I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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25 - Shaniah

Edited the title because I was so fatigued that I didn't notice I just copied chapter 24's title :'<

Grey panted, barely dodging the sharp edges of Xam's dagger.

"Woman, you seem to forget we're only sparring!" He retaliated with a punch that she skillfully dodged.

"Lester, darling, you shouldn't be holding back against me. How can I improve if you won't swipe that blade?" She raised a brow at him.

He groaned in response. He just couldn't find the will to attack her with the weapon and possibly hurt her.

When she approached him about the idea of training, he was so against it. He wanted her safe at all times. His wolf was still very attentive and hyperconscious,however, his mate had other plans and he was just deeply captivated by her that he couldn't say no.

"Slow down, you're gonna hurt yourself," his eyes widened and he ducked, "Are you trying to kill me?"

She snickered.

"Come on, babe. Maybe my wolf will finally come out this time."

He looked at her face full of hope. Who was he to deny her? She had high hopes that by undergoing harsh training it would make the pain tolerable and she could finally shift again. He wasn't going to take that away from her.

"If you say so." He swiped the blade, aiming for her neck.

Her grew like saucers and she instinctively bent backwards to save herself.

"Goddess, do you really need daggers to fight?" Matteo pulled at his own hair in worry, "People will think the alpha and Luna of this pack have gone mad!"

"Piss off, Matt." He rolled his eyes at him and prepared to tackle Xam.

She shrieked at his God-like speed, picking her up and disarming her effortlessly in one go. In a blink of an eye he was on top of her, pinning her wrists above her and her lower body with his left knee.

"You lose, little mate." He smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss.

"Did I really?" Xam gathered all of her energy left and flipped their position, grinning mischievously at him when she succeeded.

Instead of pouting like she had expected him to do, he flashed her a grin as his eyes darkened.

"I like this position, kitty." His chest emitted a purr which had her biting her lip.

"Maybe we could try this out tonight in--"

"Can both of you shut the fuck up? Goddess, keep it to yourselves." The beta faked a gag and broke them up.

Grey growled at him and pulled his mate closer. She looked at him with a frown. It had been two days since his wolf sensed something wrong but his possessiveness didn't waver even though the patrols he had personally done proved they were safe.

"Calm down, Wolfy." She kissed his cheeks.

"Yeah, dude. It's not like I'm planning to snatch your mat--"

"Finish that and I'll behead you. I'll even have it hung on our gates to ward off rogues. I don't bluff." His canines barred at him.

Matteo held both of his hands up and backed away from him, something that he's been commonly doing now. Xam tugged at her mate's sweat-soaked shirt to divert his attention as he looked minutes away from ripping the beta to shreds.

"Babe?" She called out to him.

Her anxiety started to kick up as stares from the pack members grew. It was barely tolerable when they sparred but now it felt too much. They were drawing in too much attention.

"Baby." Her voice went an octave higher as she tugged at the shirt again.

The distress in her voice made him snap out of it. He held her face in both of his hands and assessed her.

"Are you okay, darling?"

Although she was heavily disturbed by his behavior, she nodded at him and squeezed his hands on her cheeks.

"Yes but I really wanna go home and change now."

He nodded and held her hand. Together, they walked back to the house in a comfortable silence.

When they got to their room, Xam went directly to the bathroom to shower and freshen up. As she was about to close the door, her mate's hand slid in between the gap.

"Babe, I'm too sore. Could we put it off until tonight? " She whined.

Grey gave her a hearty laugh.

"Stop laughing." She blushed.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to take a shower with you." He smiled cheekily.

Her eyes turned into slits, trying to see the hidden motives he had. He looked at her too innocently and she frowned when he blinked his eyes abnormally too fast, trying to charm her.

"Fine. No funny business or else you'll be sleeping in the living room."

"I have many guest rooms here so--"

"Get out."

"I'm kidding! I promise I won't try anything." He kissed her cheeks and slipped in, not waiting for her approval.

She couldn't help but stare at him while he took his clothes off. Something about his sweaty figure just seemed to make her core juice up and oh Goddess his size. She was wrecked down there but maybe she could still manage one round.

She gulped.

Maybe it was a bad idea showering together. She doubted how long she could keep her hands to herself, seeing him like this. He was addictive. She'd look like an idiot going against her own words.

"Are you gonna shower with me or just stand there?" His eyes twinkled with a playful glint.

She mentally cursed herself for zoning out and rolled her eyes at him.

"My feisty kitty is back." He chuckled.

She stepped inside the shower with him. Surprisingly, he stuck to his promise and didn't try anything sexual with her although she can smell both of their arousal mixed in the air.

"Let me." He took the loofah from her and started scrubbing from her chest, to the valleys of her breast and then to her stomach. He then turned her around and started scrubbing her back, "You know, I was thinking about formally introducing you to the pack."

He noticed how her heartbeat sped up but her eyes remained close enjoying the feeling of being pampered in the shower by her mate.

"Would you be fine if I held a Luna ceremony for you tomorrow? The pack members have been pushing me to do it but if you don't want to then we won't but I would be very happy if--"

"I'll do it."

His hands stopped rubbing the loofah against her skin. She turned her head slightly to catch a glimpse of his reaction.

"Really? Are you sure? I know it's too soon but Matt can take care of all the preparations needed to be done and I feel like you might feel pressured to do this but--"

"Babe, relax." She grabbed the loofah from him and started returning the favor, "It's about time I take up my role as luna and besides, you'll be there with me right?"

"Every step of the way, darling." He kissed her lips softly.


Matteo's phone rung non-stop as he patrolled the territory in his human form. He sighed knowing full well who was calling him with the device. Irritated, he answered the call in hopes that the person on the other end would finally stop pestering him.

"He told me to decline, it's final. Can you stop calling me now?" His tone was laced with annoyance.

"Please, Matt. Our pack is in danger. Tell him I need his help on this one."

"It's your alpha's problem not yours. He told me to strictly decline any proposals from your pack. Save us both the trouble and don't call me anymore." He felt rude saying what he said but he knew who his loyalty belonged to.

"Come on, Matt. Can't you convince him for me, for old time's sake?"

"No. I wish I could but my duty is to my alpha and everything he says, goes. I'm sorry, I really can't help you." For a second, he felt pity but he quickly brushed it off.

"Please, Matt."

"Goodbye, Shaniah." He ended the call, abruptly putting an end to the conversation and blocked her number.

With a sigh, he resumed jogging around, securing the area.

Not long, a familiar slim tan woman waved at him, beckoning to come closer. Guilt consumed him after he took the call earlier but he played it off thinking it wasn't his place to tell her.

"Shouldn't you be with L right now?"

"He's busy in his office. Speaking of which, I wanted to talk to you about him." Xam's fingers fiddled with each other as she stared at the ground in uncertainty.

Updated as promised. Sorry if this had loads of errors. I've had a crappy week. Hope you're all doing fine.


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