I Dare You, Alpha Grey

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29 - Happy

Grey carried her into their house after the huge feast as the ceremony dragged on.Howls could still be heard as some pack members shifted. Given that the Silver Pack wasn't so strict about tradition, they didn't mind their leaders retiring early for the night.

"How are you feeling, babe?" he asked her, setting her down on their bed.

Xam sighed in contentment after feeling the comfortable mattress that had her mate's scent all over it. She relaxed her body.

"A bit drained from the bonding," she lifted her healed hand and assessed it.

She expected it to be tiring and considered herself lucky that she didn't pass out. Most wolves who were welcomed to a pack couldn't handle the process. Somehow, with her dormant wolf, she was strong enough to stay conscious all throughout.

"As expected, you did great," Grey kissed her cheeks before backing away and slowly stripping off his clothes to switch to his pajamas, "Aren't you gonna change?"

He looked back at her when she took too long to reply.

He grew panic when he saw tears rolling down on her cheeks as she sat up on the bed. Then, he grew confused because of the smile plastered on her face.

"Did someone upset you at the ceremony, baby?" he strode towards her and encased her small face in his hands, "What's wrong?"

Xam shook her head and wiped away her tears.

"I never thought they'd like me," she uttered and then teared up some more.

Grey's brows shot up. Until now, his mate was still really battling with her anxiety despite looking so confident during the ceremony.

"I... I always thought they'd think I was--"

"Weird?" A scowl plastered on his face, "I told you, Xammy. They don't matter. You're fucking perfect and if someone in this pack makes you feel otherwise then tell me, I'll take care of it."

Her heart fluttered hearing him say those things out loud. It was the second time he told her she was perfect. In his eyes, she was everything he could've asked for.

"No, you don't need to do that. You're being dramatic," she rolled her eyes at him, "It's just that I assumed the worst and let my thoughts consume me when I should've interacted with them more."

She knew should've built a connection but in the end she surrendered to her doubts and threw herself a pity party.

"Well, I'm just happy everything is cleared now. They love you and I'm sure of it," he tucked a loose strand of her hair back and stared at her flushed face.

He wondered how many more silent battles she was fighting by herself, against herself but admired her courage to conquer things on her own. He was confident that if she needed help, he'd be the first one to know. He'd be always there for her.

"It's what bothered me before," she confessed and stared back at him in melancholy, "I look so different from everyone here and my insecurities just kept piling up to the point that I questioned if I was really destined to be with someone like you."

Grey growled.

"Stop," he warned, "You are mine regardless of other people's opinion."

It all made sense. Her second thoughts about their relationship rooted from her doubt. No wonder she always seemed to withdrew from him back then. She thought she wasn't worthy.

But why?

Yes, she looked different but that's what made her stood out. Her beauty was refreshing to him. Until he met her, he never knew how those simple black orbs could be so enticing, how tanned skin could be so addictive and how those short raven black tresses could look so sexy. It was as if she was made to stand out, to demand attention.

"You are everything I want. You are mine," he gritted out.

"I know," she smiled at him, "I realize that now. I want to belong here, beside you."

Slowly, Xam saw her mate's lips tugged upwards.

"Good," he traced her neck with his nose and planted a kiss on his mark.

A gasp escaped her lips from the contact. She could feel his smirk against her skin.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Oh, this?" Grey dragged his tongue slowly across it again.

This time, a moan escaped her. The pleasure that flowed throughout her body was overwhelming. The contact made her feel how much the spark between them multiplied. It felt so good that she wanted more.

"Baby," she whined when he pulled away.

"You need to change. You're tired. Don't worry, the intensity of our bond will forever be there now that you're finally one of us," his eyes glinted with satisfaction at his explanation, "I'm sure you don't wanna sleep in your ceremony attire."

Xam felt annoyed at him teasing her. She wanted him to touch her more. Grey looked at her smugly but she quickly thought out a plan to get him back.

She bit her lip at the thought of what she was about to do.

She started lifting her tube crop top slowly above her. She held back a smirk when she noticed how his posture stiffened and how his eyes changed to a lustful black.

"I'm tired," she faked a sigh," My arms are starting to sore. Could you help me change?"

Grey gulped. He was salivating just by looking at his mate's lean and toned torso. He knew the woman was playing her games on him and could not help but fall for her trap.

He lifted her tube top, slowly peeling it off her skin.

"Fuck," he cursed as her nipples peeked out of the clothing, "Out of all the days you chose not to wear undergarments, you chose today when people swarmed to you. What else, no panties?"

"Maybe," she giggled after a possessivee growl erupted from his chest, "Ahhh."

Grey tugged at her nipple with his teeth. If she wanted to play, he'll come and play.

"Grey," she called out as he started sucking her toys harder.

"Have you been a naughty little mate, kitty?" he flipped her over the bed and had her ass in the air.

Xam could feel her core clench in anticipation. She grabbed a fistful of the sheets as her mate slowly peeled her skirt up.

"Answer me, Xamantha," his tone was dark. His wolf was in control, demanding to know whether or not she wore a thin layer of cloth that hid the cave that solely belonged to him.

"I don't know, alpha," she toyed.

A moan escaped her as Grey's palm collided with her ass. She heard her skirt get ripped open and his breath fanning against her wet core.

"You drive me mad, woman," he groaned and tugged the thong she was wearing against her folds.

She was pulsating down there. She wanted to be touched. She wanted to be tasted.

"Oh no, baby. You're getting so wet already when I haven't done anything yet," Grey reached to fingers out and started stroking her.

"Please, baby," she pleaded. She didn't know why but she felt like coming apart right then. The feeling of finally becoming a Silver Pack wolf after completing the mating bond was too much.

"I thought I was alpha, kitty," he bent down and teasingly licked her clit up and down.



"Please eat me, alpha."

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