I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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20 - Alpha

"Lucky you babe because I'm not stopping until that pretty little mouth of yours scream for me."

Her walls suffocated his meat making him twitch. She was still so tight for him. Her fingernails dug on his shoulders as she adjusted to the feeling of being full.

Grey looked at his mate's face painted with vulnerability. Her cheeks were flushed from screaming in pain after he broke her entrance. He kissed the tears that build up at the corners of her eyes and tightened his hold on her waist as her legs threatened to give out.

"Mhmm." Her nails dug deeper as he tried moving inside of her.

Her cave felt stingy, a burning sensation lingered from her hymen ripping. She felt herself stretch to give way to him and if it wasn't for their foreplay, maybe she'd be sobbing endlessly because of their huge size difference.

"I'm sorry, baby. The pain will only last shortly." He kissed her temples tenderly.

"Mhmm." Another whimper escaped her as he started moving in a steady pace.

She stared at him with her lips parting and brows furrowing. The pain was still there but slowly it disappeared with every thrust he made.

A new sensation flooded her body, leaving her starving for more. She bobbled up and down against the cold wall as her mate injected himself in her.

"Faster." She whispered and closed her eyes relishing the pleasure that made her body humm.

Grey smashed his lips to her while he quickened his thrusts, pushing her more forcefully to the wall. Their tongues clashed, eagerly wanting to explore each other's mouth. His hands started cupping her breast, pinching her nipples. She arched her back and couldn't help biting her lip while she wrapped her arms around his neck, bracing herself from the collision of his dick against her pussy.

"You enjoy it rough, don't you, kitty?" He nibbled on her earlobes.

Xam was trying her hardest to clamp her mouth shut but failed greatly. She was panting, moaning out his name and tugging on his hair as she drew close to bursting.

"Faster, baby. Please." She pleaded as she felt him slow down and delay her release.

Grey swiftly picked her up and had her straddling him while his dick stayed inside her. He leaned his forehead on hers as he gripped her hips tightly and started shoving her again against his length. His breaths were starting to get as equally heavy as hers.

"Ahhh." She cried, "Grey."

His balls were slapping her lips, helping her get to her climax much sooner.

"Scream for me, love." He commanded, his eyes glowing orange and his canines starting to show.

Her vision was getting hazy, her mind clouded by the fulfilling feeling of being physically mated. The pressure was driving her insane, itching out to be freed.

"Alpha." She called out him.

He wrapped his fingers around her neck and placed pressure on it.

"Scream, baby."


She let out the loudest moan she could ever muster. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head from the delightful feeling of his choke.

At the same moment she gave out, his canines pierced her skin and marked her. Her pussy quivered and drowned his member in her juice while her body shivered from the surge of power that flowed from his sunken teeth. Her walls were milking him as it continued quivering and clenching.

"Aw fuck." He cursed, still thrusting his thick cock.

He licked on his mark cleaning it as he neared his own climax. With a grunt and a few uneven thrusts, he continued ramming into her creamy dripping core.

Xam looked drained as her mate continued to ride her out on her orgasm. Without a warning, his cock twitched and spurted his cum.

"Good girl." He placed a kiss on her jaw after emptying his balls and carried her to the bed.

He laid her down and unplugged his cock, her red swollen pussy oozing with white liquid. He then positioned himself between her legs and smiled at her half-awake mate.

She was exhausted from the mating and marking. She could only run her fingers through his hair before she surrendered herself to sleep and leave behind her mate licking her cunt clean once again.

Xam came back to her consciousness when Grey's booming voice argued with someone.

"I told you, Matt. We aren't traveling overseas for now." His brows furrowed in annoyance, "No. Fuck it. If he wants me to sign an alliance with him then he better stop pestering me and start respecting my decisions."

He was already clothed, standing in the middle of the room. A phone was pressed to his ear, talking to his beta. She could faintly hear his voice on the other line explaining something to her mate but he only growled.

"My answer is not changing. Goodbye."

"Something wrong?" She pulled the covers to her body and tried sitting up.She winced feeling the soreness down south.

Grey strode towards her and placed a kiss on the side of her head.

"Just some stupid alpha pestering me to sign an alliance with him. It's nothing." He sat on the edge of the bed and cupped her cheek, "How are you feeling, little mate?"

She leaned in to his touch and closed her eyes enjoying the sparks that were stronger than ever before. She sighed in content before answering.

"Great." She scrunched her face before continuing, "But I feel so sore down there."

"You did say you've always wanted to be ruined." He smirked.

She playfully hit his chest and blushed furiously at his words.

"You're impossible." She groaned.

His laughter filled the room and made her heart swell. After everything last night, she was happy that she and her mate easily made up.

He caught her staring at him and smiled.He then grabbed a plate full of food she just noticed on the bedside table and offered it to her, placing it on another little table intended for breakfasts in bed.

Speaking of breakfast, she was sure everyone heard what they just did. Blood once again rushed to her cheeks. She had no courage left to face those pack members and his family.

"Eat up. I can't have you fainting on me when we have the whole territory to explore." He said, failing to notice her embarrassment.

She brought a spoonful of food to her mouth and started devouring the meal in front of her.

"What time is it anyway?" Looking outside the window, the sun was still present.

Wait, was that open all the while when they had sex?

"Just a few minutes after lunch. I went downstairs to eat with everyone. It would be rude if I missed out attending two meals in a day." He explained.

She just nodded. Despite being worn out from their mating, her mate still stood up to his role as alpha. It always surprised her how serious he gets when it comes to his pack.

"You should really focus on eating and not tire that pretty little head of yours from thinking."

"I can't help it." She confessed.

"What can't you help?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"How you're so...you." She drank the glass of water he offered after finishing her meal before explaining, "I mean, I'm so used to you being all nice and all about me. Then, you switch to your big bad alpha persona."

"You keep forgetting that I am the 'big bad alpha'." He smirked.

"The feared, wealthy, powerful, strongest Alpha Grey of the Silver Pack. Yeah yeah, now help me up so I can change."

Grey chuckled. He leaned in and kissed his mark on her shoulders before speaking.

"And you're my Luna, the one who'll stand by me to guide and lead the strongest pack."

She doubted that but she kissed her mate passionately on the lips as one proud Luna should.

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