I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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2 - Mine

After finishing the traditional dance with the unveiling, Xamantha composed herself and interacted with the crowd.

"That was wonderful!" An elder praised the three, completely satisfied of this year's celebration. She smiled and felt glad to see everyone enjoying themselves around the bonfire, it made her feel she belonged.

Truthfully, not many were that fond of her compared to her sisters, but she knew better than to sulk in her room. She was also an alpha's daughter even if her wolf was dormant and like her siblings, had a reputation to uphold. Creating a bond with their pack was a must even if it made her feel how much of an odd one she is.

"Oh, and this is my second daughter, Xamantha," Alpha Lota introduced her to the Silver Pack's beta which flashed her a genuine smile.

"Nice to meet you, Xamantha. I am Matteo." She returned the smile and nodded her head as an acknowledgement.

Matteo was eager to know what his Luna's voice would sound like but the girl just nodded at him and then left.

Mama, I'll be in my room, Xamantha informed her mother who sighed exasperatedly. It was not the first time she did this.

Turns out, she decided she was gonna sulk in her room. Meeting Matteo had her anxiousness kick up. She needed to get away to breathe and collect herself. She was not ready to confront her mate about the bond.

She started grabbing her incense and light it up to create smokes that was believed to drive away the evil spirits around her. She grabbed a pink crystal which said to cure anxiety and brought it upon her chest. She needed to meditate.

"Oh Goddess", Xamantha whispered, "What am I thinking?"

She wasn't ignorant about sex and mating but she wasn't too comfortable with it either. She was surprised of herself thinking about his handsome mate and lusting over his body.

She was too tan for him. His skin was much lighter and flawless, light enough that she could see the pinkness of his cheeks and acknowledge the redness of his plump kissable lips. Although his body was not so bulky, he was big and she wondered what other parts of the alpha were big too.

Xamantha found herself crushing her thighs together. She could feel her core starting to get wet. Her insides felt weird and she found herself breathing heavily. Just as she started to give in to temptation and touch herself, a knock on the door interrupted her.

She was startled, dropping her crystal on the floor.

"Shit," She cursed herself. She almost lost herself and caved in to her body.

"The Alpha requests for your presence at the dinner table," a random pack maid informed her on the other side of the door.

"I'll be there in a second," She replied and tried to compose herself once more. She changed into a brown fitted tribal dress identical to what her sisters were wearing during the celebration's dinner and contemplated on removing her long wig.

Her insecurity of not being pretty enough for his mate lingered in her mind. She looked at her full body mirror and decided to wear her natural straight raven-black short hair. She was not sure if it suited her as many pack members gave here stares when she decided to cut it this short. She was sure that her mate would not mind it though. He would not even mind her presence at all.

She huffed and put the pink crystal back on her altar together with the other crystals.

"Xamantha, are you not feeling well?" Her younger sister asked.

"I'm okay, I'll follow you to dinner in a sec!" She replied, hoping her sister would give her enough time to muster the courage she needed to face his mate.

Her younger sister left her alone and proceeded to the dining room where an impatient Grey sat beside an empty chair, looking as dangerous as ever.

"Where is your sister? She is the only one missing, we need to start soon," Alpha Lota questioned and the younger sibling looked at her sympathetically.

Before her mother could bleed her younger sister's ear off, Xamantha entered the room which silenced everyone from their chattering.

"I'm sorry, did I make you all wait?"

Grey looked at his mate with a blank expression but deep inside, he was left with shock. Her voice sounded so melodic. His eyes glossed over with lust as he looked at her mate's hair complimenting nicely with her small delicate face. He was confused as hell why her hair was now short, but he shrugged it off knowing she'll look beautiful even if she was bald.

"Take a seat, dear," Alpha Lota told her daughter.

Xamantha shifted on her feet as she realized the only seat left was next to his mate. She refused to meet his gaze and see him look disappointed at her appearance again so she head towards the seat walking so awkwardly and stiffly sat next to him.

Grey's wolf felt extremely happy of the situation. He was now close that he could feel his mate's wolf reaching out to him. However, something was off. It seemed like her mate didn't want to acknowledge him.

"To an unbreakable alliance!" Alpha Lota toasted and dinner began.

"It's an honor for me and my alpha to have an alliance with you, Alpha Lota," Matteo started the conversation, helping his troubled alpha into interacting.

"Oh, likewise. Alpha Grey, I failed to introduce my second daughter to you since she left the moment you came back," Xamantha winced at her mother's pointed tone, "This is Xamantha."


Her breath hitched and her core started to pool. Her name sounded so good rolling out of her mate's mouth. She was beginning to lose her sanity in front of him and dropped her fork in the process. Grey found her reaction very entertaining.

"Xam, what has gotten into you?" Her mother reprimanded. Her silliness was strike two already, strike one was when she disappeared into her room.

"I'm sorry, I have not been myself," Xamantha reached for her fork but a hand on her thigh stopped her. Startled by the sparks, her legs jolted up, hitting her knees on the table.

"Fuck," She whispered. Her mother's eyes turned to slits and she knew she was in deep trouble later on.

"It's fine. Here, use my fork," Grey soothed his mate. Both Alpha Lota and Matteo were shocked at how the big bad alpha acted. He was a respectable man but the concern and care he showed this woman was so not like him. He was always reserved and pay little attention to strangers.

Xamantha took the fork and mumbled a thanks, praying she would not let his presence very much affect her anymore.

"Pardon for her clumsiness, she's never like this," Alpha Lota reasoned out and Grey smiled at the idea of his mate acting out like this because of him.

"Good," Matteo's eyes widened at his alpha's response while Alpha Lota's husband growled in warning. By now, everyone's attention were on them. The air grew thick and Xamantha deciding that she had enough, broke the silence.

"I need to go," Grey stood up mirroring her,grabbed his mate's wrist and pulled her into a hug. She stood their speechless and unable to deny the pull as she inhaled her mate's heavenly masculine scent.

Grey burried his face on her neck inhaling the delicious smell his mate emitted.


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