I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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18 - Pay

After howling all his emotions out, Grey ran back to the pack house. When he reached the second floor, he did not bother going back to the room where his mate laid to clothe himself.

He was angry at her, he kept reminding his wolf that.

The beast recovered too fast after they had heard their mate's sobbing. She was their weakness, their kryptonite, their weak link. Seeing her troubled and knowing that they can ease her hurting made his wolf want to run back and just cuddle with her. He sighed.

That would be too unfair for him. He had to start putting up boundaries. He respected himself and he had to practice restraint or else he'll immediately break if the time comes that she will turn against him.

He was broken once and too foolish to be wrapped around a she-wolf's finger. He was not an idiot who'd willingly fall apart again. He knows this time he won't be able to recover from it, that was why he was extra careful with her.

A few hours passed as he stiffly and uncomfortably laid on the couch. He already missed her. He was so used to have her in her arms when they slept that it felt so wrong being alone now. He shifted and moved from one couch to another until he finally decided to take a peek of her.

He walked to their room and inhaled her hypnotizing lavender scent. Her breaths were even while she slept on top of the duvet with tear-stained cheeks.

"Fuck it." He strode towards her in all his naked glory and bent down to level his face with hers.

His hand went out to wipe her tears away but he immediately took it back when she stirred.

"I'm sorry." She whispered as another lone tear escaped her.

She was still asleep but even in her slumber she cried. Grey couldn't help but reach out and kiss her cheeks. She moaned and smiled unconsciously.

"It's too late, isn't it my love? You already have me bending to your will unconsciously." He murmured.

He was slowly falling hard for his pretty little mate, even harder than he did with Shaniah. With her, it was just different. She was everything he ever wanted, everything he ever needed. It scared him a little.

"What ever will I do to you?" He chuckled at his own dilemma.

He stood up and grabbed another set of clothes from the closet. Taking one last glance at her, he went back to the couch and made himself comfortable for the night. His pride still wouldn't let him be with her so he'd just have to settle with the back pains he'll get tomorrow.

"What happened to you? Didn't satisfy her enough? " His father's booming voice drag him back to his consciousness.

He was continuously slipping in and out of it and every time he does, he walks to their bedroom and check up on her.

"Good fucking morning to you too." He glared.

"So? What happened?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know or you don't want to tell me?"

"I'm going out to patrol with Rage."

With that, Grey stood up and left. He didn't want to talk about it with his father. The last time he was with a girl, he was beaten by him in disapproval. Since then, it just felt strange to open up to him about anything.

He needed to blow off some steam before his mate wakes up. Running around the territory always kept things away from his mind.

"Where's Xam?" Jacent asked him.

He smirked at his younger brother after his hot encounter with his mate upstairs.

It was hours after his run when he came back and followed his mate to their bed like a stalker. He hadn't expect to act so possessive but right after he saw her look so broken at the kitchen, he knew there was no point prolonging this torture. Plus, seeing her naked with her natural hair turned him on.

He took his seat at the kitchen right after he descended from the second floor and asked the maid to remove his mate's chair. His family looked at him quizzically but did not bother questioning him.

"She'll come down in a few. In fact, she's almost here."

Xam's light footsteps could be heard going down the stairs.

"I'm sorry, did I make everyone wait again?" Her brows furrowed.

The long table was already full of pack members.

She looked stunning in her sundress that contrasted her flawless tan skin. She was still wearing her natural hair again and that gave him a hard on. Her small little face and round eyes met him and her facial expression changed.

Her neck had love bites that were clear as day. He found it amusing that she was angry because of it.

"Come sit." He smiled teasingly at her and tapped his lap.

Her mate was impossible! Their was no other seat left for her. He had clearly planned everything out. Defeated, she followed his command. She didn't want the others to wait any longer nor cause a scene.

"Good kitty." She shivered at his whisper.

Breakfast begun but she found herself losing her appetite. The glances they get from the pack members were getting to her. The evidence on her neck had really gotten their attention as girls blushed and men smirked looking at them. She shifted in discomfort.

"Stay still, little mate." He whispered.

She could feel him hardening beneath her and gulped. Under the table, his hand flew up to her inner thigh and adjusted her on his lap.

"Be a good kitty, okay?"

She nodded.

"Now eat."

"I'm not hungry."

His hand went higher and higher on her thighs. He was seriously torturing her. She had trouble controlling her reaction and masking her arousal. He thought he could force her to follow his command by sending her body into a frenzy but she held her ground.

His hand didn't stop until it brushed against her folds and he massaged it. Grey sharply draw in a breath at the realization.

"No panties?" His voice was almost inaudible, he did not want anyone else hearing what he said, "You're a naughty kitty, aren't you?"

He stood up and carried her with him gaining all the attention in the room.

"Where are you going?" His father asked.

"Breakfast." He nonchalantly replied.

Xam's eyes widened at him. She blushed furiously at her mate's words and burried herself deep in his chest. The idiot just laughed and walked out of the kitchen.

"You'll pay for last night, kitty."

He was quick enough to get back to their room and lock the door. He gently set her down from his hold and pushed her down to her knees.

"Be a good kitty and help me, yeah?" His eyes were extremely dark with lust as he dropped his shorts to the ground.

She bit her lip at the view of his thick cock. He hadn't given her the chance to please him last night so she was very eager enough to take him in.

Her fingers wrapped around him as she started stroking. She was starting to get wet at the feel of him, so big in her hands. When his precum glazed its tip, she could not help but lick it slowly, taking her time to taste his juice.

Grey cursed and took a handful of her short hair. He tugged at it to make her look at him.

"Give me my release kitty and I'll fuck you hard enough that you'll be begging me for more if you'd just let me."

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