I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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26 - L

It was finally the day of the Luna Ceremony.

Today, she was gonna be in front of the whole pack, including some of those from the other pack houses. It was a huge step out of her comfort zone but as long as he was there, she'll be able to go through it or so she thought.

"Baby." Grey held her hair back as she continued to puke, "Should we just cancel the ceremony?"

Xam grabbed a few tissues from the toilet paper roll and wiped her mouth clean before speaking.

"No, I'm fine. I want to do it today." She looked at him determined. She didn't want to waste everyone's time and effort in preparing and coming here for the big event.

Yesterday after dinner, she had overheard him talking to his parents and inviting them to attend. She found out Matteo and the pack already had everything planned out. It would be rude of her to cancel at the last minute.

Her mate eyed her sternly. She knew he doubted about her feeling fine but she was telling the truth. After puking, she felt kind of relieved.

"I'll have the pack doctor come here to be sure." He encased her in a hug and rubbed circles on her back.

She sighed at him.

"These things happen, babe. My anxiety just gets the best of me sometimes."

"Are you sure?" He tilted her chin up to look her in the eyes.

His little mate smiled at him before giving him a peck on the lips.

"Positive, I'm fine now. Let's just get this ceremony over with before I puke my guts out again."

Grey studied her for a while before reluctantly letting her go.

He could see that she was indeed getting much more livelier. She looked pale during breakfast but now the color in her cheeks have returned and his kitty was radiating with beauty. Still, he could not help but worry.

"Can't I just stay with you the whole day?" He traced his nose from her jaw down to her neck and then finally stopping on her mark to kiss it.

Xam let out a breathy moan before giving him a glare.

"Come on, baby." He pulled her closer to him and left open mouth kisses on her neck. He knew how much she loved that.

"We've talked about this, alpha." Her annoyance was evident which made him chuckle.

It was a Raven Black's tradition to avoid seeing their mate for the whole day until the ceremony when a Luna was to be officially proclaimed as part of the pack. It was sort of like a wedding but she gets to walk alone in an aisle with the alpha waiting for her at the other end who'll be officiating it. After that, a celebratory pack run would follow but they both decided to leave that one out for obvious reasons.

Personally, Grey thinks it's all bullshit but she respected her so much that he half-willingly agreed to follow it.

"Fine." He huffed, "Mother will be here later to help you dress. I'll be in the office but call me when you need me okay?"

He gave her a kiss and squeezed her hand lightly before jogging off to wherever he was needed. A small unsure smile plastered on her face.

"This is it." She told herself as she patted both of her cheeks.

She spent the rest of the morning pampering herself with a nice long bath. Then, she went and took a power nap before fixing some lunch.

While eating, her thoughts drowned her in. Xam was still not confident enough with her appearance and was worried of what the pack members would think of her.

Should she wear her wig? No, she can't. It was still in tangles, shoved somewhere in her travel bag. Her short hair will have to do. Should she put on make up? Maybe, a little lipstick and eyeliner won't hurt.

Goddess, why was this so hard?

Xam's palms started sweating thinking about when she should start grooming herself to have enough spare time if ever her dress rips or her make up look flops. She was beginning to panic.

Suddenly, the phone that Grey bought for her started ringing, pulling her out of her thoughts.

"I fucking miss you." His deep husky voice soothed her.

"I'm a mess right now. I don't know if I'll look good in the dress Matt ordered for me." She voiced out, "I mean it's white right? I don't think my colored skin would suit it and my hair...."

"Woah, darling. Slow down a bit for me, yeah?" Grey's confusion was showing.

"Okay." She took deep breaths, "Okay, babe."

"That's my baby. Now, tell me what's wrong?"

"I.. I just feel like I don't want to be seen. I look like an ugly duckling surrounded by flawless white doves. I really want to do this babe it's just that....." She trailed off.

Shee could hear his breathing on the other end, waiting for her to continue.

"It's just that I feel like a sore thumb here."

"Because of how different you look?"

"Yeah." She replied quite embarrassed.

"Fuck it, kitty. Your the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my life. So your skin might be of color, your breast might be small and you might have that resting bitch face but you make things easier and a lot better for me."

"Wait, what? Small breasts? Resting bitch face?" Xam's brows furrowed and if she could only see her mate she'd have already given him the stink eye.

"What I mean is, I don't fucking care about what others think about you cause to me you're more than perfect with that juicy ass and big doe eyes." He chuckled, "I sound cheesy but it's true. They don't matter, kitty."

Even though she thought Grey went a little too overboard, she still felt grateful for him. He always made her feel like he's got her back, that she's really worth it and beautiful in her own way.

"Scratch that, they do. Text me the names of those who made you feel and think this way. I'll be taking good care of them." He growled, gritting his teeth.

She shook her head at his silliness and told him to stop.

"So, are we gonna go through with this, my love? I'd call it off in a heartbeat if you wish it to be."

He was so fucking sweet and considerate of her that at times, she thinks she doesn't deserve him at all.

"No, babe. I still want to do it." She was certain of it.

"Okay, Xammy. I'll send mom over now, okay? I'll see you in a few hours, my love." He made kissing noises that made her snort out in response, "I love you."

And with that, Grey hung up.

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