I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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21 - Breathe

His lips landed a kiss on her cheeks, making her blush. Her mate just couldn't get tired of touching her even after the countless mind-blowing sex they did that always left her sore.

"Are you sure you don't wanna come with me?" He asked for the nth time this morning.

After two days hopping from one Silver Pack house to another, they were back at the main territory.

"I'm sure, babe. I promise I'll look for you if I need you."

"Or just mind-link."

"Uh..Yeah, of course."

He smiled, kissed her one last time and went away to tend to his daily alpha duties.

When she could no longer see him in sight, she shut the front door and slid down against it. Her arms hugged her knees and she burried her head in.

She was ecstatic to be one in body and soul with her mate, proud to bear his mark. She enjoyed touring around the pack houses and meeting pack members which were much more friendlier than the ones here. However, over the past few days, she grew tired pretending to be alright.

Don't get her wrong, he was everything she could ever wish for in a mate. He kept her heart racing and occupied her thoughts enough to make her forget that she was different, that she wasn't normal. Today, with no one to interact with and nothing to do, her melancholic mood just hits different.

She stood up and took a deep breath.

Finding little courage to try again, she imagined her bones cracking and disassembling into her wolf form.

Just like the countless times she did it after mating, pain shot throughout her body. Her vision blurred from the tears threatening to come out as she contained herself from screaming in agony.

Her hands started to show her animal's fur, her nails elongated but that's the farthest she went before giving up. Her body trembled from her attempt and as usual she felt all her energy sucked out.

"I don't understand." She finally let all the heaviness in her chest leave through her sobs.

She had high hopes her situation would change after her mate would mark her. Marking triggered a lot of things. It caused sparks, strengthened bonds and sealed fates. It also helped greatly in healing mates who were hurt physically, mentally and emotionally so she thought maybe, just maybe it would trigger something and stir her wolf enough to make her come out willingly.

It was the third day. The third day she was marked and her seventh attempt to shift since then but still no progress. She was starting to get hopeless and accept that she was just a weak human with extra senses. Even so, Xam forced herself to stand up and wiped her tears.

Even though she could not perform certain wolf stuffs like mind-linking, her mate was fully capable and she was worried he'd feel her sadness through the bond.

She sighed.

He's been constantly bugging her to link him and open up her mind enough to receive his messages. He wasn't really forcing her but he brought it up a lot that it got too tiring to hear. She always shrugged it off but he would soon grow curious about it. For now, she'd have to up her game and acting skills.

Without fail, Grey felt the gloomy mood through the bond while he ran across the territory in his human form. Since they mated, he always felt this mood visit her mate at least thrice a day but still he did not brought it up with her just yet.

"Shouldn't you be jumping up and down cause you have a Luna ceremony to plan?" Matteo caught up to him and teased.

He only sighed and gave him a glare.

"Something is bugging her and I've been trying to figure it out but I just can't. Plus, she refuses to connect to our link. My wolf is going crazy."

"Maybe she just wasn't satisfied with your cock size."

Grey abruptly came to a halt and wrapped his hands around his beta's neck. He growled at him and flashed his canines. Matt held his hands up in surrender.

"Jeez. I'm kidding." He struggled to breathe.

"Don't fucking provoke my wolf like that, Matt. I'm serious." He warned as he took the direction towards his office.

"Forgive me but you should really just take it up on her rather than taking guesses. It'll save you the trouble." He slapped his shoulder in an encouraging way, "You should make up fast though, the pack members are going crazy and demanding that a Luna ceremony should be celebrated right away."

He palmed his face trying to rub all of the troubles away.

How could he take it up on her? He promised he would wait for her to speak about the things that were troubling her until she was ready. He just couldn't take his words back but if his waiting game prolonged, then the problems she had would eventually stack up.

Then, there's the Luna ceremony. Everyone could feel the new addition to the pack bond and he agreed that it was about time she was introduced formally. He wasn't sure if she'd be okay with it though, he noticed she always preferred blending in. A celebration where everyone's attention is focused on her was certainly not her thing.

"Why are you still here?" He questioned.

"As much as I've anticipated to see you get frustrated with your mate problems, another pack requested an alliance with us. They want to meet this week."

He cursed causing the beta to snicker.

"You know what, settle things with the Luna, yeah? I'll hold off your meetings till your mind is clear to think." Matteo stood up and gave him a sloppy salute, "Ciao, L."

He slumped down to his seat and rested his head back on his office chair. His best buddy usually was a nuisance to him but he could be really useful and considerate at times. He was thankful to have him as beta and so he heeded his advice.

"You're back very early." Xam's eyes widened at him.

"I missed you." He confessed, snaking an arm around his waist as she continued making a soup for lunch.

"Really, now? Haven't had enough of me yet?" She giggled.

"I'll never get tired of you, darling." He turned the stove off and placed her up to the countertop.

His eyes searched something in hers, anything that could confirm the feeling he felt from her through the bond.

"Are you happy with me, Xamantha?" He asked seriously, caressing her cheeks.

"Where on earth did that question come from?" She furrowed her brows, "Are you really asking me that?"

"Are you?" His voice faltered, fearing her answer.

"Are you crazy? Of course, being with you makes me feel more than happy."

"Then why is it that I always feel you upset through the bond? Is it me? I need to know, babe. I want to help." He pleaded.

He just couldn't take it anymore. She trusted him enough to be one with her so she shouldn't have to be facing her troubles all alone now. Her problems were his problems. They were one.

It took her awhile to reply but when she did, she stuttered and he could barely understand the words she spat in between her sobs.

"Breathe, baby." He wiped away her tears and kissed her, "I need you to breathe."

"N-no, I h-have to tell you."

"And you will but I need you to let it all out first, okay, love?"

She nodded and started pouring out gallons of tears. She was not only crying because of her wolf but also because of the probability that when her mate finds out, he may not look at her and treat her the same.

The long wait is over, she'll finally finally finally tell him the truth. :> Thanks for your reviews. You guys are the best.

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