I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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16 - Senseless

Xam muffled her moans by dipping her head in one of the pillows on their bed.

"Mhmm." She whimpered as Grey flicked his tongue on her folds.

"You like that, baby?" His seductive voice had her pussy clenching in need.

Dinner ended a couple hours ago and although she expected it to be awkward, the pack members were more welcoming here than the ones at home so she comfortably blended right in. Other than her mate's deadly glare whenever his brothers or any other male pack member strike a conversation with her, everything was smooth sailing.

She noticed he was extremely grumpy and possessive of her today but figured it maybe because of what had happened earlier. It was getting pretty annoying hearing him growl every other minute but she ignored his childish acts and conversed with the others anyway.

When his family bid goodbye and went to their designated rooms, Lester finally cracked her a smile and went back to his usual self. He melted her heart and made her insides tingle with excitement when the alpha confessed that all he could think about since their heated exchange was how he was gonna make it up to her tonight. She had long forgotten about it but she wouldn't want to miss out on what he had in mind.

In no time, she found herself on the bed naked, on all fours, getting eaten by her also naked mate and having trouble balancing herself up after she dripped her juices at his mouth the first time he assaulted her core.

It felt so wrong doing their sinful acts when his family was literally on the same floor as them but she was already too lost in lust. He made her feel so desperate to be touched.

"Shit. You're still so fucking tight, aren't you love?" He dipped a finger in her, slowly pulling it back out and then back in, "Keep yourself steady, baby."

Xam could only moan back in reply and pray that the people in the house would be knocked out asleep by now. He spread her legs wider and took a good look at it before growling in approval.


She felt his warm tongue lick up and down her slit in an agonizing pace. When he pushed it inside her, she couldn't help but loose strength in her arms and collapsed down to the bed, leaving her ass up in the air for him to relish on.

"You've been naughty, kitty. You worried me so much earlier." Grey's hands suddenly came in contact with her ass eliciting a whimper.

"I told you I'm fine." She bit back weakly, her voice raising an octave higher due to the carnal need she was feeling.

She was confused. Normally, she'd be furious if anyone had dared to slap her but this time, she was willing to submit and strangely wanted to be slapped some more.

"Are you sure, baby?"

Why was he acting so dominant tonight? She's never seen him this way. He was gentle in making her cum just a few minutes ago. But now, he was so needy, controlling and rough yet she didn't mind it at all. He seemed ten times more hotter and dangerous. It made her pussy clench.

"Are you sure?" His fingers brought her out of her thoughts and once again pumped in and out of her core, making her body jolt up in ecstasy.

His pace was extremely slow compared to the other nights of pleasure they've shared. Her brows furrowed in annoyance. He still managed to get on her nerves and tease her but she couldn't wait any longer and started meeting his fingers half-way, riding it and imagining it was his cock.

"Tell me what you need, baby." He moaned looking at her core drip with her own juice.

She didn't reply and just kept pounding herself against his fingers. The pressure was building inside her, she was a few thrusts away from her second release but she felt him pull them away. She tilted her head to look at him and whined.

"If you keep bouncing your ass like that, I might lose control and fuck you senseless here and now so you better slow down, mate." His voice was as dark as his eyes had become.

She knew he was slowly slipping away and for some odd reason she found a new sense of pleasure having him on the tip of his sanity. Without thinking it through, she replied in a heartbeat.

"Then fuck me."

He chuckled darkly and easily flipped her over, locking her legs around his torso. She felt his slick thick cock brush against her stomach, her saliva coating it after she swallowed him whole a while ago.

He grabbed both of her wrists and held it on top of her single-handedly. Her eyes grew like saucers unable to process how fast it happened. Before she could even stop him, his teeth tugged gently at her hardening nipples making her arch her back. His hand slowly travelled from palming her breasts down to her entrance and slowly massaging it. He muffled her moans and gasps with a hand while she squirmed under him.

The pressure building inside of her returned too quickly. She tried to put it off longer but it was to no avail as her legs trembled and white liquid oozed out of her.

She was panting, looking down on her mate still sucking her now sore nipples. She was sore down south too. She felt exhausted and thought about how she couldn't bear to go another wave. However, his mate had other plans.

He looked up at her and smiled wickedly before pressing his hard on against his creamy entrance. Her breath caught on her throat. He wasn't joking about fucking her senseless, was he? The tip of his dick was an inch away from entering her very virgin pussy. He moved up and hovered above her, keeping his weight up with both of his arms. His canines slowly elongated and his dick was in position to penetrate her walls. He grabbed her chin and pushed it eagerly to the side to gain more access of her neck. Leaning down, he gently sucked at her weak spot and peppered open mouth kisses. His canines grazed her skin and she could feel him push slowly inside of her but not deep enough to break her hymen just yet.

"Mine." He gave the spot one last lick before clamping his mouth to mark it.

Suddenly, a surge of fear shot through her. Her sober mind took over and pushed him away with enough force to make him fall back before he could even sink his teeth.

"No!" She shouted in panic.

No. She wasn't ready to be one with him. Not yet when she holds many secrets that could potentially change the way he'll look at her and their relationship. She could not bound him to her forever before revealing everything. It would be unfair and selfish for her to take away his right to decide if he'd still want to be with her once he knows. No, she just couldn't let him mark her yet.

The look of hurt was sprawled all over his face. She did it once again. She had rejected him after telling him and making him feel that he was enough for her, that she wanted this. His wolf was pissed and the beast fought control, clawing out of his chest. All they wanted was their mate, wholly, in body and soul but it seems like she doesn't want to be tied up to them yet or maybe she never wanted to be tied to them at all.

"Babe, I--"


"Please, I need to tell--"

"Don't." Grey got off the bed and walked to the closet.

He clothed himself with a pair of shorts and stalked out of the room without a glance nor a word to his mate. He was angry at her but felt more angry at himself.

After the scandalous scene his family caused after their arrival, he had planned to mark her tonight. He thought she was ready since she warmed up easily to everyone, dinner was proof of it. He and his wolf were finally gonna lay their claim on her but it seems he thought and anticipated things wrong.

Aren't the three days enough to make her see that she rightly belonged at his side, ruling their people?

He fought his wolf every hour of every day in those three days just to make sure he wasn't overwhelming and manhandling her. He wanted her to need him like he needed her. He wanted to make sure that her decision coming to his pack wasn't a mistake. He wanted her to prove that she wouldn't walk away even without bearing his mark and leave him heartbroken again.

She did prove it to him at some point but here he was, still hurt and heartbroken again, wasn't he?

He shifted to his enormous gray wolf and ran towards the territoy's forest, getting lost in the darkness and the barks of trees. He aimlessly ran and ran to let out steam.

When he could not hold it back any longer, his wolf's snout pointed up towards the dark eerie sky and he let out the most sorrowful howl the moon could ever hear.

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