I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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28 - Ceremony

The sky was getting dark and the moon was slowly making its appearance.

"Where is she?" Grey asked impatiently, "Do you think something happened?"

Matteo shook his head at his alpha's behaviour but assured him she was on the way.

"Relax, L. You'd be able to sense if she was in danger."

Grey nodded.

"Of course."

He and Matteo were on the newly built stage at the middle of the clearing in their training grounds. Pack members were scattered everywhere, waiting and talking amongst themselves. They were all excited to see their Luna, the mother figure of their pack and this made Grey feel elated.

In such a short amount of time, his little mate already touched their hearts. Her fight with Ivy did not go unnoticed as the people saw how truly capable and strong she was. Her appearance made her the center of attention but all for the good reasons. Even if she didn't see it or refused to acknowledge it, the pack liked her as much as the other pack houses did.

Grey's wolf purred in delight as he continued thinking about her.

The day she told him about her wolf, his protectiveness kicked into overdrive. It wasn't because he saw her weaker than him. No, she was his equal and as her mate, it was his responsibility to keep her safe from harm now more than ever. It hurt him to see her put herself down and shut people out because of her dormant wolf. From then on, he swore to make her feel as valuable and important as any other wolf regardless of her peculiarity.

"What's taking them so long?" Matteo was about to answer his question when the chattering suddenly stopped.

All heads turned in the opposite direction of the stage. They're finally here. Their former Luna smiled at all of them before she turned to the person behind her, nodded and moved to the side to reveal the real view.

Grey took a huge whiff of the air and felt all the tension in his body disappear.

"Beautiful," he whispered to himself.

There, at the end of the petaled pathway stood Xam looking as stunning as ever.Her eyes were wide, scanning the area. The crowd was much bigger than she imagined, some familiar faces and new ones stared back at her. They were all wearing their smiles and looking at her intently.

She was wearing a brown crop top tube that was handwoven by the women in her former pack. She paired it with a floor-length skirt in a much darker shade of brown that had a slit on each side around her upper thigh, granting her the freedom of moving as much as she wanted to. A golden anklet accessorized her bare feet and a golden chained necklace with a fiery red pendant adorned her neck.

Xam took a deep breath before returning a smile. Her big black eyes mirrored her gratefulness to everyone who helped preparing. She tucked a loose strand of her short raven black hair to the back of her ears as she looked into her mate's direction. She was forced to suck in a breath at the intensity of his stare.

Slowly, she walked down the aisle, not breaking eye contact with the one and only alpha who she rightfully belonged to. She took in his appearance, her lips tugged upwards in appreciation.

Even in a simple white long sleeve and dress pants, he looked God-like. His brown hair was gelled back making him look much more formal, much more stern and much more powerful.

As she reached the bottom step of the stage, he reached his hand out to her which she gladly took. His arms snaked around her waist and he held her closer to him.

"You're killing me, woman," he pressed his bulge against her to make his suffering known.

"Am I really?" she playfully replied.

Grey kissed her mark and she shuddered.

"About earlier when you said you lo-- "

"Let's talk about it later, yeah? Tonight is all about you, darling," he cut her off. The wolf inside of him whined to hear her out but his cowardness took over him.

Xam stared back at him for a couple of seconds and then turned to face the crowd. She felt upset but he was right, there were more important matters at hand. They can talk as much as they want later.

Her mate's hand perfectly slipped it's way into hers and gave it a small squeeze of reassurance. She spared him a glance before returning her focus to the crowd. He noticed her change of mood but kept his frown from showing and proceeded to officiate the ceremony.

"My fellow Silver Pack wolves, for centuries our lineage of alphas have ruled your ancestors to greatness. We have made it known not only in this nation but to the whole world that we are strong, dangerous and uphold our righteousness. For centuries we evolve, learn and adapt. It is also known that for centuries, this pack not only thrived because of competent alphas but also because of their Lunas who create a tight connection between pack members," Grey looked at his mate, "I have waited for my other half to fulfill that duty and finally she is here."

Xam felt how proud her mate was through the bond. She stared at him as he continued to speak with unquestionable authority to his pack.

"It has been more than a week that I've met her and brought her to this pack. In that span of time, I've gotten to know her. How she thinks, how she acts, how she handles and express herself. She even made it known to you how she is fully capable of defending herself," Grey had trouble hiding his smirk as he looked at Ivy, "She's proved worthy to rule beside me as your Luna and tonight, she will be welcomed and be bonded to us by blood."

The crowd cheered. Xam was overwhelmed by their reaction. They were really accepting her as part of them.

As the crowd continued to erupt in cheers, she saw Matteo handing her mate a silver dagger, its blade engraved with "ενότητα" that meant oneness. Grey gladly took it and looked at her, sending a look of apology.She smiled at him and reassured her that it was okay, it was part of the ceremony.

He nodded at her and proceeded to slit his palm open. After seeing blood drawing out from it, he passed the dagger to Xam and waited for her to do the same.

Her hands trembled while she raised the blade and pressed it against her skin. Grey saw his mate trying her hardest to contain her whimpers as the dagger cut through.

He then pressed his wounded palm against hers and whispered, "Welcome, my love."

A surge of power transferred from his body to hers. She could feel his blood mingling with hers, reinforcing themselves into her system. When he let go, their wounded hands were fully healed and the crowd slowly silenced down.

"Silver Pack," his voice boomed and with a prideful look he announced, "Your Luna is finally home."

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