I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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24 - Decline

The sun has fallen and the territory began to slowly be deserted as pack members returned to their respective homes.Matteo, however, was at the front door of his alpha's house. Knocking, he was greeted by his Luna, taken aback by his presence.

"Hello." He waved at her, "Can I come in?"

"Hey, of course. I'm sorry, Lester didn't really inform me that we were having a guest." She told him truthfully as blood rushed to her cheeks.

"Don't worry about it. He called me quite abruptly too." He scratched the back of his head and followed her lead to the dinner table.

"It's about the intruders he sensed earlier , isn't it? He just stress about these things too much." She murmured.

Matteo only chuckled at her.

After patrolling twice, he was sure nothing was out of the blue but he didn't complain as he had always seen Grey so tight about security. It wasn't new to him to report anytime the alpha calls him to, even if it was the break of dawn. He learned that his best friend never really let things go unless he was sure that the pack wasn't in harm's way which was expected of the top one alpha.

"He's been slipping control from his wolf lately and I'm not sure if it's because he feels threatened. You'd tell me if something was seriously wrong, right?" Xam looked at him with worry etched on her face. She was a loving mate despite how annoying Grey could sometimes get.

He tilted his head a little, unable to believe what she just said. Grey never lost control, he was sure he was called here for something else. The Luna was too paranoid for her own good but he admired her concern for him and was very happy that the pack will finally get the mother figure they've been yearning for. He had a feeling she'll do well fulfilling the role with her sincerity towards the alpha.

"Of course I will but just in case something happens, I'd remind him how much I love him everyday and get down and dirty the chance I get, if I were you." He wiggled his brows at her in a teasing manner.

"What? We haven't said.. We aren't..It's not like that!" The tinge of pink that once graced her face reappeared.

"Quit flirting with my mate, Matt." Grey growled at him with warning.

Matteo took a step away from her and slightly bowed his head. Sure, he was playful at times but when it comes to his mate, he was a ticking time bomb and the beta knew he was gonna explode soon if he keeps trying his patience.

"You're scaring our guest, babe." Xam huffed, "And we weren't even flirting. I was just making small talk since someone didn't tell me about him visiting tonight."

Her eyes turned to slits.

The stern look on the alpha's face fell and was replaced with a sorry expression.

"It doesn't matter. I've made enough food for one more. Let's have dinner first, then you can run along with your business." She took her seat and waited for the men to do the same.

After devouring the scrumptious food Xam had prepared, the three of them opted to transfer to the living room.

"Where are you going, my love?"

"I think I'll go ahead in bed. I just feel so tired today." She reassured him she was okay before he finally let her go to their bedroom.

"Has she been feeling sick lately?" Matt raised a brow at his best bud.

"No but I may have tired her out after breakfast." He smirked which made the beta shiver.

"Don't need to tell me where you've been dipping your cock." Grey snickered at him as he pretended to gag before brushing off the humor in his body.

"So?" The atmosphere suddenly changed at his alpha's question.

"Sent the best trackers and found no single threat. The territory is rodent-free which can only mean one thing." Matt raised a brow at him.

"Someone is keeping surveillance on us from the outside." Grey replied in thought.

"Exactly but for what cause? The rogues steered clear from Silver Pack ages ago, is it possible they are planning to seek revenge now?" He waited for him to speak up but the alpha just gazed silently into the nothingness.

They had anticipated for it to happen, for rogues to fight back and tear them down but it had been so long since they went into hiding now that they've never really bothered thinking about it. Silver Pack was powerful and strong, however, if rogues became wiser and spied on them twenty-four seven, they would need to up their game.

"I want you to have the gates replaced with silver bars. Have the patrol schedule changed weekly and if anyone asks, say that it is for the protection of the Luna." Grey commanded.

"Understood." Matteo mentally took note of the things he said, "And the Luna ceremony? Shall I assign someone to prepare it?"

Grey shook his head at him.

"Wait for my signal on that one. I have yet to tell my mate about it." His lips pressed into a thin line, "Is there anything else you'd like to inform me about?"

"Actually...." Matteo nervously looked at him.

"Spit it out, Matt."

"Another pack has been bugging us to sign an alliance with them."

"Decline them just like you did the other packs. My mate's ceremony comes first above all else." He dismissively said and stood up, attempting to end the conversation.

Matteo followed him to the door.

"This one's different. I think you should hear me out."

His alpha looked at him curious. Matteo never really cared about the other packs because it was obvious some just leech off from their title and rank so it peaked his interest.

"How so?"

"It's the Donovan Pack. They need help with the rogues down south." The beta gulped as he saw his eyes turn a very bright orange.

His wolf whimpered in submission as his alpha half shifted in front of him. Xam was onto something when she said he's slipping from control. He had never seen him half shift and he would've pissed his pants if it had not cost his dignity. Grey looked like a monster ready for the kill.

"Decline them! I do not want to do anything with them." He growled, "Get out and go home, Matt. I don't want to hear you speak of that pack ever again."

With that, the alpha slammed the door to his face and he was left alone, walking back to his house under the dark sky. He knew the bitter truth that his best bud still didn't fully heal from what happened years ago. He could only pray it would not ruin his relationship with the luna.

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