I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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22 - Dare

"Please say something."

"What do you want me to say?" Grey looked at her reddened cheeks and puffy eyes.

The truth will set you free or at least that's what they'll tell you. She finally told him about her dormant wolf and why she wasn't able to communicate with him telepathically. However, instead of feeling free, she felt trapped under his gaze and suffocated by his silence.

"My only regret was that I didn't tell you sooner." She looked down feeling ashamed.

Grey stood up and walked to the living room. She followed him anxiously, expecting to see him show his dislike towards her now.

She was incompetent to lead without a wolf. How could she be a Luna when she couldn't even shift and protect her people? She was saddened. He truly believed that she'll be perfect to lead the strongest pack beside him, only to disappoint him with her defect.

"I think I've had enough of this." He said.

She closed her eyes and fisted her hands. She was bracing for it, for his disapproval of her. If he thinks he's had enough, she won't push him.

She understood how she's too difficult and hard to love so it wasn't that surprising for her to have him had enough of her presence. It was normal for her to have people just give up in understanding her. It just hurts so much to have him say it out loud.

"You can't mind-link and shift to your wolf. You're dormant and you've kept this information away from me for who knows how long."

She didn't say anything. He sounded so angry that she didn't even try to spare him a glance. She was afraid.

"Does your family know about this or was it just your grandmother?"

"They've known ever since."

She heard him growl. This was it, wasn't it? He was gonna hate her for eternity. She knew she was selfish enough to fully bond with him. Now, she had to endure the consequences.

"I can't believe how stupid I was!"

Xam bit her lip but it was too late. It quivered and soon enough she was wailing, asking for his forgiveness. She did not expect that he'd go this far to blame himself for being tied to a weak she-wolf. It was her fault.

"Look at me, mate."

She refused.

"Xamantha, I said look at me!" His words were seething.

She met Grey's burning gaze, his orange glowing eyes threatening her if she disobeys.

"I know it's wrong. I hate myself for keeping it away from you but could you blame me, alpha? I wanted you all for myself even when I knew I wasn't worthy to stand by you and lead this pack. Could you blame me?"

"I don't know, you tell me."

"I'm defective!"

"And you don't think I realize that now?" He growled once again but this time loud enough that the pack members felt shaken, tapping into his mind asking if everything was alright.

"I just thought that maybe you could've been my cure. Maybe you'd be the one to save me from my stupid self but I was wrong." Her tears continued to fall, "Maybe it was a mistake going with you here."

Grey chuckled darkly that it made the hairs on her nape stand up.

"A mistake, you say?" He tuck a strand of her hair behind her ears, "You weren't held here captive, mate. You could've left when you wanted to. So why let me mark you when all of this feels like a mistake to you?"

"Because I was selfish!" Her voice broke, "I wanted you so badly. I wanted you for my own. I wanted to be enough for you but that won't ever happen, will it?"

She found courage to voice out her opinions when he stood there deadly silent. She needed to let this out.

"I am defective, incompetent, weak, a mistake that the Goddess had created!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?!"

"Am I not? Would you even dare to accept me as Luna when I can't fend for myself? For my people?" She was angry and sad and hurt.

Her feelings were all mixed up. She wanted for him to just get to it, to make a decision because prolonging this also prolonged her hurting too.

"You'd dare me, little mate?" He draw nearer to her, towering over her little frame.

She wasn't gonna cower away from him this time, no. She looked up and stared straight directly at him, to the windows of his soul. It was now or never.

"I dare you, Alpha Grey." She spoke with authority in her voice, "I dare you to fall in love with a useless dormant wolf like me."

They held their stare, both stubborn enough to not look away. Their breaths mingled from the close proximity but not once did they thought of pulling away. They were testing and challenging each other.

"If you could just shut that pretty little mouth of yours, I'd be more than willing to tell you my thoughts." Grey was the first one to break the silence, "But instead you assume the worst when I could have been fucking you upstairs now, letting everyone in this pack hear you beg me for more."

She stiffened. She was taken aback by his words.

Why was he not upset? Wasn't he angry at her just a few minutes ago? What is even happening?

"What?" She asked dumbfounded.

"Oh, now you're deaf?" He traced his nose down to his mark before whispering, "I said I'll make love to you, kitty. Against the wall, in our bed, my office table, in the bathroom. Hell, if you want we can do it in front of the pack."

"Y-you're crazy." She tried pushing him away but he stood his ground.

"That is what you dared me to do, isn't it?" His hands hovered on her breast, down to her stomach and then to her core.

"No, I didn't mean it like that! D-didn't you hear me? I'm--"

"Defected? Weak? Who the fuck cares, really? I'm not the strongest alpha for nothing. I told you babe, I can fight." His hands gripped her waist as he inhaled her scent.

"But you were angry just now."

"Of course, who wouldn't be? We travelled with no reinforcements because I believed you can fight or run if we get attacked. It was stupid of me to put you in danger. Matt was right, I should've brought some warriors." He explained, lifting her up and securing her legs around his waist.

"And when you growled when I told you about my family knowing?"

"Your mother should have warned me. You're my mate and I have enemies waiting to pounce. A heads up would've been nice." He frowned as he walked to their bedroom.

Another moment of silence fell upon them. She was embarrassed of all the things she just said. If she knew he'd react like this, she would have told him from the start. Now, she really felt stupid crying for nothing.

"I'm sorry, baby." She whispered.

Grey looked at her and smiled cheekily. Xam knew he was up to something by the way his eyes glinted and she wasn't wrong.

"I'll forgive you, darling but only if you strip and get on all fours on the bed for me, yeah? I wanna see that pussy drip after my punishment."

She blushed at his straightforwardness but did as told. After ridding off everything she wore, she was on her knees and two hands on top of the duvet. Her mate kneeled down and swiped his tongue against her folds.

"Delicious." He murmured before flicking his palms against her.

She jerked at the contact but found it pleasurable as he kept repeating it and putting two fingers in.

"Are you listening to me, kitty?" He asked her.

She was already so lost in the feeling that she didn't hear what he said.

"What was that?"

"I said if I won't be satisfied with just finger fucking you, how about fucking you in front of the pack?"

"You're really crazy." She moaned as his fingers picked up pace.

"Only for you."

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