteo cringed knowing exactly why he should be worried.

Both of them grew up together so Matteo was well acquainted with Lester's parents. The former Luna and Alpha were just as great leaders as his best bud was. However, after everything went down hill with Shaniah, their relationship with the parentals got pretty bad.

Grey admits it himself that he was young and certainly dumb as hell back in the day. His mom and dad temporarily revoked him from the title when he was nineteen and heartbroken. He was a year older than Shaniah, a year after announced as an alpha, when she had found her true mate. He honestly thought it was gonna be him and not some beta scumbag who delivered a message for an alliance.

He still dreaded reminiscing how messed up he managed the pack. He almost sparked up a war for Goddess sake! If it had not been for his parents, lives would have been unjustly slaughtered that day. All because of one girl.

"I was dumb."

"You were, as fuck."

"I thought it was the righteous thing to do, to fight for what I thought was my true destined love."

"It's a sin to keep other's mates from them. Didn't look so righteous to me, more like obsessed."

"I'm an idiot for suggesting that war."

"Hundred percent."

"Hell, I haven't sat down and talked to them after that, aside from the casual monthly meetings."

Matteo laughed and shook his head at him. They've both been through a lot since then to gain back the respect of pack members.

"L, it was three years ago. Stop being a pussy and let it go already. It was only for three months that they revoked your title. You've proved worthy of it," he punched his best bud's shoulder and finished the hot coffee.

Grey laughed along. What started out as playful shoving that he initiated had turned into a roughhousing which had both of them out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"Should I be concerned and try to split you two up?" Xam walked in, unsure of what was going on.

She saw both of the men's shirt were ripped and torn obviously because of them fighting. At the sound of her voice, they stopped and stared at her.

Matteo whistled which had Grey growling. The beta put both of his hands up in the air.

"I'm sorry, old habits die hard."

Grey just pushed him quite too forcefully out of the door, "We'll talk later."

The door slammed shut while Xam stood frozen in her place, studying his mate. He had his arms crossed and his eyes glued to her, burning holes on her skin.

"Is there a problem?" She asked.

She knew what exactly the 'problem' was. She mentally scoffed at how overprotective he was acting. The denim shorts and white sleeveless crop top had him in a frenzy again.

"You're killing me, you know that?" Grey strode towards her and cupped her cheek.

Xam closed her eyes and enjoyed the sparks that the contact provided. She let out a contented sigh before opening them again.

"I don't like dressing up as Luna. I want to move freely," she reasoned out.

Growing up in a pack who religiously followed tradition, she was used to wearing tribal clothing made of some animal's fur or hand woven clothes.Evolving with time, the clothes she preferably bought at shops were shorts or crop tops. She wanted to feel free and not restricted by clothes.

She realized how different their pack was among the others. She once witnessed her mother meeting another Luna dressed in a pencil skirt and long sleeved polo shirt. It was later explained to her that most Lunas presented themselves like that. She didn't like it even a bit and swore to only present herself in native clothes when she had to.

"Don't worry. I won't prohibit you to wear these clothes," he smiled at her.

Xam was once again overwhelmed at the length of his understanding.

"I can fight, baby. I'll kill anyone who looks at you the wrong way," he playfully growled and nibbled on her ear.

She was willing to melt into his arms right then and there but held on to her self-control. She needed to tell him about her wolf first.

"We need to talk. I have something to tell you," she led him to the couch.

"Great. I need to tell you something too."

Grey's cheery voice had her contemplating if right now was the right time to tell him. It felt awful to ruin his perfectly sunny day. She was scared but it was inevitable, he had to know.

"You first," she said, putting off what she had to tell him a few minutes longer.

Grey held her hand and grinned.

"Since you'll be my Luna sooner or later, I'd like to introduce you to my parents. We can leave this afternoon, if you want. It's a long way to the second pack house but it will be worth it. I promise," he looked at her hopeful but did not fail to notice her stiffen.

"I...wow..I mean.." she was tongue-tied.

This wasn't how it was supposed to go. She was gonna tell him first about her wolf and decide from there what they'd do next, if he ever happens to accept her anyway. Meeting the parents wasn't part of it, at least not yet.

"Breathe, baby," he pulled her in an embrace and kissed her forehead.

There was no way she was gonna tell him about it now. Not during this journey and meeting.

"Don't worry, they'll love you. You're perfect for me."

Maybe in some other time, she'd flash a gleefull, genuine smile at him. Heck, even kiss him to no ends. He was a sweet mate but right now, all she could ever return to him was a fake, forced smile.

"That's great but...." she tried coming up with an excuse, "the mark. We haven't fully mated yet."

It was the perfect alibi. She didn't want to hurt him by declining. Even if she did decline, he'd ask for an explanation and things could just get worse. She prayed the mark would be enough to throw him off for now.

"Darling, we both know we both want this. We're mates, souls forever bound together as one. You're mine as I am yours. The mark is just a territorial claim, it still matters but not as much as the fact that you are mine by fate and destiny," he kissed her lips passionately, making her moan, "I won't force you to go if you don't want to."

Oh Goddess, she couldn't say no to him now. Just by his words, her body heated up in agreement. She was his as much as he was hers. It didn't matter what would happen. Their souls were entwined with one another by the Goddess for a reason. She just had to put her faith to it.

"I'll go," she managed to say after their short heated make out session.

"Perfect. I'll link Matt about it," he kissed her again, "Now, what is it that you want to tell me?"

She felt her heart drop and tried racking her brain for another alibi but failed miserably.

"If it's about why you were upset the other day, you don't have to force yourself to tell me. I'll be here always, love. No rush," he squeezed her hand.

There he goes again, making her knees weak. He even saved her the trouble of finding another excuse. The guilt eating her away was barely tolerable now. To add up to it, her anxiety was starting to kick up again about this 'meet the parents' thing.

"Thank you. How about some breakfast? I could really use some eggs and bacon." She suggested.

"Some pancakes too?"

She chuckled and nodded.

Xam needed to relax before she gave herself an anxiety attack. Cooking and eating always gave her the comfort. She'll figure this all out later when she's had her stomach full. Right now, she needed to solely focus on cooking breakfast for her beaming mate.

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