I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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19 - Want

The books she read didn't ready her for the things that her mate was about to do. No, those books only talked about vanilla sex. The type of sex that were slow and sweet and perfect for first timers.

Grey thrusted his cock deeper into her throat, grunting as the pressure built up within him.

The books definitely didn't mention how satisfying it was to get dominated by your partner. She was choking and gagging on his large cock but she was enjoying every single bit of it.

"Good kitty." He praised her, his lips parting as she sucked on him.

She was hungry for him. It turned her on and made her core drip when his expression changed from being dominant to being vulnerable.

She sucked at a faster pace and swiped her tongue at his tip from time to time. He would always moan out and grabbed her hair tighter when she did it.

"Fuck yeah."

She could feel him grow closer to his release as he met her half-way and roll his head backwards. His other hand gripped her shoulders in place as his dick twitched. Ropes of his cum came pouring out and she sucked him out dry, swallowing all of it.

"You like swallowing every drop of me, don't you?" His eyes were still black in lust.

When she didn't reply and kept licking his member, he grabbed her waist and guided her back on her feet.

"My turn, baby."

She did not know what he was about to do and watched him crouch in front of her and stick his head inside her sundress. He guided one of her legs above his shoulder and started swiping his tongue on her wet core.

"Mhmm." She whimpered, her toes curling from the tingling sensation.

Her hands went to his hair as she tried to keep her body in balance. Grey was in an agonizing pace licking her folds and teasingly tugging at her clit. Sparks erupted from the contact making her shiver.

"Please, baby." She begged.

His mouth felt like heaven, bringing her higher up into the clouds she was in. She was on the verge of bursting from the pleasurable act.

He drawn his warm tongue nearer to her entrance in circles. He slowly pushed it in her making her gasp and took his time moving it around inside her as she squirmed. He gripped her legs tightly to prevent her from moving even an inch away from him.

"Grey." She moaned out.

Her hand flew to her hardened nipples. They were fighting the cloth of her dress for freedom. She pinched and massaged them as she moved her hips, riding his tongue to build up her climax.

"More, please." She had trouble wording out her thoughts as she was heaving from the ecstasy.

A finger slipped in her without warning and she released a loud moan enough for everybody to hear down stairs. She didn't pay enough mind to it as Grey slipped another finger in, stretching her.

"Mine." He growled against the folds of her pussy as he was fingering and licking her, "Say it, baby. You are mine."

Xam was slurring her words, getting lost in the sounds of her creamy core getting fucked with his tongue and fingers.

"Say it."

"I'm yours." She moaned.

She felt something inside her become so close to undoing that she closed her eyes to brace herself.

"Say it, mate."

"I'm yours!"

Her legs trembled and she grabbed his shoulders to steady herself as her pussy creamed his mouth. He was lapping her juices, licking her clean.

Once he was done, he set her leg back on the ground. His arm grabbed her waist to support her vulnerable mate from falling with her jell-o feet. She clutched on his hold and tried walking to the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" He raised a brow at her, "We're not done, Xammy."

A devilish grin graced his face as he pinned her against the white walls of their room.

"Baby, I--"

"I want you." He stared back into her large black orbs, "I need you, babe."

She couldn't say no to him. He looked at her vulnerable. His eyes were starting to glow orange, a sign that his beast was there. They were both waiting for her answer.

Should she give in? She didn't have the heart to reject him for the third time. She wanted this, she said so herself. What was keeping her away from him?

All her life, she always cared about what other people would think and listen to their opinions. This time, she wanted to be selfish regardless of the consequences she'd have when her secrets get revealed. This time, she wanted him to show her how much he yearned for her. She wasn't gonna let the fear drive away her mate from her anymore.

"Then take me."

"Are you sure?" His voice darkened. Grey was fighting for his control.

"Do you want me to change my mind?" She flashed him a playful smile.

He didn't bother giving her a reply as he smashed her lips to hers in a passionate kiss.

"Strip." He commanded.

"Bossy much, alpha?" She giggled but did as she was told, "I want all of your clothes off too."

Grey was quick enough to strip out of it before she could ever finish. Another giggle escaped her mouth as she looked at her mate's eagerness.

"Slow down. I'm not going anywhere, babe."

"The hell you aren't." He was back to pinning her again.

He sucked on her shoulders as his hand traced the curves of her body. From her jaw to her neck, down to the valley of her breast and finally to her core. He was feeling her burning skin, memorizing her.

"I'm sorry about last night." She said with her eyes closed.

She was enjoying the trail of sparks his hand created. His kiss was slowly starting to make her feel light headed. He only hummed in reply.

"I want you too, Lester." Her breathing became heavy as she felt his hard on pressing against her, "I want it all."

His hands searched for her breasts and squeezed her hardened nipples making her bite her lip. He was enjoying how her face scrunched from muffling her moans. Her little mate was trying her hardest.

He ran his nose across her cheek before burying his head on her neck, inhaling her scent. Her arousal was very evident and it made his wolf feel proud, making it known to everyone downstairs that he was laying his claim on her.

"I'm sorry for making you think that I don't want this. The truth is..." She moaned, feeling him press his member teasingly against her entrance.

She clenched. Her body was proving herself that she was ready to be invaded by him. She was more than ready. Ever since the first time she saw his cock and tasted him, she could not help but wonder how it would feel if he was inside her.

"The truth is..."

He guided one of her legs around his waist to gain more access of her aching pussy.

"The truth is I..."

He spit on his fingers and massaged it on her core to add lubrication. He positioned his dick right at her entrance and started to slowly thrust forward.

"I've always wanted you to fuck me and ruin me."

Grey slammed his cock's full length inside of her making her whimper out loud in pain. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

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