I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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15 - Greys

When he said his family was intense, what meant was his father.

He expected his outburst and did not seem fazed by the beating. The old man really stuck to his word that he didn't want to see his face with any other girl. Only, she wasn't just any other girl.

It was when he saw his mate going pale and slowly losing her balance that he fought him back and shoved him off.

"Xamantha!" He ran to her just in time to catch her fall.

"Oh my Goddess! Is she alright?" Luna Vashti neared them to assess the unconscious girl.

Lester's body started to shake. His family could see how his wolf was fighting for control as his eyes changed from an animal's orange orbs to his normal brown ones.

"Woah." Vincent, his youngest brother, said in awe.

"Do not fucking touch my mate!" He bellowed at his mom when she tried to feel her forehead.

His chest was furiously heaving up and down. His canines were slowly showing and his control was slowly slipping away. He and his wolf were angry at them for causing distress to his mate.

"Honey, calm down. Please." Her mother pleaded, "Let's get her in the house, yeah? I'll have one of your brothers get the pack doctor to ensure the safety of Xamantha."

At the mention of his mate's name, he snapped out of it and followed Vashti's lead inside the pack house. His father and brothers were right behind them walking silently, not wanting to rile up his wolf. Goddess knows what a protective alpha wolf could do.

The pack house was usually as it was, busy and full of people. Members of the pack immediately made way for them as he carried his mate in her arms. They bowed theirs heads at him and a few barely audible gasps could be heard.

He did not announce he was coming nor did he say anything about the mystery girl in his arms. If anything, the pissed off look on his face could mean that she was their Luna.

"I should have known." His father apologetically admitted.

They were now on the second floor of the house, a floor exclusively vacated by the alpha's family.

The pack doctor arrived a few hours ago checking Xamantha's temperature and pulse. She was fine and the doctor figured her sudden collapse was maybe because of stress or something triggering for her. She told them to call her if she didn't wake up soon.

"If anything ever happens to her I'll have to ask forgiveness in advance because I'll be ripping you into shreds." His tone was dead serious.

His father could only sigh and sit himself down on one of the couches. At this point, nothing could hold his son back from protecting what was his.

"Excuse your father's behavior, hun. We couldn't tell if she was your mate without your mark on her. Still, it was wrong of him to act that way." His mother gave his old man a glare.

The wolf inside of him still felt antsy, pacing back and forth in his mind. His mom's words bothered him because she was right. Any other wolf couldn't have identified his mate because she didn't bear his mark. His scent that rubbed off on her wasn't enough to stake his claim.

Xam stirred in her slumber. She slowly fluttered her eyes open and smiled when her mate held eye contact. He immediately walked over to her, cupped her cheek and returned a sad smile before speaking.

"I'm sorry. It was a mistake bringing you here. Meeting my family only caused you harm."

"What?" Her smile fell and she slowly sat right up.

"How are you feeling?"

"Babe, I'm good."

"Great. Once you feel all better we will be going back to the main territory."

"Huh? No, I'm not leaving with you. We just got here!"

She really looked forward to visiting the other pack houses, he knew it. It upset her greatly how he was changing his mind about his promised journey. She endured the long car ride and for what? Nothing.

He growled.

The way she spoke almost summoned his wolf to the surface. Her wolf was making its presence known, her alpha tone not wavering with each word she uttered. It was daring Lester's wolf to disagree with hers.

"Do you honestly think I'll let you be around my family when they're the reason you suddenly blacked out?" His canines came to view once again.

He respected his mate but somehow he just couldn't let go unnoticed how she just used a powerful tone on him. He growled and expected her to retaliate but she just whimpered.

"I'm sorry." Guilt consumed him when he realized that he had scared her.

He was about to stand up and leave but she held his hand and kissed it.

"I'm sorry, too. I think I have worried you too much. I'm perfectly fine and I really wanna get to know them. Look, my anxiety attacks just happen. It's nothing new although you might think I'm a damaged wolf now."

His brows met and he lifted her chin up to have her meet his gaze.


They stared at each other for who knows how long, getting lost in each other's tantalizing eyes. In that moment, everything was forgiven and forgotten.

They were soon drawn back to reality by his mother clearing her throat.

"I'm sure your mate would love to sit down with us for dinner and tour the territory tomorrow. Don't you, dear?"

She blushed realizing that they weren't the only ones in the room. When she looked at the old woman's hopeful eyes, she felt like it was impossible to say no, so she nodded and gave her mate a begging look.

"Fine. But if you cause her harm in any way, this will be the last time you'll ever hear from us." He gritted his teeth, "You're gonna be the death of me, woman."

Vashti squealed and pushed him away to give Xam a tight hug which she gladly returned.

"Oh, where are my manners? I'm Vashti, these boys' one and only mommy."

The guys in the room groaned in sync. They made their mother swear to them to never mention to anyone how each one of them is a mommy's boy.

"Hi. I-I'm Xamantha R-ravens."

"Mom, please, give the poor girl some space."

The guy that had the most similar features with her mate shot her a sympathetic look.

"I'm Rage, second born and no, I'm not as destructive as you think given my name.Nice to meet you." He flashed her a smile and gave her a wave.

The two other boys that were beside him stepped forward at the same time and also gave her a wave.

"I'm Jacent."

"And I'm Vincent."

"And we're--"

Xam stood up so suddenly that her vision started spinning.

"Easy, kitty." Lester held her waist to help her regain balance.

"You're twins! How did I not notice it before?" She looked at her mate accusingly, "How could you not tell me this before?"

He just shrugged at her and she rolled her eyes at him, slapping his hands away. She diverted her look at the twins again who were now showing off the dimples on their cheeks with their contagious smiles.

"Wow. At least one of you is happy to see us." Jacent raised a brow at Lester.

He was about to answer his brother's smartass remark when a pack maid interrupted them.

"Dinner is ready, Alphas."

Darren was the first to head out of the door. The rest of the boys followed leaving her with a pouting Vashti.

"That was my husband Darren. Don't mind him, dear. He and your mate just need to sort things out." Her shoulders sagged, "He's usually welcoming."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Grey. I'm sure they'll come around soon." She said noticing the shift in her mood.

"Oh, just call me Vashti, dear."

She nodded and gave the sweet old lady a comforting embrace.

"Babe, get your cute little ass down here!" Lester's voice suddenly echoed.

Vashti giggled and pulled away to look at her flustered face.

She groaned and wanted nothing more than to disappear rather than go down and meet everyone in the dining table. The Greys were really something.

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